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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Atrocious Handwriting

Well, I don't know about the "gifted" part... But I do know my brain is definitely faster than my left hand!

Sometimes I scribble so fast until I can't even read my own handwriting!?


I did feel embarrassed about my atrocious handwriting until I discovered the cursive script in Chinese caligraphy - 草书.

Then I heard doctors have the same "artistic" handwriting as mine.

I feel good about myself again.

So there! Those of you that have the same "talent", stand tall and keep your head high!


  1. Nowadays most doctors type on keyboard. Bad writing not an issue. Bad typing? No worry. Got spell checking and correction :-)

    1. CW,

      Now everything digitised. Medical records in central database. Just enter I/C and big brother will know everything about us!

      I lament no one writes a handwritten letter anymore...

      Now its whatsapp, email, sms, and what not :(


      No access to smart phone/tablet/PC we can't function!?

  2. Hahaha I know for sure I'm not gifted although my handwriting is worse than Pri 1 student.

    Doctors tend to develop rapid harried handwriting coz of their training (ever seen NUS medical students being tekaned publicly in the wards? :)) & time / work stress in public hospitals. That's why Drs are also infamous for creating a hell lot of acronyms, shorthand & abbreviations (in both Latin & English!!) that sometimes result in serious errors especially drugs, dosages & timings.

    So far the profession I've encountered the nicest handwriting (IMO) are architects. When working with them on a project, even their impromptu scribblings & markings on the huge A0 and A1 blueprints were flowery calligraphy flourishes compared to my effortful but pitiful chicken scratches.

    1. Spur,

      You're another tarzan (泰山)!

      Work with architects?

      I see you're in the property development line ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I have different handwriting, how ah? For myself, my handwriting can be very messy, trying to capture ideas in print while forming ideas faster than I can write. When writing for others, my handwriting can be super neat.

    Also depends on mood. When I'm happier, my handwriting is messy. When I'm gloomy, my handwriting is neater too.

    When we talk about handwriting, we tend to view them as static, unchanging, and permanent. Not really...if you've written enough things on paper, you'll soon see there's slight variations of the main structure. I look at my student's handwriting all the time, and I can roughly see whether they are sleepy or feeling impatient or just bored.

    1. LP,

      I'll be very surprised if you say your handwriting is "neat and proper"!

      You are one of those rare ones who are both right and left brained ;)

      Of course our handwriting will change according to our mood and stress level. But your case is quite interesting!

      For most of us, our handwriting will deteoriate when we are gloomy, bored, or stressed...


      You are wired differently! You are not the rest of us ;)

      My atrocious writing is part of the reason why I hate to fill in forms. I had to "force" myself to write in CAPITAL letters for my writing to be legible to others :(

      However, I am glad my handwriting has gotten more "abstract" as I grow older ;)

      I am still improving with age!


  4. Surprisingly, not all doctors have atrocious handwriting. In fact, I find most private clinic doctors' handwriting are pretty legible, they may be even neater than mine. Hospital ones.... *cough cough* but anyway now prescriptions from PI are all computerized already (thank goodness). So I guess the pace of work environment does have an impact.

    Nice or not nice handwriting, well it also depends on the purpose of my writing. Haha.

    1. Rainbow girl,

      If you ponder a bit, you can "deduce" why most private clinic doctors have neater handwritings than hospital ones ;)

      The most honest handwriting is when you do note-taking for yourself.

      Not impress others, not to make sure others understand what writing you.

      That handwriting is what you use if you interested to find out what our handwritings say about us ;)

      Once upon a time, I got interested in such things as body language, handwriting analysis, reading people that sort of thing.

      It definitely made me more "woman"!

      You girls had it easier! You instinctively knew what the other bitches are up to!



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