Tuesday 14 August 2018

Successful Man and Woman


  1. Lol!

    Thought successful man finds wife who spend less than he can probably earn in his lifetime

    1. CW,

      You think why men study hard and work hard?

      To afford "eat oil heavy heavy" trophy women (its plural)!

      If I'm a woman, I'll stay away from those frugal, save more men. And like lao goh, those who earn less than a million ;)

      I'll be a air-stewardess, marry a rich Indonesian businessman, and hey! I'm financially free! No savings needed ma!

      If the man naughty and stupid enough to get caught, I'll divorce him, get half his assets, and now I can afford my own toy boys (its plural).

      Its definitely not passive. And 100% not I can do it, so can you!

      Keep your fingers off my man, bitches!


    2. Ding ding ding!

      We have a winner.

      A match made in heaven; high price-to-book meets high price-to-earnings-growth. The even more exclusive ones have both tangible and intangible assets. ;)

      Look around. Our community got quite a few of these. Target identification, acquisition, and hold long term. ;)

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Nothing is more exhilarating than riding a Growth stock ;)

      I'm not so sure about the long term part though...

      I've noticed the smart socialite is one who constantly "upgrades" to a newer and better model when one comes along.

      This way, she will only share the good times, never the bad times when the Growth stock becomes a Value play ;)

    4. Ah! That's why the smart ones have both the tangible and the intangible. ;)

      Amaranthine intangibles do not fade with time.

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Beauty never lasts; the memory of the beauty is eternal.

  2. Great,

    I have a successful family. I am successful and so is my wife

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yes, we should be our no. 1 cheerleader!

      OK, england not your forte, so I'll be gentle.

      Few people would describe their family as "successful".

      Career yes.

      Business yes.

      But family?

      Only if you are head of a crime family...

  3. Nowadays abit opposite wor.. more and more female coming out to workforce strong!!

    Female earning more than males. How many directors and big shot are now female!? Look at SingTel, Temasek Holdings, M1!

    Like that I guess I will be forever alone. Let me climb up the ladder to say that too!!

    1. sleepydevil,

      You worry for what!?

      You're young!

      You can go on and on, and on like the energizer bunny!

      Got chance to be "little white face" ;)

      Let the woman wear the pants and work like the ox in the field.

      You can be a stay-at-home hubby, and presto! You are financially free!

      But not easy. Must go gym to maintain the 6-pack. And "invests" in loads of SKII for men.

      Must always keep a watchful eye so that other gigolos don't steal your "long term meal ticket"!

      Anyone interested in a 51 years young "lau kok kok" as toy boy?

      I'm the man with the slow hands ;)

    2. Agreed with SMOL. One way to early retirement is to become stay-at-home hubby or dad. Then you can go around and boast about early retirement.

    3. Psst. I still waiting to see SMOL, Kyith, and our young friend here delist from the market.

      With such click-baitish posts such as "19/20 years old blogger ", sooner or later sure kena delist by an entrepreneurial lady employing leverage. Good counters do not have their orders go unfilled. ;)

    4. CW,

      Don't like that say leh...

      It takes skill to find a sugar mummy; and even greater effort to maintain the relationship!

      As a man-whore, I am envious.

      I had to entertain many clients; they only have 1 client.

      Truth be told, I don't mind being a kept husband too!

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      I would give up every cent I have now to be penniless but 18 all over again!

      At 18, I had a 27 inch waist, porcelain white skin... I tell you, can cry when I look into the mirror now :(

      Youth is invincible mah!

      I just smile when I see youths don't treasure their youths.

      What's with the living in the "future" with all the financial freeedom goals and plans???

      Still want to drag their friends into their delayed gratification lifestyles!?

      Its like saving sex for their retirements...

      A bit of financial prudence is enough. Just live!

  4. Someone told me before...
    Wealth is the test of man,
    Proverty is the test of Woman.

    1. WolfT,


      That applies to male to male brotherhood too.

      Some men can only share tough and lean times together. The moment one became rich or powerful, the relationship sours...

      Just look at the founding partners of listed companies. The team will slowly shrink into the one and only.

  5. SMOL,

    You can still have 27 inch waistline. The secret is go for a 8km daily jog. Your dream will be realised through consistent effort.


    1. Ben,

      I was underweight before NS with that 27 inch waistline...

      Since last year, I've gone from 35 to 33 inches ;)

      For my height, if I can hit 31-32 inches happy liao!

