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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Believe In Yourself

Of course its not about taking it to the extreme and suffer from hubris!

On the other hand, if we don't believe in ourselves, who will?

Don't let others shake you out of your convictions.

Making mistake is part of our learning process.

That's provided you make your own mistakes.

If you follow others and it turned out to be wrong, eh.... How to profit from it?



  1. Those set Goals believe in themselves

    1. CW,

      I"ll give you that.

      Provided its based on what you can control or influence ;)

      I had a lot of fun in the steering group playing the "Trust but Verify" bad cop role when reviewing the goals and plans of the team leaders.

      You should see the embarrassed looks of those team leaders who realised they've presented a goal and plan to us on something they neither have control or influence over!?


  2. Hi SMOL,

    Well said. Nobody cares more than ourselves than us.

    I think that one should maintain his/her perservance and live the dream. Keep trying despite numerous setback. Eventually we will achieve our dream. The going gets tougher, the tough gets going.


    1. Ben,

      By making our own mistakes, only then we can profit from it.

      If we always say, "I should never had listened to..."

      How to grow like that?

  3. SMOL,

    Totally agree. We need to be kind to ourselves by being more forgiving. Life will be marvellous.


    1. Ben,

      Don't always agree with me.

      I'm very narcissistic. Its always about me, me, me!


    2. SMOL,

      I don't agree easily with ppl's comments. However, if it is in line with my views I will not hesistate to state my opinions.


    3. Ben,

      Likewise I say what I feel ;)

      Good. Now that we got it out of the way, next time it would be gloves off!


  4. If follow others & turn out to be wrong ...

    Then we have just learnt who not to follow! Wakakaka!!

    Oh if involve fiduciary or contractual obligations, then can even sue for compensation ... provided got money for legal lah ... Lol!

    Spur (hmm i become Unknown when using cell phone)

    1. Spur,

      Ya, learn not to follow disgraced shepherd X, turn around, find another "promising" shepherd Y to follow!?

      That's why some women always fall from one bad relationship to another...

      Its a self-esteem issue.

      If we do not believe in ourselves, we'll set ourselves up for others to tell us what to do, how to think, and who to hang out with...

  5. i think we are all "followers" though we might think the idea is our own.

    Have U found even one new idea that no one think of?

    And act on it that the World will know it's yours.

    Why there is a Fosbury Flop? IRRC.

    1. temperament,

      No. We are not ALL followers. Meow.

      Yes you are right there are more "sheep" and "parrots" than shepherds ;)

      We knew this early in school and work already.

      There will always be a small minority of mavericks, creative types, and renegades that don't march in step with the "main body" of everyone else ;)

      Don't say outside. Even within our own families, there will be some "black sheep"! (Must be from her side of the family)


    2. What i am saying U can be a shepherd or even a mavericks, but what you do is not your own invention or idea.

    3. temperament,

      I am aware I am standing on the shoulders of giants before me. And I'm not above stealing with pride.

      When I quote others, its to honour the source and to show I'm not plagiarizng others.

      What comes out of mouth is from Jared Seah - I don't wear a brown paper bag over my face and I have no disclaimers at this watering hole.

      Then there are others who like to quote who said this and this. The intention is totally different.

      Its to hide behind the "authority" source so when things backfire, they can absolve responsibility by saying, "Not I say one! He said it!"

      Or to sledgehammar their views down the throats of weak-willed individuals, "There! Expert say so! So I am right!"

      I can think and speak for myself ;)

      If you want to believe you are not your own invention or idea, be my guest!


    4. To me, we are all "followers" shepherds or not until we have discovered a new idea like the Fosbury Flop.


    5. i mean even they say so who are we to say we are actually not "followers"?

      Shepherd or otherwise.


      The problem is we can copy many GURU's ideas but how many of us can put into practice in our own ways?

      Like i am sucks at trading each time i try.

      Maybe in the first place i never like or have a feel for it.

    6. temperament,

      Its good to be well read, and take counsel from others.

      However, its also important to know your own voice ;)

      OK, we get it - your trading sucks!

      No one telling you or "forcing" you to trade ;)

      I am guessing you are focusing so much on something you suck at is to avoid the more "pertinent" questions you should ask yourself:

      How's your investing?

      Do you consider yourself hobbyist or craftsman when it comes to investing?

      Is your investing style 100% copy paste?

      Or you have customised to suit your personality and personal situation?

      Have fun getting to know yourself!


    7. i think I have done that when I first plunge into the market.

      I say a craft can change into a hobby doesn't mean win or lose money doesn't matter.

      i think it is like what U say your livelihood doesn't depend on your tradings = no pressure so u can invest better?

    8. temperament,


      After all the huff and puff, we are in agreement :)

  6. I'm a girl. Wink

    Trust but verify. Wink Wink.
    Don't pull my skirt up!!

    1. sleepydevil,

      For a "girl", you sure have hairy legs!!!

      You showed us your legs remember?


    2. Wa... Let me sell some koyok here and point those who want to verify this to your statement...


      As a "girl", I don't follow the trend
      I start a new trend .. Wink
      The hairy leg trend.. Wink Wink

      You sure have wonderful memory :)

    3. sleepydevil,


      Although in the land of weird fetishes, Japan got fetish for hairy girl armpits I think!

      I faint.

