Thursday 1 June 2017

Space Fillers and Fun Distractions

Doing trading full-time can get really boring especially for my style of trading.

If there's no wind, there's pretty much nothing I can do. So to pass time, I do play some intraday punts from time to time.

There was a period I hit a lucky patch where it was quite lucrative!

I had to consciously be mindful and tell myself not to be distracted by these small winnings.

Keep the focus on the main prize.

I had a Shanghai colleague who got promoted from company driver to IT admin.

You'll be surprised many of the receptionists at our China and Thailand offices were university graduates! They pay their dues for 1 - 2 years and when opportunity knocks, they'll be transferred to a job more in line with their qualifications.

This Shanghai colleague unfortunately got distracted with his gaming hobby... He was using company time and resources to maintain his network of Diablo gaming members - he was the Clan leader. 

My Romanian boss fired him. 

For more mature readers, during our younger days, we have done this to others or let others do this to us.

You know, while waiting for the right one to come along, we have a space filler for the time being...

Its all fun and games (although not something we want to boast about) provided we don't marry the space filler for the wrong reasons! Like out of guilt, sense of responsibility, shotgun accident, etc.

When we are clueless to what we want to do in life, a good space filler and distraction would be to jump on the financial freedom bandwagon like everyone else.

At least it gives cover or illusion that we have a goal in life!

But when questioned what you want to do after you have achieved your financial freedom, you realise you haven't seriously thought about it. You'll decide when you get there. 

And that's why people move the goal posts. To buy more time to figure things out... If they ever do.

When you see retirees playing jackpot mindlessly at those "members clubs" or at our "integrated resorts", understand that they need to find "fun distractions" to fill up the day.

The day can be excruciating long if you have nothing to do all day...

And that's not something you want to put yourself through when you've achieved financial freedom!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    My space fillers is usually reading and gaming. More reading actually.

    Is this a space filler blog post too, while waiting for that meaty main course to come? LOL

    1. LP,

      It's called "pacing" in comedy routines.


      Reading is definitely one of the better space fillers out there ;)

      Its fun distractions that we must watch least they become addictions, or worst still - obsessions :(

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I think that the best way is to continue working even if one secures financial freedom. I cannot say for others. I personally feel that there is no worries of being retrenched if one has already achieved financial freedom. As long as the individual maintains his/her modest lifestyle whilst achieving financial freedom, he/she can afford to make calcuated risk career transition without qualm. The worst one will suffer, is being retrenched in which the invidual does not have to rely on this full-time jib for survival.

    My two cents' worth of view.


    1. Ben,

      I'm more with our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom:

      Women afraid to marry the wrong guy; men scared to enter the wrong industry.

      Being retrenched is not a problem (sometimes welcomed due to the generous compensation package) if we can find another job in the SAME industry quickly.

      What most hired hands in our 50s are afraid of is being "obsolete".

      All of sudden, the 20 plus years of experience count for nothing...

      Financail freedom is just another one of those flavour-of-the-decade kind of phrase.

      20 years ago, most of us we just say we want to be RICH!


      20 years from now, no one will mention financial freedom as someone will write another best seller and coin another new flavour-of-the-decade phrase for others to parrot ;)

      Meanwhile, nothing changes. Everyone wants to be rich like the land owners since biblical times.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Tbh, I personally don't hanker to be rich.

    I will be extremely contented to have a simple (three daily meals) and shelter to shield me from the element of envirinment.

    Status of "a simple commoner" is what I want to be.


    1. Ben,

      The Tao in you is strong :)

      I was in a Facebook financial literacy group when someone shared a story of a US man who decided to live off the land and forsake money.

      Some say that's regressive...

      Some have disdain for the man...

      Many are so consumed by greed that they can't see that the US man is already financially free! He is no longer ensnarled by money ;)

      If Buddha or any Taoist sage were to walk amongst us today, I won't be surprised many would shout,

      "Get a job you bum!"

  4. Hi SMOL,

    When I read the bleeding heart's blog, I seek not for his investment ideas but his anime recommendations. Ironic, isn't it? LOL

    When you mentioned Diablo, you reminded me of his latest recommendation to watch Log Horizon.

    The story seems more complex than what it originally appears to be. Go enjoy. ;)

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      He's an otaku at heart. We all have our space fillers and fun distracrtions :)

      Thanks for the recommendation!

      I am now watching Dragonball Super on Youtube - now we are into the multi-universes arc.

      The author must be a science fan!

  5. temperament,

    I know!

    You have shown to have a super memory or fantastic bookmark system - you can link to websites and articles several years ago!!!

    Now that's impressive!

    Not only that, the websites you've visited showed your wide range ;)


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