Friday 30 June 2017

It must be bad when brokers start lowering their commissions and interest rates!?

Look! I'm not complaining!

But something is not right when STI is above 3200, with so many new financial bloggers popping out, and so many new players/businesses offering seminars/workshops/trainings to help bring World Peace...

What gives?

No lah!

Cannot because of that cheapo platform that I shall not name.

ComfortDelgro got Uber and Grab as "disruptors".

Who or what you think is making our local brokers do what they do?

Look. No one will voluntarily take a pay-cut, would you?

As landlord, you wouldn't want to lower your asking rent unless no choice right?

Something to talk about over this weekend!

Let's brain-storm!

For the record, I'm not vested in SGX stock. 


  1. 1) Blumont, Asiaonsons, and Liongold.

    Capital destruction. That saga annihilated the last of the Contra Traders...

    Just look at the SGX trading volumes after that event :(

    2) The new generation of traders are not parochial, more technologically savvy, and open different trading vehicles other than straight-up equities.

    Think CFDs, Options (they stuidied or worked in US before), Forex, and Futures.

    3) Then there's the "growth" of Dividends Investing (for widows and orphans) and Passive Indexing (Look ma! No brains needed!).

    As a remisier, if I get such clients, its like me in the insurance indistry equivalent of getting clients that only want to buy term insurance policies from me :(

    I eat grass.

    4) We need more story tellers! First there was the China stock darlings (that turned into dust with fake accounting), then the Myanmar story (that cooled off), then the Oil and Gas story that sucked new money into the drain with the collapse of the WTI crude prices...

    Mercifully, we have a new mega IPO coming soon. Great for financial PR practitioners (story tellers) who finally got job to do!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    That sgx stock disruptor became a market darling overnight. But still a bit off it's high. It's has China as its supposedly story that didn't went too well and found another story.

    Story investing or event investing it catalyst investing whatever way I call it, it's a real skill, just like some of the sects u mentioned.

    As long as it makes money.

    Still waiting for my harvest of story to be... will find out within a year.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Scale-in; scale-out.

      100% in; 100% out - that's the height of arrogance (or brilliance!)

  3. The trick is to spot a good story before anyone tells it. Sell it when the story it's told and bought into.

    The better investors look for great story tellers that keep churning out good scripts

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Hey! You make a good parasite!

      Freeloader you :)

      I see you very up!

  4. Hi Smol

    It's time to worry when you see people in 70s going all in, and people who thought how can a share price in gbp be in xxxx.xx?( the person suppose the stock price to in xx.xx when dividends paid already in xx.)

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Its equally not a good thing when we see youths in NS or in tertiary institutions already setting their goals and plans to invest/trade to "escape"...

      Young entrepreneurs on the other hand seek to "achieve".

      I just thought it can't be a market top when brokers are lowering their trading commissions and margin interests (shouldn't interest rate rise?)...

      But yet the mushroom of financial talks and seminars in recent years cannot be a sign of market bottom too.

      I'll wait for clarity. If big daddy liberalise CPF more to make it "easier" to invest using CPF funds, I'll know for sure!


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