  7. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, which is the reflection? The tiger is the reflection of the kitten or the other way round? I think everyone like to believe that we are always more powerful, taller, stronger, like a kitten wanting to be a tiger. Actually, the meme would be much more powerful if we reverse the situation. A tiger staring at the reflection off the water, and saw itself as a kitten.

    To upgrade yourself, everyone will say it's a good thing and you must have ambitions. But to 'downgrade' yourself from a tiger to a kitten, ah...that requires a lot more courage and a lot more conviction. To say this is not me and this is not who I want to be. That is more in line with what I think of the phrase "Believe in yourself".

    In your life story, going overseas to work is the easy choice. Adventurous, looking for greener pastures, higher pay...that's the reflection of a tiger. To come back, give up your career, stop work and spend time with mum and then back to a humble used car salesman...that's the reflection of a kitten.

    Wishing you a happy new year, and more bantering in your blog :)

    1. LP,

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

      Kopi on me next time we meet ;)

      You har!

      You are the rare breed who can think both like an engineer and an artist ;)

      You are next level. Avengers level!

      I do desire to be like Fan Li (范蠡).

      Too bad I don't have a Xi Shi (西施) to roam around the misty beauty of Lake Taihu together...

      I guess mom will have to do for now!


  8. SMOL,

    Hao, kopi on you next time,I accept :)

  9. Smol, really like the comment section especially LP and temp.

    Chinese says 拿得起放得下,when people says this, they focus on the 放得下,which is what LP is saying. Really gave me food for thoughts, since if I really achieve nothing, what is there to fangxia?

    Or have I ever actually take up somwthing, never take how to put down

    As for uncle temp, tell me.aboit parrots! No idea is original, I agree. 天下一大抄,when u do academic results u know the ideas are similar, even for all the sects of value investing, the ideas is similar too. But the key is conviction.

    I can be using the most traditional method in teaching but if I have passion and conviction, I am more effective than flash lights, computer and whatever.

    Some are chasing the flavor of the month, and the sad part is, didn't even realise it

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      How many in our Chinese history can "let it go" and retreat when the going is good?

      Besides 范蠡, another character I am impressed with is 入云龙 - 公孙胜.

      He saw through the bullshit of his comrades... What fighting for justice? For the poor and oppressed?

      Its all about personal glory/fame and getting a good government post...

      Same for our community. There are misers and money grabbers hiding behind the flag of financial freedom and what not...

      I must emulate 公孙胜 if and when "comrades" invite me to join them in "monetising" their fan base ;)

      Its like singing.

      We may be singing a cover song from our favourite singer.

      Most sing it the karaoke version - trying to mimic the orginal singer as close as possible.

      We can make the song our "own" by singing it "our way"; through our own interpretations.

      Hence once in a while, cover versions of some songs are even more popular than the originals!

      Just like I tell other traders I'm Trend Follower. Its to pay homage to those whose shoulders I stand on.

      But I do add I'm discretionary - which sets me apart from textbook Trend Followers ;)

    2. SMOL,

      范蠡 and 公孙胜 are able to retire from their post and avoid being killed because they opt for simple life after the achievement. This show that it is better to remain low profile no matter how big the achievement secured by the individuals.
      There is bound to have rivals who will be jealous of such achievements and plot against the individuals.

      Valuable lessons and philosophy can be grasphed from these two individual examples. I had gained valuable insights from them and will apply them appropriately.

      Thanks for sharing.


    3. Ben,

      That's the beauty of blogging and having a diversity of animals at this watering-hole.

      I am lucky to have sillyinvestor to 笑谈 Chinese literature and history. He's the few Singaporean Chinese major. How rare is that!

      I must confess most of my Chinese learnings come from reading comics and watching TV serials like 三国 and 水浒.

      I'm a big believer of travelling beats reading scrolls of books.

      I was at Taihu so while others were busy taking photos with the satue of 范蠡, I was reading his story on the inscriptions. So envious of him eloping with 西施...

      As for 水浒, there's this memorable business trip by car from Qingdao to Jining (near Liangshan). During the 4 hour ride, I had fun discussing our favourite Liangshan characters with the driver and purchaser.

      They were pleasantly surprised I know my Chinese history and literature. Not bad for someone who got F9 for history at O' levels ;)

      I'm not the real deal. I recommend Sillyinvestor's blog for that.

      I'm jack-of-all-trades who can bluff my way for the first 10 minutes. After that, you'll realise I'm shallow like piss on the sidewalk...


  10. SMOL,

    By mingling and blogging more with others through discussions,
    I believe that you will be the experienced Jack of your various trades. Why fret on this? Simple discussion with no bonderies of restrictions makes life more interesting. Eliminate the hassle of jealousy amongst the parties will make all conversations more insightful indeed. However, I do agree that not all ppl are open-minded. If we get to sense narrow-minded ppl through initial interaction, avoid mixing with them loh. Focus on the ppl of the same wavelength and all parties will be happy. Life is all about living to the fullness and enjoyment. Make use of every monent and lead a meaningful lufestyle.


    1. Ben,

      I "throw brick to attract jade".

      I'm not a bleeding heart that blogs to help bring world peace or to help others get rich!

      I neither "vested interest" nor do I have an inflated sense of ego.

      I prefer to receive ;)


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