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Thursday, 2 August 2018

This is travel blogging!

There are quite a few good travel bloggers here in Singapore. So good until can get free flights and lodgings by writing advertorials on their travels! Power or what?

Of course one key requirement is they know how to take great pictures!

Must make readers want to empty their bank accounts and jump on the next flight mah!

Writing skill not really required as all you need is just explain how to get there (just joking). 

Then they are travel posts by financial bloggers. (Long pause)

Talk about watching paint dry... Or as inspiring as waiting for grass to grow...

You know what I'm going to poke right?

The whole highlight of the trip is how much they have saved !!!???

And we wonder why the general public have no interest in financial bloggers... (Snigger, snigger)

Early last month, a gentleman commented on my below post (all the way at the bottom of the comments):

Chiang Mai Jan 2018 - Reflections

Sharing with me his own travel post about Mt Fuji and guess what? He's a youtuber too! How cool is that!? From his accent, I am guessing he is Indonesian? (Yah! In your face! Got Indonesian read my blog! How?)

Let's just say I'm so impressed I immediately created a new blog link (right column strip) at my blog - "This is travel blogging!" - just for him! 

If you not into fine writing, no need to proceed further.

This is his blog: stenote   (Is this english?)

Go to this post - An Interview with Leonardo - for a sample why I find his travel blogging style is so refreshing! Its part of his series of posts on Milan.

I will not tell you where, but for those who are willing to explore his blog further, there's an "interview" with the famous Japanese woodblock print master which I shall drop a click-bait - erotic prints. Wink.

Before you get too excited, shall I remind you this blogger paints with words too? (Subtle self-praise for those who can't read between the lines)

Not everyone can write like that. Got history, got literature, got culture, got "black ink". Now that's what I call intellectually stimulating!

I must attract more animals to this watering hole who are stronger, smarter, and richer (in culture) than me! 

If not, what's the point if I can't steal with pride?



  1. You save the most money by not traveling overseas and then invest the saving to reach FI. :-)

    1. CW,

      Taken to extremes, financial freedom seekers can be quite "face palm" embarrassing...

      Don't get me started on those who espouse saving more by spending more!?

      If speaking on behalf of vested interests by receiving paid advertorials to speed up their own financial freedom path, that's OK.

      That's coming from one snake oil to another. I mean if you don't fleece sheep, others will. So might as well be you!

      But as a parrot?


    2. Hi Singapore man,
      I am stenote , thanks so much for the comments. I take it positively to learn and realize that my blogs should have more emotions, I am still learning. You are right , I think my accent gives away my origin. Needs to learn to speak more like British :)
      I am also impressed with your website which looks popular. Hope I can learn from you.
      Thanks again. Cheers

    3. stenote,

      Welcome back!

      Our writing styles may differ, but I can appreciate fine writing when I saw one.

      We both relish in the craftsmanship and joy of writing ;)

      Let's have fun.

      Jumpa lagi!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Read some of his posts. Indeed full of knowledge and also very cultured. Shows that he actually knows his stuff. But (this is just constructive criticism) I feel the posts are deprived of emotions and personal experience. I feel like I'm reading an article by a person who write this while reading about the place, rather than a person having actually been there. Where are the personal anecdotes? What happened to him there? Did he enjoy himself? Who is with him? What kind of feelings does he feel? All these are strangely absent.

    So to me, it's not so much of a travel blog, but more of a travel log. Hope this isn't too harsh. Again, I want to stress that this is a matter of style differences and my preference is not to this particular style.

    I prefer the style of a story teller, like this:


    1. LP,


      Excellent! I can rely on you tell it as it is ;)

      Well, you've earned the right to make this construtive feedback!

      I'm sure if stenote is reading this, he won't get offended. Those of us into craftsmanship will relish and welcome feedback to help us improve our craft ;)

      I like to write in the 1st person. Readers can feel I am speaking right in front of them.

      Stenote's style is in the 3rd person. Less personable.

      His writings would work great in a package tour setting. As I read along, I can imagine sitting in the tour coach listening to a knowledgable tour guide preparing the ground by sharing the history and culture of the place of interest we will be visiting next ;)

      Ah! Yawningbread! He writes great social and political pieces. Long time no visit his blog liao... Election over mah (with sheepish grin)...

      I am "chap pa lang". I like to mingle with other species of animals; I don't stick only with my own kind ;)

      If not how to poke yield hogs, buy-and-hope black knights, yalor yalor parrots, and passive look ma no brains needed evangelists?


  3. Altho I’d say that the savings for the trip do mean a little. But it is nothing compared to the experience from the trip. If one is there to save money, might as well don’t go?!

    Just like buying a Chanel bag during GSS. “I saved 20% of the bag cost which is $1,000!!)

    But they completely forgotten they spent $4,000 on it.

    Enjoy the $4000 spent on the trip not the $1000 savings is all I can say. But for sure, such post do attract a good number of visitor which wants to have a budget trip too!

    So cannot anyhow say!! Later I kena smack!! Hehe

    1. sleepydevil,

      I guess its better than the the famous Mainland Chinese tourist syndrome.

      The whole purpose of travelling overseas is to snap pictures of themselves at places of interests!?

      1. You ask them about the culture and history of the places they visited.

      Sorry, I didn't pay attention to the tour guide or read the plaque... But I got lots of pictures! Want to see?

      2. Do share your reflections of the trip.

      Blank face looking back.

      Then a smile. I got lots of pictures of the trip! Want to see?


  4. Hi SMOL,

    Financial literary, financial literacy
    Within yet without
    Where's the clue for the clueless?

    The matrix, a matrix
    A space in different grid
    How to be walking on without being a walk-on?


    1. Endrene,

      Putting the men to shame I see ;)

      Smart like hell; airport flat
      Big big ding-a-ling-ding-ding; big airhead
      Tomorrow what to eat?
      Big meat bun or sunny-side-up?

      But then hor...
      Drink milk why must bring the cow home?
      Today teh susu, tomorrow kopi susu
      No milk got honey also can!

      Cup no space cannot hold liquid
      The outside form of the cup more important?
      Or is the space within the cup more critical?
      I think tomorrow I go buy big meat bun!


    2. Aiyo, you don't anyhow say leh. Come your watering hole dare anyhow putting people to shame meh? I was giving you compliments lor. People recite financial literacy, you pragmatise with financial literary. So got standard!

      Erm, I no like big meat bun. I choose sunny-side-up.


      I am sunny-side-up. Always cheery and sunny!

      Huh, wrong interpretation?

      Don't insult my intelligence wor. *Roll eyes X 100*

    3. Endrene,

      Likewise I am complimenting you ;)

      Cannot so obvious mah...

      Lucky I never say you smart! Wait sure kenna slap!

      Hee, hee.

  5. To me the purpose of traveling is to mainly break the routine boredom of life, day in and day out.

    But funny when i am traveling i can't forget the comfort of my bed at home.

    1. temperament,

      That's the best "reward" of travelling!

      There's this Buddhist parable.

      A person walked out of a shop empty-handed.

      His friend asked why go in if he didn't intend to buy anything.

      The person replied if he didn't went in, how would he know he didn't need anything in the first place?



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