Thursday 9 August 2018

Movie dedication to Sillyinvestor

Sillyinvestor, 2 hour long Japanese movie when you have the time.

Its the continuation of our comments to your last post.

The realisation by big daddy is not unique to us. The Japs understand it too...

Its a lot harder for them.

We at least got "bananas" that are not saddled with our Confucian scholastic baggage of the past...



Transition pains.

Top knows we have to change, and have started the ball rolling with slogans and visions.

The reality is that all of us are products of "robots" ourselves.  

One hand reaches up towards the fruit of reformation; the other hand clings on to the roots of tradition.




  1. temperament,

    Some retail veterans may have the same epiphany with their "stalwarts" like SPH, SingPost, ComfortDelgro, etc.

    The question is whether the same stock that has been great for them for the past 20-30 years will be just as great for the next 20-30 years?

    Let's not mention Kodak or Nokia. Just look at the Japanese brands/companies that were popular during our time but have now either been bought over, went bankrupt, or simply went into oblivion and faded out of Singapore...

    Its a bit like celebrating our 53 years and assuming all we have to do is to follow the same formula by attracting MNCs to Singapore; and filling them up with study hard and work hard technicians and managers who are good at executing what they were told to do.

    Those who love the "status quo" are precisely the same people who are more likely to parrot, "If you fail to plan; you plan to fail."

    They have goals, they have plans.

    Yet, they were based on straightline extrapolation...

  2. Hi Smol, thanks.

    2 hours is too long for me. Hahaha.
    I cany remember which great investor say a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge.

    Want change, but stay at slogan shouting? Want change?

    I have seen in a international school how the vision can really be done.

    Theu focus on process. They accept different products, they want application of knowledge. Nevermind some will do it witu flying colors some will be amaterish.

    The scoring is based on process. The principal says, learning is messy, if we still expect factory line churning and asking why no difference

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      That's why I provided the "warning label"...


      Learned a new Japanese word. Shodo is Japanese Calligraphy ;)

      Free nothing to do can come back to this movie.

      What you've just said is covered in the movie ;)

  3. Change takes time and we must see the urgent for change. No urgency. Why change?

    1. CW,

      That's where leadership differs from management.

      Leaders see further over the horizon, and will start cajoling his team members to move right away as they understand the long lag time the big aircraft carrier needs.

      Managers need to hit an iceberg to have the sense of urgency to start fire fighting!

      Then there are lone wolves or ronins. Smell food; seek. Sit on nail; move.

  4. Want to see the real stuff in action?

    Anyway, I'm currently attending a diploma course, on digital business transformation, at Republic Poly (can use Skills Future and >40yo half price!).

    Best part of the course is the chance to speak to young entrepreneurs (guest lecturers) who are always building something, testing, gets rubbished by investors and go back to the drawing board until someone likes their idea and they get seed funding. This old fart couldn't help but feel inspired by the youngsters and I hope there will be more like them - that whole "we need more entrepreneurs" slogan might just be working.

    1. Thanks Patty!

      Over here, I know I have a kindred spirit when I share anything Japanese ;)

      Yes, I feel better noticing and meeting those young dreamers (some are my sponsors) who start or join startups to chase their rainbows.

      We need to have our own global and regional Singapore MNCs from the private sector and not always depending on big daddy linked ones ;)

      (I'm still very impressed with our Malaysian cousin who started GRAB)

      Its a good counterbalance to those "youths" who right from the get go lacks imagination and have "given up" by focusing on CPF voluntary contributions...

      I mean CPF voluntary contributions may make sense if we are in our 40s where we already knew what we are made of (can't earn more; glass ceiling, condemned).

      Youths, your strength is you don't know what cannot be done!

  5. Anyway, here's something to "waste" more time for you - did you know "Produce 101" from Korea had linked up with AKB48 and is doing a run of idol reality TV named "Produce 48". Japanese idols, known for their fan service but not skills, are sent to Korea to compete with highly technical artistes who are known to literally hit the round running.

    It's interesting to see Japanese idols try to adapt to the Korean scene cause a lot of them have it in them but just needed the right conditions to bring out their best. ;)

    1. Patty,


      I watched "The Unit" beginning of this year. Was rooting for Euna Kim.

      Interesting! Japan and Korea joint effort!?

      Its a good opportunity for me to catch up as I stopped following AKB48 and their sister groups when Miyuki Watanabe "graduated"...


  6. LOL... You should see the legacy Milky left behind - Shiroma Miru who took over her title as the fan service queen of Kansai.

    But then Sayane just announced her graduation last week so the pioneers of NMB are almost all gone. Hopefully the batch sent to Korea can revitalize the group.

    1. Patty,

      Ah! She's in Produce 48. Will check her out ;)

      Just watched episode 1.

      What the fish is Jurina and Sakura there for?

      Wow! Japan got send in the big guns!

      By the way, was curious and I goggled the 2018 AKB48 senbatsu.

      Like visiting the old retail outlets I've worked in to find most of the familiar faces gone...

      Of the top 16, I only recognised 6 :(

      Glad Oba Mina is getting the love. Who can say no to those eyes?

      Ha! Its the year for fans of SKE48!

      And Matsumura Kaori is centre of the undergirls!!!


      You go girl!


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