Sunday 25 June 2017

I'm bored. Say something leh!

Let's do something different for a change.

You start the conversation first!



  1. Hi SMOL,

    Lemme try. How do you know that you know what you know?

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,


      Zen monks will travel and vist learned monks from other monasteries to verfiy their level of "enlightenment".

      In Science, its testing in repeatable experiments that yield the same results.

      In "red dust", its the "crash got sound" feedback we get.

      Knowledge is pretty much "useless" if not put into practice.

      Practice or application of knowledge is how we know what we know ;)

  2. Is that your version of AMA (Ask Me Anything)? I'll keep it fun.

    1) Festive holidays this weekend. Do you have a favourite Malay food? I'll be fair and go first. Been indulging in prawn vadai/wodeh for the past month! Lucky to find one that I really like at the pasar malam recently.

    1. Kevin,

      My favourite Malay food is Mee Siam!

      Both the sweet version and sour version I like.

      If I have to choose one, I'll go for the sour version.

      Many a times when I no appetite or feeling not well, Mee Siam is my favourite Malay comfort food!!!

    2. Nice! I like it too. For me, mee siam > mee soto > mee rebus. No taugeh pls!

      If we're talking about Malay comfort food, nothing beats old school nasi lemak for me. The only ingredients in the little packet of rice is a handful of ikan bilis, a really tiny fried fish, and chili.

      Sometimes, I think it's not really about the food. It's like i'm buying a little piece of memory that I have of the time when I was little.

      The kopitiam near my place used to sell it at $1.50, but the price has inched upwards by 20 cents lately. Pfft.

    3. Kevin,

      Yes, food is personal as it evokes lots of memories :)

      We are so blessed with our multi-cultural choices when it comes to food!

  3. Walau. You didn't plan for long weekend

  4. Why need to plan? Just go with the flow.

    1. Blursotong King,

      During courtships, girls like to date go out with the flow kind of guys :)

      We are not boring. We are full of surprises! They have no clue what to expect next.

      But after marriage, women will prefer men with goals and plans. Financial security mah! Imagine their husband got no career goals? No plans for their retirements? What? He wants to be a stay-at-home dad???


  5. SMOL,

    I cannot imagine you are bored. Jio me for drink and I will entertain you with some jokes. Just kidding....

    Sometimes silence is golden... Usually silence comes before storm. So this silence will pass too. Enjoy while it last. No need to hurry. Nothing to see too.

    1. If I am right, he doesn't work on public holiday.

    2. 1) CW,

      Yup, I only have fun on Saturdays and Sundays :)

      2) Blursotong King,

      Its a "woman" thing.

      Female readers will know.

      Advance training for you. Next time you won't be surprised when your girlfriend or wife springs a "talk to me" on you ;)


  6. Replies
    1. Sillyinvestor,

      What "bo liao" !?

      Just turn the tables on your student next time you don't feel like "teaching" ;)

      And see the learnings you'll get!

      When was the last time you listened (or ask for feedback) WITHOUT an agenda?


  7. temperament,

    The House does not always win.

    The House can go bankrupt if it sleeps on the wheel...

    Casinoes have gone bankrupt... Or ask those nursing unrealised losses in Genting shares...

    Then there are banks like Lehman, Barings, Bear Stearns, and my favourite example - AIG (OK, still survive by US Govt bailout, but shareholders all wiped out).

    Brokers have gone bankrupt. Too many to name. Your time lots of brokers. Now how many are left?

    SGX is trying to spread its overseas wings like Singtel to buy overseas exchanges. That's why that former ang moh was hired. But not successful so far...

    If only depend on pandas and koala bears to support the daily trading volumes, SGX will one day get so "irrelevant" internationally one day that big daddy may sell it like they have done to NOL and Chartered Semiconductor... Cut-loss!

    And of course, even governments have gone bankrupt. What more to say? They can print money and tax any amount they want - still go bankrupt!

    I'm a student of history. No empire always win.


  8. temperament,

    It's called Pacing. Foreplay. Setting the stage. Preparing the ground.

    Now my answer to your question more interesting mah!


    "Because the House writes the rules of the game" ;)

  9. Hi SMOL,

    Okay, you dare to request, I dare to ask haha! If it isn't too private, I would like to hear the story of your love life or lives :)

    1. I've lived in sin twice in Shanghai. Can't say its "love" life, but its definitely physical kind ;)

      One partner for 2 years. This girl got Masters! I've learnt a lot from her about understanding women. It's the closest I've experienced what's "married" life.

      She married an anaesthetist and is now a mother.

      Another partner 6 months. This one super interesting! We met on the plane on my home leave back to Singpaore. She came here on "student" visa, but worked at "karaoke".