      I walk 90 minutes Mondays to Fridays in the evenings after dinner. Low impact for "lau kok kok".

      I'm a city walker!

  6. temperament,

    Men tend to spend more on big ticket items like cars, home theater system, gaming PCs; etc.

    Women like to spend on smaller ticket items like shoes, clothes, cosmetics; etc.

    Although the price tag for each individual item women spent is a lot lesser than men, women make up for it with VOLUME.

    Krill although small, can feed a giant ass whale!

    Just compare how many shoes women buy and men buy ;)

    Or the number of handbags they collect versus how many backpacks or slingbags we buy ;)


  7. temperament,

    5,000 years of cultural DNA do not change in mere decades.

    Women no choice then marry down.

    However, most will prefer to be single and "marry" their careers instead as "settle" is not in their vocabulary.

    Honestly, marry a man not rich or successful is no big deal as the successful woman can provide for the family. But how to marry someone not intellectually your equal?

    Hence you see more Singaporean graduate men marry foreign brides from Vietnam and China than Singaporean graduate women marry men from those countries.

    Want to marry foreign also must chose "ang moh tua kee" mah!


  8. Hi SMOL,

    They say behind every successful man is a woman supporting him, because the woman won't be following behind unsuccessful man lol...okay, enough of sexist jokes.

    I think I'll be perfectly fine if my wife earns more than me. I've got no ego issues regarding that. I've seen some men got all riled up when their spouse earns more than them. Silly men, sit back and relax a little lah...get pampered by your wife!

    1. LP,


      You har!

      Count me in!

      I don't even have a problem even if she is better educated than me ;)

      My ex in Shanghai got her Masters while staying with me. I never see her attend lectures or study. Yet she passed!?

      I like women with brains who can offer intellectually stimulating conversations.

      We can't be always doing that activity in the bedroom right?

  9. temperament,

    Yes, some men marry not because of love or anything...

    They just want a "maid" to take care of them and someone who will do as they were told.

    Outside can be nobody; come home can at least feel like Lord of the House mah :(

    Thank goodness we have the Women's Charter to mitigate against the excesses and abuses!

    A woman (or man for that matter) will only stand up for her rights IF she can think for herself.

  10. temperament,


    That sort of reasoning makes as much sense as "investing so we will breakeven one day"...

    He's definition of "peace" is the wife must "agree and listen" to him. No?

    Maybe I'm a romantic...

    And that's why I'm single :(

    Romantics don't settle. We don't bargain. And we don't negotiate.

    We just bang our heads against the wall.

    Crash got sound.

  11. temperament,

    ETFs are great vehicles for trading.

    Many have confused ETFs for Passive Index Funds - same same but different ;)

    I wouldn't touch STI ETF if my portfolio is more than $50K. Just buy the 3 banks and Singtel and I would be able to replicate the STI performance without paying management fees to the ETF manager.

    But if I only got $50K or less, than STI ETF would be an affordable way to gain access for an ikan bilis "investor".

    Wait a minute. Am I sounding like lao goh?

    Don't hit the face!

  12. temperament,

    When we have the next -50% STI drop, see if your friend still feels the same way about STI ETF ;)

    While not a fan of passive indexing, I find many have a superficial understanding of the passive indexing strategy and go about it the "wrong" way.

    Anyway, not my business; I'm not a bleeding heart.

  13. Reminds me - one guy who tried to date me and tried to promote himself (when asked what he's good at) by telling me "I am good at saving", guess what's my reply?

    1. Rainbow girl,

      You told him to fly kite! Or talk to the hand?


      I must make full use of lao goh's example; its a gift that keeps giving for poking!

      A guy who earns $500K per year but saves 10% is financially more appealing than another guy who earns $50K per year but saves 50%.

      And the dating experience will be day and night different ;)

      A guy may not earn much in his 20s, but if I am hoping he can become a 10 bagger in his 40s, just like investing, I would think someone who focuses on top line revenue growth (earn more) will be a better bet than someone who only knows "austerity" ;)

      Before anyone starts throwing stones at me and calling me materialistic...

      What do you call someone who only thinks and tallks about money all day? Just started work and immediately spends more time worrying about the finanacial needs for retirement?

      Hee, hee.

    2. Both of you are spot on! Totally agree with you SMOL.

      A guy who's good at earning is definitely more attractive than one who is good at saving. (Let's say otherwise all else the same.)
      I am traditional. No house husband thank you.

    3. Those guys who generate massive 6 digit passive income is good choice too.

    4. CW,

      Nah. You are thinking like a man.

