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Monday, 9 April 2018

2nd class jobs - gig economy

You know its bullshit right?

Everyone knows it.

Yet we pretend. We want to be "polite". Not to "embarrass" others. By our actions, we already admit its "2nd class".

Landowners and vested interest shepherds (HR recruitment agencies) spin it, I understand.

Parrots repeat what others say but no clue what talking them, that's OK too as I just ignore. They have just shown to the world how much they "know". I think that's enough "consequenses" already...

Its fun to take on part-time, temporary, freelance jobs while you are studying. Try doing so after you graduate. 

How many of you in full time permanent jobs want to switch to contractual jobs for 6 months or 12 months? Its the other way right?

Talk is cheap.

Of course nothing is black and white. There are exceptions:

1.  You retired and not working for money. You work to pass time and have fun.

2.  You are not sheep; you are entrepreneur. Its temporary until your business takes off.

3.  You have other priorities in life. Family first or those on their spiritual journeys.

I know some glib tongues snake oils will say CEO also contractual employment leh. They sign 3 to 5 years contract too! 

How about when you hire famous photograhers or interior designers for gig jobs? 

Same goes for hiring well known actors or singers to grace events like store openings.

See what they doing?

Its the same trick where every insider knows only 5-10% of traders make money. Yet see the way all vested interests involved spin Trading to bei kambing?

I've left reservist for a long time liao...

Do they still call our MT Line friend 3 tonner driver or spin it as 3 tonner captain?


  1. Sir, they are call 5 tonner driver and the tonner come with air-con!

    1. WolfT,

      Wonderful! That's progress!

      Now that we have bigger stomachs, we need bigger trucks too!

      And since we have air-con busses, we should have aircon army vehicles too mah! Singapore so hot! Wait get heatstroke how?


  2. It’s important to sugar coat words.

    Else.. who will be baited!?

    Today, I’m having some fun with contract jobs. This is when I understands that.. I’m at the mercy of the contract if I’m out to the society officially.

    The contract today is useful for me while I’m waiting for conscription. But definietly not when I’m out for real.

    Maybe, I’d call myself lucky to feel this today, than years later.

    No renew, no convert.. how!?
    Find new job?!!

    But this is when these agencies earn their money from!! Snake oil detecting radar at Max!!

    1. sleepydevil,

      You can verify in Japan.

      3 decades of deflation and economy going no where...

      40 plus still contract worker or temporary help?

      I would stay in my room and play computer games all day and read manga.

      I too would give up sex and be a "herbivore"...

  3. Gig is bad for those who plans to start family. Lack of security and stability.

    1. CW,

      You wife's gig situation good, better, best!

      I work part-time weekends where got medical leave? Where got annual leave?

      No work, no pay.

      Just look at uber drivers - spin freedom and flexibility. Now?

    2. Hi SMOL,
      That means yours is free-lance aka commission-based promoter work, not real part-time. Cos for part-time, employer must abide by all the MOM's rules. Lol

    3. Rainbow girl,

      LOL! You definitely not working in HR or have done a lot of practical part-time work ;)

      Mine is permanent part-time. Very proper and got contribute to CPF too - both for me and employer.

      Employment Act writes very beautifully. Got prorated annual leave and benefits, etc...

      But just one paragraph provides employers the loop hole they needed:

      Employers can include all these prorated benefits into the hourly pay in-lieu.

      Which means no annual leave and medical benefits lah!


      Of course there are exceptions.

      When you are a very highly valued super performer, and you wish to quit to take care of family, the company may offer you the same full time benefits with prorated pay as "consultant" for working 2 or 3 days a week? That's how you know you are a highly valued talent!

      But for 2nd class citizen part-tme gigs, you tell your employer MOM or Employment Act, they tell you its included in the hourly pay - take it or leave it.

      What you gonna say?


      If I am employer, why would I hire part timers and temporary contract workers if they cost the same as full time workers?

      Remember, I am on the side of the landowners. I'm not a socialist or communist ;)

    4. Yes SMOL, you are right. I guess you have done much homework before you signed on your permanent part-time job. I didn't give a second thought about the 'Employers can include all these prorated benefits into the hourly pay in-lieu' being a perfect loop hole. Opps.