      She'll stay with me in Shanghai during her visa runs to re-enter Singapore. She is from 闽北. And this dialect does not sound anything like our Hokkien or 闽南!

      She hooked a young Singaporean guy in his late 20s who is owner of handphone retail shop. This Singaporean guy's mother is the mistress of a Taiwanese business owner and his mom lives in Shanghai!

      When she came with her boyfriend to Shanghai to meet her future mother-in-law to discuss marriage, it was so surreal! Its like a soap opera!!!

      Mistress future mother-in-law meets karaoke hostess future daughter-in-law.

      I'm happy for my partnet. I felt like marrying off my "sister".

      That's Shanghai. Athens I kosong :(

      In Singapore, there's the usual dates but these's someone special.

      She married someone else.

      Its the usual someone likes me, I like someone else. But my someone else married another person...


      That's why I'm so envious of you and 小黄蓉!

    2. Man in his 50s and 60s are still of marriageable age and not expired yet

    3. CW,

      Maybe I'll do a 楊振寧 and marry a young 28 year old when I 82?

      Are there any 80 plus jie-jies out there who don't mind a bald, pot-bellied, 50 year old in me?

      I'm no longer the energizer buny that can go on, and on; but I'm the man with the slow hands...

      And the easy touch ;)

    4. Hahaha, thanks for being a good sport, as many would have rejected the request :) Thanks for sharing :)

    5. LP,

      You're welcomed.

      I shared because its you who asked ;)

  10. temperament,

    I don't have any paternal instincts so a "normal" family with children is out for me...

    Just the other day, I was bemused when a single guy with no children was talking up the merits of freehold properties as legacy? Something don't balance... LOL!

    I love the company of women though ;)

    The problem lies with me.

    I'm not a one woman man; I'm a primate.


  11. Quote "single guy with no children"

    May be not officially married but may have children who are DNA tested postive somewhere hor.

  12. CW,

    Probably! LOL!

    That's the no. 1 drawback for those who seek financial freedom - most are constantly living in the future...

  13. temperament,

    No need go back to the caveman era.

    One man one woman is an "artificial construct" that spread like fashion during the mid 20th century.

    It was only about 50 plus years ago that Singapore out-lawed polygamy in 1961 under the Women's Charter.

    You are partly right on cultural context.

    The real catalyst was colonisation.

    The white men came and gave the locals the "Good Book", but took their land in return. Talk about good trade!

    As part of their "good intentions" to introduce Western "civilised" way of living, polygamy was outlawed.

    How I know? While researching my family roots, I found out my paternal grandfather was the offspring from second wife.

    Hmm. Maybe that's why I don't get dividends from Ngee Ann Kongsi? (Just joking!)

    I know some branches of the family got annual dividends in typical Teochew MCP fashion: boys get more; girls get less.

    And I belong to 二房... LOL!

    Tell you a funny thing. I did ask Nicole Seah whether she was part of the family. Found out she is not.

  14. As long as u got money, u just cannot register lor.

    My grandfather also have 2 wives. My sec classmate have 1 room 2 room living together ... must say he power and 1 room also power

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      When I was selling furniture, there's this "attas" furniture store opposite mine that was manned by one maternal auntie.

      Turned out she was the first wife of the businessman.

      She "had" to bear with her husband bringing home the "mistress" as officially its illegal after 1961.

      Cannot complain as the "mistress" was the one who brought wealth to their husband by helping him first with lighting, then pots and pans, and now "attas" (but orbid noveau riche) furniture.

      That's why I poked the reason why men seek "financial freedom" is to get girls! LOL!

  15. I hope u r still bored so i can ask qns. How are you planning to live a meaningful and purposeful life ahead, assuming u as fortunate as the statistic, 82 yrs old? No plan is always the plan? :)

    1. Frugal-Daddy,

      Sure, no problem at all.

      First the context which you may already know but important to keep in mind - I am heavily influenced by Zen and Taoism on the spirituality and philosophical side. And from the West, the Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, Science, etc ;)

      I see a lot of people with financial freedom goals dither or move the goal posts because of one simple reason - they have no "religion".

      "Religion" can be a metaphor for philosophy on life, their spirituality with the cosmos, or ikigai - the reason we get up in the morning.

      If one is indeed religious or have a religion, which holy books say our purpose here is to earn passive income or achieve $X amounts by Y years???

      Many financial freedom seekers mistake money as the "goal", when its just a tool.

      I don't know anything about meaning or purpose about my life. I live; I die. What meaning is there to it?

      Especially when I put my life in context with Earth's 4.5 billion years ;)

      What I know is that I am happy and grateful right here, right now. And I look forward to the new day every morning!

      Purpose of the day? Hungry eat; tired rest :)

      Come to think of it, I live like the neighbourhood cats around my HDB? LOL!

