Tuesday 20 June 2017

Look Good By Helping Your Employer Save Money!

Big daddy has quite a few initiatives to help retrenched and unemployed PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians).

If you are one, you may want to explore your options with e2i.

However, you are not the target audience for this post. I'm not a bleeding heart, remember?

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, work in HR, or a manager looking for new help, listen up!

I may have just saved you $42,000 over 18 months. Wink.

Quick test: Have you heard of the Career Support Programme for PMETs? And its enhancements since 1st April 2017?

I bet its a no.

(Hey you from NTUC, put your hand down, of course you know!)

If you hire a PMET Singapore citizen age 40 and above who has been actively looking for a job from more than 12 months, and you pay him/her at least $3,600 /month ($4K for non-SMEs), you can get 50% back from big daddy (cap at $3,500/month) for up to 6 months!

(Who says I can't write in CPF style england? I under why they write the way they do after my sentence above!)

Big daddy will continue to provide salary support to your business for the second 6 months and the third 6 months, but at a sliding lower percentage and salary cap.

You get less if the candidate has been actively looking for a job for less than 12 months, or the candidate is below age 40.

But hey! Its still "free" money from big daddy! Might as well take!

Don't take "white" don't take!

Check out this website if you are intrigued: Career Support Programme

I know. You not a business owner (why would business owner read my blog). And you not retrenched and unemployed PMET. Why should you care?


If you are now looking to hire someone for your department, you may want to consider our brethren who is age 40 and above?

What goes around comes around. 

You never know when you reach 50 you'll be retrenched too...

Besides, helping your employer save up to $42,000 for 18 months will look good to you.

As a business owner, I only care who can help me EARN more or SAVE more. 

Everything else is just bullshit.


  1. hey
    i think this doesnt apply to me. i employ quite a few professionals older than 40 years..alas they are also self employed in their own right. so no use

    1. Ang gong gong,

      I'll be a bit upset if hiring locums can qualify...


      Personally, I think the scheme is "overly generous".

      Can qualify even if we hire Singapore citizens below age 40 if they have been actively looking for work equal or more than 6 months!?

      OK, lower percentages and caps. But still...

      I would prioritise those age 40 and above.

      One thing I've learnt during my corporate whoring days is:

      If EVERYTHING is prioritised, then nothing is PRIORITISED


  2. borrow ur thread since we are on this topic on locum
    in my years of business, i encounter some very unusual candidates
    eg one boss of a large listed company came to work for me. i couldn't believe it. but definitely seems like he's not working for fun but more of need the money since he booked nearly all my night slots. then i did some checks, realised that he's probably the victim of high living. earn a lot in his heyday probably spent a lot too, he owned many high ended sports cars at one go.
    just to recall one of them...
    hope this won't happen to me

    1. Ang gong gong,

      That's why the Chinese say "wind water alternate turn"...

      I've sat in taxis driven by ex-business owner (contractor who showed me the buildings he built along the route), ex-Army Colonel, ex-MD of business in Myanmar; etc.

      Sometimes it has nothing to do with excessive high living.

      Imagine we are happily living in Fukushima or Phuket, along came a tsunami and wiped out all our earthly possesions.

      We'll never know when we may have to start from ground zero all over again...



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