      Even if one does get pro-rated leave and benefits, if the boss marks down the hourly rate it still comes to the same. Only for the 'in-demand jobs' can the part-timers really bargain.

    5. Rainbow girl,

      No research. Speaking from personal experience ;)

      This is my 2nd part time job after "sabbatical from full time work".

      Also, during my "lost years" during my early 20s when I was hopping from job to job, I did part time work in between proper jobs :)

      I tell you. Its better to work full time and quit 6 months later than to sign for a 6 months contract work - same work; different benefits.

      HR hates people like me. I "grasshopper" during my 20s :)

      I envy those who had a goal and plan when they started work.

      I have no clue what I wanted to do!? Then I discovered "crash got sound"!


  4. Hmmm, intermediate-range vehicular logistics engineer??!?

    "3-tonner captain" reserved for the S4 riding shotgun haha!!

    I dunno lah ... I kenged out from reservist so long ago liao...

    NS also gig job LOL!!

    Well, MSM was allowed to reveal what many have known all along ... the value of private degrees ... more than half cannot get permanent jobs.

    Maybe the future will be moving towards AI / robotics supplemented with gig staffing ... the gig'ers can be either highly trained / specialized e.g. structural engineers, doctors, lawyers etc or menial workers or anywhere in-between.

    Basically JIT staffing or for project basis...

    1. Spur,

      NS not gig job hor. Its forced labour. But I like it. Learnt a lot about human relations during my 2 years there.

      Its a good rite of passage for boys to men.

      Like everything else, not every boy can be a man... Some can't make it...

      What's the point when everyone and anyone has a degree?

      Shh... You don't frighten the professionals...

      And that's why its better to be landowners ;)

      Provided the communists don't take over!

      Then it sucks to be land owners :(

  5. Hi SMOL,

    You know what is more jialat? There are people who do not even know that the gig economy exists.........

    Imagine the anguish when the popular adage of study hard and get a well-paying job fails.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Some coping mechanisms:

      1) Withdraw from society like the Japanese hikikomori men.

      2) Embark on their financial freedom path to "escape".

      3) Join the Hong Lim Park crowd. It's big daddy's fault!

      4) Discover religion.

      5) Toto.

      6) Go for advanced studies. If one degree can't make it, surely a 2nd MBA or CFA will be for the win this time!?

      7) Marry rich. (I think this is the best! Too bad no one wants me...)

  6. Hi SMOL,

    I'm already in the gig economy before it even became a word lol!

    I think there are two types of giggers - one type are those that opt for it voluntarily. The other type is out of desperation. No prizes to guess who is going to survive better.

    1. LP,

      Yes you were! Long before giving tuition became "fashionable"!

      You are simply following the drum beat of your own heart ;)

      Its a bit like investing.

      When we have the courage to do something that's non-mainstream and not popluar, that's a better gauge of our convictions.

      If we do whatever is "flavour of the month", we may need to pause to ask is this really what we wanted or are we merely following the herd (unconsciously) again?

  7. Hi SMOL,

    I think the gig economy provides an alternative to full time contractual employment but having said that, I think it also takes discipline for one to manage your own finances in that respect. With no corporate insurance coverage and other fringe benefits and employer CPF contribution, one has to be a bit more prudent in managing finances.
    I know a young married couple who are full time tutors but wasn't able to secure a HLE loan because they didn't realise that CPF contribution was a paramount factor in securing the loan.

    1. Kate,

      The "gig" economy has been around us since biblical times. Once upon a time, they were called odd jobs labourers.

      Those well paid ones are called lawyers, architects, movie stars, etc.

      Got job; got paid. No job; eat grass. That's why they have to charge a lot for each gig!

      Yes, no CPF contribution its a lot harder to apply for credit cards too!

      Lucky I knew it before I took my "sabbatical from full time work). I cancelled most of my credit cards but kept 3 ;)

      Retirees have a hard time applying for credit cards even if they have hundreds of thousands in the bank...


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