Thursday 8 June 2017

Call Levels - Free Price Monitoring Alerts

First of all, I use Stops, but that's because I am trading full time.

Amateurs Part time traders and retail "investors" use Price Alerts.


Ah ber then?

Most brokers do provide FREE price alerts service for equity traders/investors.

Even that cheapo stocks platform also got price alert service - albeit they will charge you for each SMS sent...

Don't look surprised; its like flying budget airlines - they'll nickel and dime you for everything!

How about price alerts for forex, commodities, stock indices?

Don't have right?

Want to have it for FREE?

Don't say bo jio!

You may want to check out Call Levels.

This one power.

Can track 10,000 assets in forex, commodities, stocks, and indices! You win liao!

Also check out the co-founders. (Don't ogle too long; screen break oredi)

And their backers. (Love the Lippo building in HK with the cute cute Koala bears)

If you like it, you may want to upgrade to the paid version. (Hello, its a business; not a charity)

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