Thursday 26 May 2016

Options are not Plans!

But first, a special shout out to LP and Rolf. It's their cyber conversion that sparked this post.

See? That's why its better to mix with people smarter than me!

Living in the future

Plans are to help us acquire, achieve a goal, or reach a destination we are currently not already there yet.

Which means we cannot rely on our plans entirely as there's a question mark whether we can achieve the goal that we seek.

Unless of course you are one of those who can achieve every single goals and plans you set for yourself. 

Don't be smug. We are thinking you have probably set the bar pretty low, so low that a toddler can even walk over...

Here and now

Options on the other hand are alternatives what we can make use of immediately.

No waiting for X amount in Y year bullshit.

What we only need is something most people find it hard to do - make a decision!

Hence when presented with options, what do most people do?


We make plans!?

Anything just to buy us more time. Anything to avoid making a decision.

This is a cultural trait. Something that we pick up as we were growing up. (Hey! Don't look at me, look at your parents) 

Got expiry date

Options do expire (Eh? Just like the financial instrument).

How many of us got a job offer to work overseas, but we let the opportunity pass us by through our inaction?

How about the one that got away? She was ready; but we were so distracted by our grand career or financial plans we've set out for ourselves, when we finally achieved our goals and turned around, she has gone...  

When we listen to those on their death beds, what's their regrets? It's what they have or have not done right? When was the last time you heard people on death beds regretting not making more plans or setting more goals for themselves?

Less planning; more decision making

(It's borrowed with pride from CW's "less analysing; more investing" - I merely sang my own cover version instead of singing it the karaoke way)


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      I wonder how many of our youths know how to order kopi at our local coffee shops?

      Test: Youth, do you know the difference between Kopi and Kopi Si?

    2. foolish chameleon,


      Then you are quite rare!

      It's already hard to find 20 somethings sitting at local coffee shops drinking coffee ;)

      All I see are uncles shooting the breeze :)

    3. haha.. coz i am not 20+ !

      if i am alone or with my mum, always go to kopitiam.
      but with my friends, then its the ang moh cafe. but i find that super overpriced. so i usually dont order. just sit there enjoy aircon lo.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I definitely don't know. I don't order kopi. My wife does though, and her order is kopi si kosong peng...i hear already also peng LOL

    1. LP,

      Wow, your wife advanced!

      I remember my first time ordering Frappuccino from Starbucks. I stood there stunned like vegetable at the wide variety of choices!!!

      Got caramel, mocha, whipped cream, toppings and what not?

      Then the cup sizes were not in English - what the hell are Tall, Grande, and Venti???

      That's life. We are all noobs and "bei kambings" once ;)

    2. kopi O kosong di lo or kopi kosong di lo peng


    3. CW,

      I've heard customers ordering kopi gau or po; but so far, I've yet to hear anyone ordering with "di lo".

      I only found out about "di lo" from Mr Brown's blog post about how to order local kopi like a boss!


      And from TV documentary, some old school coffee shop even add a slice of butter!?

      I've not tasted that before... Will try if got chance :)

    4. This is how I drink my kopi O. Either Kopi O Kosong or Kopi O Kosong Di Lo. It is very bitter and for pple whose life is more bitter than it.


    5. Wow! You power!

      Then you can't be sugar daddy! You have immunity at Chinatown :)

  3. hey guys, plans and decision becomes kopi o!
    Last time is mobile phone! Very skew Leh.

    I only drink kopi O kosong or Siew dai (sugar rarely unless need sugar rush). But after working for Ang Moh so long, I prefer espresso double no sugar!

    My friend order kopi o kosong Peng before looks like "long kang" water! u guys tried before?

    Dun plan and dun make decision - drink coffee lar! Hahaha...

    1. Rolf,

      Those of us who can 笑谈风云 within these 2 posts here are precisely the same retail investors who have "options" - notice that?

      Whether inflation or deflation, we know what we have to do.

      If we know how to drive from Singapore to KL (done it before); there's no need to have a travelling plan :)

      Ha! Another one who likes their coffee bitter. Now I know where my "Italy" comes from - I like all things sweet and kawaii :)

    2. how did this deviate to ordering kopi? haha..

      anw, as they say...
      once you go black, you wont go back.

    3. foolish chameleon,

      It's interesting that Singapore and Malaysia have developed our own "kopi" culture while HK and TW are still predominantly "tea" based - tea houses in HK and bubble tea in TW.

  4. these cha guan, too gimmicky la..
    since u like like sweet and kawaii...
    so those XMM waitress will suit you la

    1. LOL!

      Must be generation gap as I had to google to find out what is XMM??? Xiao Mei Mei!

      1) foolish chameleon, I meant 茶餐厅 in HK, not the cosplay kind in Japan lah!

      2) CW, I am wondering how you know XMM... No wonder you like going to Taiwan ;)

      Got Taiwan 美眉!I love the way they write mei mei differently :)

      They also say "Yuki" - 幼齿。

      Lucky I don't have to compete with you all - I'm a "jie jie" kind of guy ;)

    2. SMOL,

      you mai geh laa... trying to distance yourself... haha


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