Sunday 7 October 2018

Friend and Bullshit


  1. Bei kambings listening to bullshits and thinking no bullshits and keep listening to more bullshits and even pay for listening!

    That are truly best friends. No?

    1. CW,

      When I hear "I'm your no.1 fan..."

      I hear ka-ching $$$!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    This is bullshit. Tell me more :)

    1. LP,

      You always have the knack to say a lot with so little!

      The show is in my previous post where I just called out someone's bullshit ;)

      I don't have a problem to say, "No."

      Its a bit like talking to a low level demon...

      "Tell me your name."

      "My name is legion."

      "Yah right! Which one?"

      "We are many..."

      "Look, I'm going to hang up now... Call me back only when you can speak for yourself, or else ask your boss to talk to me."



  3. Hi SMOL,

    I'd prefer those friends who are able to turn my bullshit into fertilisers!

    That's why I'm super selective who I hang out with and there are not many whom I call 'friends'.

    My circus can only accommodate animals that can put up a worthy performance. I jump fire hoops, they do their stunts. We watch one another's performance to point out what could be done better, never just as audience.

    Audience wants to see our tricks? Sorry, out of bounds. Even though it may just be all bullshit. Lol.

    1. Endrene,

      I'm with you! We two Saggitarius are quite alike ;)

      You pretty; I super handsome!

      We got to bring something to the table and not just come empty handed and think you can freeload to a real and meaningful relationship just like that!?

      When we lucky to meet those that are worthy, we face them with our "bare chests".

      Anything less, why would those that matter bother with us again?

  4. 有友如此,夫复何求



  5. Smol,

    This post is too profound. It takes me quite a while to decipher the meaning behind it.


    1. Ben,

      Its about shared experiences.

      If you have never tried water-melon, no matter how we describe it, it will be hard for you to understand what it tastes like until you have tried it for yourself.

      Different readers will read my posts differently; hence the diversity of comments that add colour to the watering-hole ;)

      There are posts that you'll grasp the meaning between the lines immediately as they may struck a chord within you... While other readers will be clueless what talking us?


    2. Smol,

      Well said. This gives md a new found philosphy. It does not matter what's the true meaning of the phrase is. Actually, there is no exact meaning. It's up to individual's perspective.


  6. It is hard to make sense out of this post about friend and bullshit.

    If I give bullshit to someone, he listens and replies it is bullshit, then still listens some more ... he just got trolled by me! LOL.

    I really don't think such a friend can exist. At least not for long. If a person wants to win friends, he must be a friend first. Who can tolerate a friend who gives out constant bullshit for long?

    Imagine someone jio you out for kopi. He pays for a cheap kopi and gives you a 4-hour bullshit session. Would you still want to have another kopi session with him next time? Maybe if the next kopi session is topped up with a $500 red packet.

    Hmm ... how would you handle a blog fan who jio you out, then give you bullshit? Can you really wear a mask for hours without losing control?

    1. hyom hyom,

      Obviously you have not been paying attention to what's going on at this watering hole...

      For crying out loud! What more must a man-whore do to get some appreciation?

      I think I must go to Waterloo Street Kwan Im Ma and put up a booth there. Want to talk to me, give ang pao first!


      I've been flooded by bullshit after bullshit; yet I'm still here :)

      Sometimes I got lucky break!

      When idiots forget to add salutations to their comments, I can play the joke we played in NS, "Eh, he talking to you?"


      I act blur and hope someone else will volunteer a reply instead!!!

    2. Hi Jared,

      When I smell bull-shit, I skip. You're good. So far, I've never skip your comments if I happen to be reading. Seems like you've got a skill of countering bullshit with golden humorous replies.

      By the way, I think you reply to every comment on your mouth-watering hole, bullshit or not. That's very nice and respectful. AK is another nice blogger who does this.

      Good to have you around.

    3. hyom hyom,

      Ya, I discovered quite by accident in my previous life as corporate man-whore...

      The less I do, and the more I talked; the more I earned!?

      A lot of things in corporate are bullshit ;)

      Yup. I can talk!

      School report cards always remark I too talkative in class!

    4. hyom hyom,

      Eh, temperament talking to you ;)

    5. Hi temperament,

      We are guests to SMOL's watering hole. So far, the host has been hosting the guests politely and humourously by replying to almost all our comments. There are some ground rules to play as courteous guests. One needs to listen carefully when the host is the type who prefers the guests to discover things themselves.

      I'm sure you enjoy your time here most of the time. Otherwise, why keep coming back? :)

  7. Smol,

    I also encountered the same situation. Usually the one who know how to talk, got promoted than the one who put in the best effort. I am not the typical type of person who likes talking and I know that this would have put me at the disadvantage in term of promotion shake-up at the end of appraisal year. I knew how to get around such disadvantage by adopting the alternative.

    The above circumstance is not longer my concern now. It's good to have experienced it previously and I will not be grateful for another opportunity of such circumstance. I prefer to be a simple peasant and enjoy my minimalist lifestyle in a content mood.



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