      During our school time, why do girls prefer guys who can play the guitar, excel in sports, or is in the school's debate team?

      And in work, why do women have a thing for men with power and authorithy?

      Financial strength is appealing, but HOW the man earned it is just as important ;)

      If not, it would be like the funny case recently where a self-styled guru shared he has a fully paid HDB in his 30s. Only to admit, when challenged, that its through inheritance...


      If I am a gold digger, a man with 6 digit passive income is "useless" if that cashflow comes from a "trust" his parents left him.

      How to "steer" that wealth into my name through pillow whispering?

    5. Rainbow girl,

      I see our 5,000 years of cultural DNA is not lost on you ;)

      You know, I know.

      But in real everyday life, must pretend like in beauty pageants, and say we are here for Wold Peace!

      And smile!


  14. I think that it's better to go with the feel. If the feel is right, make the decision accordingly and it will not go wrong.

    1. Ben,

      Another guy who is in touch with your feminine side ;)

  15. SMOL,

    Life is already so complicated. Why bother with so much concerns? If have, gladly accept. If don't have, it's alright. Also nice being alone.


    1. Ben,

      Nature is never complicated.

      I don't think animals or plants go around planning who their mate will be.

      When mating or blooming season comes, you mate.

      For mammals, you let the silly males fight it out and you mate with the alpha male.

      For plants, you don't chose or care. Just as long the wind or insect pollinates you, you happy!

      Humans like to complicate things. Bamboo door match bamboo door; gilded door match gilded door :(

  16. SMOL,

    Simplicity is my preferred choice. No need to be so messy.


    1. Ben,


      If only simplicity was easy!

    2. Smol,

      Hmm. It depends one's mindset. If one think that he/she can make it simple, he/she can do it. We may not be able to convince others to do so. However, we can make it happen if we believe in it and resolve in making it a reality.

      It's all in the will and desire to make it happen.


  17. Hi Ben,

    I think the easiest (though not the simplest) way to reach simplicity in life, is to start from simple then go into complex and then back to simple. The journey is more important than the end point. In the beginning, things are simple because of a lack of knowledge. That is false simplicity. The next stage of going into complexity is natural as we find out more and uncover knowledge. We might be stuck in this stage for a long time, thinking that things are so hard and complicated. But once we master stuff and see the underlying patterns that lead to such complexity, then we go into the next stage of simplicity. This stage is different from the first, because the journey makes all the difference.

    So I wouldn't go all in and say that simplicity is easy. It's not. It takes time and wisdom, and plenty of mistakes along the way to tell what is complicating an otherwise simple thing.

    Go up the mountain and go back. We're back at the same point, yet we're different.

  18. Hi La papillion,

    You have a valid point. I believe that you have gained insight by going through such process over the years. It's not an easy feat having to learn, unlearn and relearn the knowledge. What is relevant today may not be relevant in a few years or even months or days' time.

    I believe that there is how humn works. Envolution of technology is one such example. Most people have to go through the process and excel in making it a success. I also go through such process during my working life. It is such that I feel that it's very tiring and I start to form the mindset that things do not have to be so complicated after all as per my perspective.

    The above is solely the conclusion which I have made after going through the mills for almost two decades.

    Simplicity without the hassle of complications, is the way which I adopt going forward.

    You may have your views. Due respect to you for having such analysis which provides yet an different perspective for my pondering.

    I guess that different people have different flow of thoughts and insights.

    To each of our own views.


  19. The "peer review" at this watering hole is alive and well :)

    Thank you everyone!

  20. temperament,

    The higher the education, the more they understand the concept of "cut loss".

    You won't divorce if you can't afford the alimony.

    You won't divorce if you don't have any skills to fend for yourself on your own.

    Just bear and grind. And pray that the other person go sell salted eggs earlier than you... That's when your "freedom" starts!

  21. temperament,

    Ahem. Because U "tua kee"?

    I can't compete with that :(

    But luckily, some girls like slow hands; that's why I shine!

    Different strokes for different folks ;)

  22. Smol,

    The wait will be miserable. Waiting for someone to sell salted eggs, is too negative and demoralising. It can be that simple without all these hassle.


  23. Ben,

    That's why I don't see the rising divorce rates as "negative".

    It meant more women are empowered, while men are more affluent.

    Its one of those "perverse" indicators to reflect a country's economic growth.

    When our spines are strong, we can be like those popular hawkers who dare to shout at their customers, "Cannot wait, don't wait!"


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