Monday, 7 August 2017

The Buddha And The Beggar


  1. Smol,

    Forget about repayment and retribution. Help because I want to help. Kill because I like to kill. Die because I have to, live because that's the time to.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      With such insights, why you keep saying my cultivation is deeper than yours ;)


  2. The beggar who is rich now but still think poor so unable to let go. Wealth trap!

    1. CW,

      Its an affliction of the mind.

      Like water, whether it lifts us up or drowns us may depend on the individual.

      Obsessions keep us going even when others have all given up.

      That's why we say genius and insanity are separated by by a thin line.

      Those seeking financial freedom will know themselves whether they are seeking it to escape or to achieve.

      Some are honest to themselves; some aren't.

  3. The power of "Zen" will be the pivotal factor

    1. Ben,

      It's fun to stare at the ceiling and mind-fxxk myself...

      Ownself poke ownself.

      You don't bluff! Single because no one wants you is it?

      Unemployed say unemployed lah.

      Caught you! Why you looking at xiao mei mei thighs on the MRT? Eh... They dare to wear I dare to ogle?

      Zen is fun.

      To look at ourselves from outside in ;)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Aiha! There's nothing in ozling xiao mei mei in public. As long as one don't touch here and touch there, no offences commitred. It's free to see loh.

      Unemployed status for me. Hmm Hmm. I am on the verge soon. It does not really matter to me at all. The most impt thing is to be happy in what I am doing and enjoy life to the fullest. We only live once and why not make it to the max by doing the things I want (This includes looking at xiao mei mei loh).

      Being unemployed also has the pros. More time to stare at the ceiling and mindfxxxxxx. In addition, more time to exercise and be more healthy. It's marvellous. When I becomes bored, I can do part-time on wkend (something like you). It's not bad at all.

      Zen is power to living life to the fullest!


    3. Ben,

      Its nice to banter with a fellow journey companion of the path ;)

      When we don't see our "employment status" as black and white binary opposites, we begin to appreciate the full spectrum of grey.

      Work one day a week, month, year, decade - all of sudden become possibilities/opportunities we never thought of!

      I see you are a beneficiary of this mantra:

      The less we work, the more decisions we make, the more we earn.


      P.S. Good to have more kopi drinking kakis soon. We can do Zen combat! Only one rule: No hitting of the face!

    4. SMOL,

      Sure. Like-minds think the same. I think that this is due to our perception that we work because we want to and no because we need to. Such mentality makes life more fulfilling and every day is indeed marvellous for me. The thought of not having to rush here and rush there and doing things at my own pace and leisure, is absolutely precious to me.

      I believe that you will have the same sentiment. Don't you?


    5. Ben,

      I'll not spoil the fun of discovery for youself ;)

      Just like tuning to the radio, you may need to turn the dial left, right, than slightly back left again...

      Everyone's sweet spot is different.

      Let's just say after leaving fulltime work at age 44, these 5.5 years have been "leisurely" ;)

      I just need a recession for that final stamp of verification that I have "it" in me to stare at the ceiling - both in good times and bad times ;)

    6. SMOL,

      Totally agree. One need to explore and know where the sweet spot is. It's the matter of learning, unlearning and relearning process.

      The journey will be great and intriguing.

      I hope to find my sweet spot soon. Likwise the same applies to you.


  4. Hi SMOL,

    I saw this on fb but didn't click on it. But since you shared it, I watched it closely and learned something. Thanks :)

    Seems like the same theme in my latest post haha :)

    The beggar still has a cap of 8 things in his life? Let's list them:

    1) life
    2) wife
    3) pearls from the turtle
    4) his sight
    5) his wisdom
    6) his ability to talk to animals
    7) clothes on his back
    8) ability to walk

    Seems like the rat is bullshitting him lol!

    1. LP,

      Its exactly the SAME theme ;)

      Saw this Youtube clip in Facebook too and immediately thought of your latest post.

      Interesting the same idea expressed in different "execution style" can reach different readers - depending on whether one prefers clear instructions or fuzzy metaphors.


      P.S. Anyone who believes what a RAT says deserves it. Ouch!

  5. When you alway think what's is there in it for me, you will get no good ending.

    On the the contrary, if you think what can you of service to your fellow man, success will come to you naturally.

    You don't have to think of anything otherwise.

    1. temperament,

      Ah! Give and we shall receive ;)

      Provided we have the wisdom to tell a RAT (false shepherd) from a sage...

    2. Ha. Ha.

      A rat from a sage?

      We were touring Shen Chen many years ago before it's development.

      A young couple with a baby cradle in hands approached us for milk powder money.

      i gave in but i told them, "whether you are " RAT or Sage", doesn't matter. i just want to give loh.

      May be doing something stupid, still want to save face?

      Ha! Ha!

      i tell you my way of giving alms, don't change.

    3. temperament,

      It's "Samaritans" like you that several years ago we had "professional beggars" coming to Singapore through word-of-mouth - Singaporeans are so "bei kambing"!

      Lucky big daddy clamped that down.

      I wasn't any better. But 4 years in Shanghai have made me wise-up to their tricks. China is cowboy town; everyone wants to get rich and emigrate overseas by whatever means...

      Sometimes even the local government officials are in to the act too... Spruce up a derelict temple, put in "actor monks", scam the tourists by offering "free" fortune-telling services.

      Frighten you by scaring you that "misfortune" lurking, and for a small red packet, the "monks" can do rituals to ward it off!?

      Of course this scam will not work on Buddhists who understand Buddhism, but for "bei kambings", its lamb to the slaughter...


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