      I have enough.

      P.S. That does not mean I don't get bored... Who doesn't? That's why I have this blog :)

    2. Hi SMOL

      It is so simple yet most people didn't realise.

      However, i have to say having enough doesn't come easy for some families.

      Realities are that we can be very zen ourselves, or impart the values to our loved ones, but there are time you just want to give them some worldly desires which you know they want to. Example, we dont need to eat durian for any survival reasons for sure. Anyone who has tasted top grade durian will never be satisfied with "normal" durian anymore. It is a matter of regardless how much u pay, u may not get the same quality, just paying higher increase the probabilities of getting tasty ones. U rather dont eat then compromise the standard. And you know eating good ones will make your loved ones happy once a while. Spend the money or do research? If earing durian need intensive reaearch, then it goes against your "feelings" theory too. And you know tt you may end up seeing doctors for sore throat and package.

      We read tt diabetic patients last wish is to eat that piece of ice cream.

      Being happy with what we have is a great enlightenment, but imagine someone eat ice cream in front of you everyday and u cant eat for health reasons.

      Then, we are still human that created our own problems, isn't?

      If only we have full control of our environments and choose what we want to see. Most ppl can't as this world make up of ppl.

      Simple, but not so simple

    3. Frgual daddy,

      I never said it was easy.

      That's why people focus on the "easier" money goals ;)

      From your blog writings, I can sense the dilemma and inner debates you are sharing now.

      I must say its a lot "easier" when one does not have to worry about "firewood, rice, cooking oil, and salt".

      Even though Buddha and Confucius were married with children, they didn't exactly "focused" on their family... Did they?

      Not saying not to focus on your family!

      Just acknowledging what you've said, when family is involved - it gets complicated... (only married people coax me to get married, got pain must share with others mah! LOL!)

      Oh! By the way, I would give ice-cream to a dying diabetic close one:

      How Many More Years Do They Have?


    4. There is an update on my situation n my mentality. Got the mood then i write. Everything is good :)

    5. Frugal Daddy,

      Good to hear :)

      Stay sassy!

  16. Using me as example. I am insignificant. In your words, my ikagi is my family. It get complicated when more people involved.

    For example, lp fr bullythebear usually self Medicate without seeing doc. It is inspiring. But what if your child having 40° fever? Will u bring them to doc?

    I am considered zen, but i fall under my temptations often too.

    Sometimes, We choose not to zen. Try living in a cave or public area. Most ppl rather give up >15/80 yrs of freedom of their most productive lifestyle for a house. Me included.

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Since you and I have common background with Zen, maybe I can point out something?

      Have you noticed you are using "others" as the mirror to do your reflections?

      My problem is I only see myself when I looked into the mirror... LOL!

      My cultivation is not to see myself in the mirror one day...

      When that day comes, I'll throw away the mirror as it has outlived its usefulness ;)

      P.S. There's such a thing called renting if you do not want to be shackled ;)

      Rent goes up you move to a smaller place. Rent goes down you move to a bigger place :)

      CPF left untouched. Cash rich; asset light in retirement.

      1/3 pay used to pay rent meant there's already a "forced" cap on how much lifestyle inflation you can monkey see, monkey do from keeping up with others ;)

  17. The mirror part is a gd one

    I didnt know u prefer cpf over cash. I tot u r in the cash camp. Lol.

    Renting is not as easy for a family. Register school for children, etc. I dont think is cheaper than leasing 99 urs fr hdb. I rather pay 10 yrs cpf then stay the next 89 yrs"free"

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      I am in the cash in my pocket is better than cash in big daddy pocket's camp. LOL!

      CPF is a necessary "evil" that we can't avoid.

      For my case, its over my dead body will I voluntarily put cash into CPF ;)

      My job is to get as much CPF out legally ASAP.

      I smart, big daddy not stupid either. I find the loop holes; they plug it up with rule changes ;)

      Having said that, I can understand why some would voluntarily lockup their money into CPF. It works if they do not have the time nor the competence to beat the CPF interest rates...

      Especially when I've seen some where the more they invest, the bigger the hole they've dug for themselves :(

      Different strokes for different folks.

    2. Frugal Daddy,

      I am merely showing there are always CHOICES ;)

      Success is what we have to GIVE UP to achieve it.

      You have MADE the conscious choice to voluntarily be shackled for 10 years to exchange living "rent free" for the next 99 years. The question is whether the house owns you or you own the house ;)

      Another married person with children may decide not to have any housing debt and live as they go. They opt for the "nomadic" lifestyle.

      I've met people like that in my career and travels. Spend a few years in this country, then move on to the next adventure. Always on the move... Gathering no moss ;)


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