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Tuesday, 17 April 2018




希望妹妹也会在新加坡开 "The Hood"。




  1. Isn't it is best your 梦想 is also your 目标?
    Or at least not too much difference.

    1. temperament,

      There is a HUGE psychological difference ;)

      Left brained precision tends to go for goals.

      Right brained fuzzy logic will favour dreams.

      In laymen language, dreams = dreamer? Hence the misunderstanding.

      In the corporate world, we substitute dream with vision. Vision = visionary? Better PR and "koyok" effect!

      First Vision, then Mission Statement. (Who sets them?)

      Then comes the goals and KPIs for shepherds, sheep and hamsters.

      If goals are so powderful, why are they ranked behind Vision and Mission Statement?

      A good example is our Singapore pledge. Its an aspirational vision/dream for the nation.

      Put it under the test of SMART goal criteria, it will get a F9 fail...

      Have a dream/vision, goals will fall in place naturally.

      Set goals without a dream/vision?

      Its like those who set X amounts in Y years goal for financial freedom. Achieved then scratch head what to do next?

      Contrast this for those who knew HOW they want to live their lives. Then financial freedom is just one of many ENABLER options open to them ;)

      There is the entrepreneur path.

      The corporate success path.

      The marry well path.

      And the Toto path ;) (Just kidding!)

    2. I am just thinking at the lowest level where one's goal co-inside with one's dream. How fortunate.

      Nothing too complicated as in the Business/Politics sphere.

    3. Then the place can be anywhere.

    4. temperament,

      Semantics can be simple or complicated - it depends on the individual ;)

      I see the different shades of the the rainbow spectrum. I see fuscia and magenta; teal and turquoise.

      Some just see "pink" and "blue".


  2. I am seeing a few small cafes in HDB heartland. One of them in my neighborhood, this is not about Lim kopi it is for gathering session and long chit chat session. Cafe also sells bread and pastries. They seem to close one eye if you order more items on the table and you tabao some other food.

    1. CW,

      Yup, behind the Tanglin Halt market where you ate, there's a hipster cafe that opens in the night along the shop houses.

      Like you say, its for those who prefer to sip coffee and work on their notebooks quietly on their own; or have intimate conversations with their mates or family in a more pleasant setting ;)

      Its all about diversity.

      Some prefer "al fresco" kopi at the neighbourhood kopi-tiams, some prefer Ya Kun or Breadtalk, some prefer hipster cafes, while some prefer Starbucks or Coffeebean.

      Then there are those who drink 3-in-1 coffee at home and blogged about how much they have "saved".

      And there are those like me who wait for "free" kopi :)

      Life is definitely better when there are options!

  3. Smol,

    My ideal cafe is ...

    Anywhere where I can be with myself, me and I. Let deadline be shown the down and invite time in.

    Please dun be too crowded ... I dun want to be stressed to give up my seat.

    Doesn't matter if the coffee cost 1 dollar or 10 dollaer, 浮生难得偷得半日闲

    It should have a view where I go look outside. Does not matter if there is no mountain or river, just dun let me face the wall.

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      But must be on weekday afternoon though ;)

      Singapore now have lots of interesting cafes. Just the other week I went down to OUE Gallery at Shenton Way to enjoy the "new" retail concepts there.

      I'm impressed.

    2. Hi SI and SMOL,

      I came across this Chinese book store/cafe before. Guess both of you would like it.

      I haven't been there before. If go, must jio me k? lol

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      I've checked it out last year ;)

      Not bad.

      Sillyinvestor and me usually meet up during weekdays afternoon.

      We'll jio you if he wants to check out this bookstore :)

      My favourite bookstore is the Eslite bookstore chain in Taipei. Their branch in HK also very nice too!

      I often spend hours there :)

      Singapore, it will have to be Kinokuniya now.

      In the past, it was the old MPH at Stamford Road.

  4. 人生因梦想而伟大。

    目标也是指标, 最重要是过程。 哈哈

    1. Small Time Investor,




      道兄, 幸会!

  5. Yes!

    Destination for everyone is actually the same at the end of the day - Great or small.

    Through out life's journey, one can adapt, adjust, adopt, ways to suit what has happened or going to happen in one's life.

    The journey should be as enjoyable as possible no matter what happens.

    If not so, then make it as acceptable that one still has some joy and zest for living.

    1. temperament,

      You either did not think too deeply or maybe you are really big hearted! A Christ-like Christian!

      Some of your brethren christians do not believe everyone will have the same destination...

      They seem to be quite sure where they will end up; and even more sure where infidel non-believers like me will end up!


      I agree with you fully! To living in the here and now :)

  6. Sorry, i didn't make myself clear enough.

    i mean death in this world is the same for everyone of us.

    As to what happens after death, we all have our own believes.

    1. temperament,


      I understand you alright the first time ;)

      Just teasing you!


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