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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Why You Fail To Have A Great Career

Its so hilarious!

And the poke is power at the end. 

I had to pause and reflect for a bit whether I too was using it as a "shield"...


  1. Guilty as charged. I am but an ordinary man.

    1. Kevin,

      You are not ordinary; you are handsome.

      I have to make an extra effort to flirt and crack jokes before girls notice me...

      But then, some girls do appreciate and "reward" me for going that extra mile ;)

      Hubba, hubba!

  2. Hi Smol,

    Somehow this doesn't stir anymore.

    Passion does not ensure greatness, it ensure happiness and contentment

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Passion is simply an attitude seeded by doing small things great and without being told. It's not something to be 'found'. When the heart believes - 'If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well', we could make any job great. :)

    Calculative people will never have passion, however hard they try to 'find'.

    1. Yes EY, i agree on this When the heart believes - 'If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well'

      It is conversely the same when something is not worth doing anymore, the "passion" dies off. Only time can tell.

    2. Endrene,

      Excellence is a habit; not a slogan.

      Similarly, passion is not a goal or plan we say to impress others.

      Neither is it the little lie we tell ourselves when we do what others expect of us...

      Passion is not something that's hidden; it so self-evident from the way we live, breath, and talk :)

    3. Hi STI,

      What's the barometer for measuring if something is 'worth' or 'not worth' doing? :)

      Hi SMOL,


      And some people need to seek out gurus to help them 'discover' their passion?!?

      If we can't feel our fart, at least can smell gua?


    4. Hi EY

      It varies with each individual, however one needs to ask why they are doing it in the first place, and has it differs from the very first "why" they are doing it.

    5. Hi STI,

      Haha. Your answer sounds all too familiar. Passion is like investing? Really? :)

      If we can call it a passion, likely there is no 'why'. And 'worth' is probably immeasurable. Just like the way we can't quantify what makes life 'worth' living. :)

  4. Maybe passion is a bit like that elusive x-factor? You either have it or you don't. No amount of talking or coaxing can make a person suddenly become passionate?

    1. Macroanalyst,

      To vested interests like motivational speakers and spiritual shepherds, they may prefer to say anyone and everyone can do it! You know, the if I can, so can you "spin"...

      To us who have walked the walk, we prefer to recognise everyone is unique and different ;)

      Of course "passion" can be implanted from outside in; whether that's sustainable or not, that's something else...


    2. Actually, I also believe that anyone can do it because saying otherwise seems to suggest that I have some special innate ability that others do not have which is absolutely not the case! I think it is more accurate to say that anyone can do it but not everyone wants to put in the effort and time and in the case of trading, put their own money at risk, to get to the level of competency required for the job. For that to happen, passion is absolutely necessary.

    3. Macroanalyst,

      I just prefer to acknowledge what I see around me.

      Not every doctor can be a brain surgeon if he does not have the necessary eye/hand motor skills.

      Not everyone can be draw or write no matter how much effort they put in.

      Not everyone can do well in sales (yes, I have some inate abilities that others don't).

      Not everyone can do well academically (I can't).

      Its the nature versus nurture question.

      No prizes on how I would answer!

      P.S. And that's in the same ballpark as your "X factor" - either you have it or you don't ;)

  5. Every career is a great career. If you don't have a great career, it is because you don't think what you do is great, or someone else makes you think so.

    1. Sanye兄,


      Frequently, that "someone" is ourselves...

      We think we are "better" than this, or that is "beneath" us...

      Once upon a time, while I was "training" a management trainee at Robinsons, she honestly was surprised management trainees also must do housekeeping!?

      She didn't last till the end of the 9 months program.

      That batch no one did. HR so angry there was a time we stopped hiring graduates :(

  6. Why fail to have great career?

    Becoz spend too much time thinking how to get rich quick, FIRE, investing, trading & speculating... LOL!

  7. Is there anyone in this world born without able to develop any passion for anything at all?

    Everything is lukewarm to him.

    Must be a great stock investor then?

    1. temperament,

      Why would that person be a "great" investor?

      Of course there are people that have no need for "passion" in anything!

      They are often children of parents with misguided "good intentions". What's there to do when your parents have planned and done everything for you?

      How to develop a passion when you don't even have the chance to fail on your own?

      Nouveau riche dump assets to their children.

      Old wealth and intellectuals focus on upbringing.

  8. Surely there are also many people who just look at life - 人 养 我, 我 养 人。

    Really no need any much passion to want to be great or achieve something grand.

    Just ordinary can be happy too.

    “ 一 无 所 有 ” can be great & liberating, U know.

    Anyway, like it or not, we all will be one day.

    Try as hard as U want if U are happy.

    Time to let go, must realize and let go.

    So as not to remorse & regret.

  9. 人飬我, 我飬人.

    Minimalist thinking?

    1. temperament,

      No, that's not minimalism.

      Minimalism has more to do with art, music, literature, and architecture.

      Someone wrote a book that "usurped" and "bastardised" this word for frugality and simple living - and it has caught on for those financial freedom seekers in the SAVE MORE camp...

      Ah! What you are refering to are the Taoists who practice "non action" and Buddhists who have no problem "letting go" ;)

      They have a lot of "passion" in living in the present and in harmony with nature.

      Normal laypersons "try"; how many can do it?

      At best can parrot only.

      Like what I'm doing now ;)



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