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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Yoga and Meditation - SunUp Yoga

What do you know? Its been a year since I've finished my Zen Drumming lessons at Bright Hill Temple!?

Talk about how time flies!

During the lessons, I've met some interesting jie-meis (ladies) which I may share more, when the "feel" is right, at a later time...

One such "mei-mei" is Elaine.

We need to do warm up exercises before our Zen drumming lessons. Guess what? Elaine volunteered to conduct yoga and meditation exercises for those of us who were willing to come 20-25 minutues early for FREE!

That's how I got to know her.

OK, I lied. 

I noticed her on the first day.

I have a thing for dimples...  (Both hands cover face. What? I very shy one!) 

Elaine is the founder of SunUp Yoga.

Go to the "About the Teacher" tab to check her credentials. Verify whether she studied a few lessons in Singapore, got a piece of paper from a degree mill, and then turn around and start teaching others!?

Don't laugh. Majority of the "trainers" in the financial education industry are like that!

For those of you into Meditation, you would know the euphemism "travelled to the forests of Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand meant.

I got some training in Meditation, most of it self-taught. But I must say, I dare not go where Elaine has gone... Its definitely not some "3 minutes passion thing" she endured!

I came to know Elaine had left her Corporate job to pursue yoga and meditation fulltime over coffee after lessons (don't think naughty now).

In my heart, I knew there had to be a "catalyst" for her decision. Just like I had mine at 44 when I decided to return back to Singapore. She didn't shared; I didn't pry.

I highly recommend you go to the "Live to Shine" tab. 

I am pleasantly surprised Elaine had opened up so much of herself here.

I'm not going to talk Phoenixes and Dragons about the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.

Only "crash got sound" first hand experience will you know for yourself.  

How can you learn anything about Yoga and Meditation from reading? 

Eh! Don't just sign up just like that! (You didn't read my previous post on I almost joined the Life Insurance Industry, did you?)

I would encourage you to talk or write to Elaine first through her website's "Contact". Even better over coffee! (You pay OK?)

And for those who prefer to use Facebook messanger, here's Elaine's Facebook link.

I know. You ladies out there must be aghast when you saw the pictures!

Next time I see Elaine I'll give her a gentle poke.

No makeup before filming is OK. But there's such a thing called blotting paper to remove excess oil and shine lah!

Well, at least we know Elaine is all natural!



  1. Hi Jared,

    It's rare that I am the only person to comment on a post on your blog. It seems like I am the only person among your readers who has some interest in meditation.

    I am a money-faced person. I am interested because billionaire Ray Dalio says meditation is key to his success.


    Since you have some experience both with trading and meditation, does meditation really help?

    1. hyom hyom,

      Steve Jobs and quite a few entrepreneurs (both asian and western) practice meditation too ;)

      Meditation helps me to see myself from outside in.

      Its like putting a slow motion camera in my brain as I become more aware of my emotions, feelings, thoughts.

      To put it simply, it helps me to become more "woman". Whatever that means!


      Most of my meditation is self taught through books. For the past 4 years, I did attend 2 meditation workshops at 2 Buddhist 道场 to verify and ascertain my level of "cultivation".

      At one of these workshops, they were doing it in the western style with "expectations" before the lessons, and "reflections" at the end that sort of thing.

      A lot of the participants came with preconceived notions "hoping" meditation can cure their cancers, alleviate their back problems, solve their mental stress, become better parents, study better, and what have you...

      Just short of achieving world peace!

      I can see the nervous smile on the trainer so I helped her out a bit with a sugar-coated poke to the group:

      Why do I practice meditation?

      Because I enjoy doing so ;)

      Let's turn it around. If someone wants to start blogging and asks both you can me whether blogging does help us to become better traders, what do you think you would say? And what I would say?

      What's the purpose of asking me whether a new pair of shoes will be comfortable on your feet again?

  2. I am glad nobody stressed up that trainer by saying he wants to try meditation because he wants to be a billionaire like Ray Dalio. LOL.

    Yeah, got to try out myself to know how well it works.

    Our late Lee Kuan Yew who was a devoted husband meditated to cope with the grief of seeing his wife's health decline.

    1. hyom hyom.

      It helps when we try things out without any objectives with an open mind ;)



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