Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SMOL's Pledge

I, the Singapore Man Of Leisure, pledge myself to strike on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Regardless of ToTo, 4D, or Big Sweep. To buy hope and win extra. 

Based on quickpick, system 7 to 12, Big Sweep tickets, and 4D big/small.

So as to achieve car, cash, and condo.

Happy National Day!


  1. Replies
    1. temperament,

      30 years liao... Have not struck a sum bigger than $2K :(

      Very deep under water. LOL!

      Its in my Chinese DNA.

      One day I'll strike!

      A man must have hope :)

    2. smol, you do know that hope is a killer in speculation? i disagree that we must have hope to live a happy life, however i sometimes have hopes too haha...

    3. its not the lottery that will ruin you, its the mental state that will destroy you.

    4. coconut,

      I agree with you!

      That's why landowners give their slaves the "good book" and allow them to sing to their hearts content on "salvation".

      I didn't rely on hope to be where I am today. But still, hope does give one a warm fuzzy feeling in the stomach ;)

      Hope is like opium. A little bit once in a while brings pleasure and can motivate us; too much as in addiction is bad for us as it makes us vulnerable to be abused by false shepherds :(

  2. Replies
    1. CW,

      Somehow I don't think I'll get invited to Istana to lim kopi... Unless their standard for MPs have dropped considerably!?

      As for police station? Nah! I don't think I so blind as to can't see the out-of-bound markers ;)

      I may be a fool, but I no idiot.


  3. Hi SMOL,

    It's better to be extra careful on such comments. You never know what happens behind the obvious..

    Concerned Ben

    1. Ben,

      Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it.

      There's another reason why I use my real name and real pic for my blog - besides the “walk don't change name; sit don't amend surname" pride - its to ensure what I write is what I would say in real life.

      The most dangerous moment is when people hide behind a brown paper bag and think they are "anonymous".

      Some have found too late that the authorities can trace whatever its said to your IP address one.

      It's cool :)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      I concur with Ben. Stay safe, there's plenty of tattletales on the web these days.

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      You guys are wonderful.

      I'll tone down a bit so as to not worry you all ;)


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