Wednesday, 30 August 2017

When Our Trades Seem A Little Off...

This how I felt recently...

Until I discovered like the gentleman above, I've been wearing my briefs wrong!


Yeah, now I can laugh. Got stop-loss orders mah!

Imagine if I had held on to my losing trades... I would be totally naked by now... 

How? Yesterday STI down; today up?

I not playing; got more pressing matters to attend to.

Got to buy new underwear!


  1. Haha SMOL!

    Good one!!

    Too bad now not like olden days, or like Burma / India / Pakistan .... can just wear baggy sarong ... no need underwear. Kekeke!!

    Yeah ... don't sweat the small stuff ... just follow system / methodology. Think I need a -5% drop in overall markets to kick me out. :)

    1. Spur,

      I've a suspicion that men started wearing underwear when zippers were invented ;)

      Going "commando" with zippers is an accident waiting to happen... LOL!

      Yes, wearing sarongs and kilts much safer!

      Ah! So you're the one who has been stealing my lunch! I keep running into the 3200 brickwall :(

    2. Ehh.... must be sentiment / contrarian traders... especially those with huge A1-sized blow-up of Uncle8888's "strong support / strong resistance" STI chart... LOL!!!

      Me ... I'm just sitting in markets since Jan 2017, not doing much...

      Maybe more action after Sep FOMC...

    3. Spur,

      OK, not you.

      Must be those buy the dippers that's stealing my money ;)

      That is one hell of a great strategy since 2009!

      I'm the idiot one who is selling the rip. It worked great too until this year 2017 :(

      Got my fingers burnt.


  2. i always feel man should wear skirt like the Scots do.

    Over heated "below" can kill your ability to progenate.

    And woman of course should wear pants.

    i am a little amused here why man does not follows what science tells them - to keep it cool, wear skirt lol.

    In investing man also doesn't follows the facts at times.

    1. temperament,

      The ancient romans also wore togas.

      You may be on to something here...

      No wonder nowadays women love to wear leggings.

      To a woman, wear pants is "liberating".

      To a man, wear "skirts" with nothing underneath is "freedom".



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