Thursday, 5 May 2016

Go away! Doors slammed in my face in our community of bloggers.

Let me share with you some of my experiences visiting other people's blogs:

1.  Some are just as chatty like me. We don't post comments, we have a conversation ;)

2.  Some turn off the comments in their blogs. These bloggers are not interested to have a discussion. It's "wah kali gong" or I tell you so!

3.  Then there are those who cannot "tahan" my poking comments. So they basically ignore me while they only reply to their "ya lor ya lor" readers. These bloggers are telling me to talk to the "hand". LOL!

4.  Then there are bloggers that restrict access to their blogs to a limited number of "approved" readers. They post comments in my blog, but when I click their nick back to their blogs - access denied. Hey!


So you see, for every reader that wants to engage with me, there could be 99 others who are totally turned off my me.

This is the same if you want to ask a girl out on dates. Unless you look like Andy Lau, you'll probably go through 99 rejections before hubba, hubba! Wink, wink!
How to find a 10 bagger? You'll more likely discover 99 stocks that aren't first!

A bit of rejections, a dash of doors slammed in our face, and a sprinkle of people spitting on what we write - that's par for the course for blogging.

If you can't stand the heat, don't stay in the kitchen.

By the way, some of the most interesting new friends I've met in blogosphere are those I have the most "vigorous" conversations with. Chinese call it "No fight; no know you".

Please hor! I not telling you to go round arguing with everyone you meet. Don't be an idiot!


  1. Happy go lucky, chit chat only. Why so serious?

    I confess. Actually, a lot of times I also read but never post comments.

    Part-time stalker, oops!

    1. Kevin,

      I say so too!

      Maybe not everyone like to talk "male chicken" - they are busy chasing page views, email subscribers, finding new ways to monetise their readerships; etc.

      If we treat our readers like sheep, would we talk to one? Come to think of it, when was the last time we ever stopped to have a conversation with sheep?

      After the "The Real Singapore" saga, many must be energised - half a million in 1.5 years!!!

      But I guessed they never "planned" to spend time in jail...

      Talk about success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it!?

    2. Everyone has their own agenda. Some like to write. Some like to share. Some like to chat. Some just see this community as a pot of gold.

      Just the other day, some guy advertised capital guaranteed investment of blah blah percent returns, in an index investing Facebook group, no less! I mean, how desperate do you have to be, to pitch this to 300-odd index investors (the irony!) who are against *cough*scams*cough* like this in the first place. When being poked by numerous folks, he proclaimed that they are NOT a MAS-blacklisted company. Ha - how convincing. If you can't even openly share what you're doing, then it isn't worth mentioning at all.

      TRS went the route of the tabloid, isn't it. Good news or bad press (controversial? yum), as long as people are reading, that's more pageviews - which is more money. Ended up on the wrong side of the law.

      I didn't get the chance to talk to sheep, but I did get acquainted with some deers in Japan recently. It was much fun to spend time with them. All you need is to tempt them with crackers their eyes lit up. Oh - tourists = food. Doh!

    3. Kevin,


      That scam artist really newbie. Of all places, go to Index Investing Facebook group to do his snake oil!?

      It reminded of a funny (but sad) incident a few years ago.

      There was this newbie blogger who "mistakenly" tried to preach to members of Valuebuddies forum.

      Forgetting that quite a few members of this forum are "shepherds" and "land owners".

      The blogger "meant well" but he got hounded out of the forum...

      He's still blogging today - to sheep.

      He finally got it. Must preach to people more blur than you, if not, who will accept you as shepherd?

  2. Hi SMOL

    I am just too lazy to ban you at my comment box. lol. Just kidding.

    Everyone write nice post for records, suddenly, got a random reader comment some deep and ambiguity reply that doesn't sound friendly at times, of course most people can't accept it. The agenda is not to learn new knowledge, find blind spots or make friends. It is to have nice profile and profits.

    Feel free to poke, I will collect my ikea hotdogs, ice cream and softdrink with accrual interest. Maybe it is time to upgrade to the ikea restaurant. Huat liao la.

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      The above post was an adaptation of my reply to a reader who is hesitant to start blogging due to fear of "what to do with comments"?

      It's my long winded way to say, "Sacred don't do; do don't scared."

      Of course must poke! If not how to know whether you got substance or not?

      Wait you turned out to be a "parrot" how?

    2. just delete those irritating comments!

  3. Hi Jared,

    Nice catching up yesterday.

    Diff pple diff objectives.

    While doing the same thing, but when the intention is diff, I always believe that over long term the result can be diff. Even ur life can be impacted eventually.

    But for this situation, hehe... not so serious lar! Just have fun..

    Dun let u comment even better mah.. at least can save some trouble. :-)

    1. Rolf,

      The feeling is mutual.

      Must put a mental note to never go pub with you. You'll steal all the attention of the girls. Standing beside you makes me look like a "toad" :(

      Of course I'm cool.

      It's not a rant. Just showing it goes with the territory ;)

      It's meant to encourage those who do not have "mainstream" ideas to share won't die one lah!

      Although having a bit of thick skin helps :)


    2. Substance matters over form!
      Pub Mei Meis prefer the old ginger with lots of experiences normally... LOL!

    3. His ever gentle touch before poke. :-)

    4. Boys,


      Ahem. That I can't deny ;)

      But only experienced jie-jies will appreciate what it means to meet a man with the slow hands... and the gentle touch...


  4. temperament,

    Incredible right?

    The secret to my "longevity", I think, is not taking myself too seriously.

    We have seen many "bloggers" and readers come and go.

    You, CW, LP, and AK are the few remaining ones who have kept company with me since I "debut" 5 years ago.


  5. Hear only the "good and biased" stuffs and let them spread wide. The true test of our own biasness.

    1. CW and temperament,

      Some would like to keep the "Good News" exclusively to the "locally born and bred".

      Thankfully, the Apostles are willing to spread the "Good News" to us Gentiles ;)

      I often wonder about Singaporeans who constantly put "locally born and breed" on their lips; they can't be people of the cross right?

  6. Who's so bad?! Say! Haha.

    I must admit while I reply to all comments, I'm more of a silent reader - always reading but no one knows I'm reading :P

    1. Budget Babe,

      It's totally cool.

      I'm not so insecure and lacking in confidence that I insist all readers must comment here ;)

      I respect diversity.

      Not everyone is chatty like me. I think I'm a bit "gu niang" is this aspect? LOL!

      Hmm... Is it my poking or listening skills? Hmm...

      Every blogger has every right to engage with their own readers in whatever manner they deem right.

      Not bitching; just sharing an observation :)

  7. Hi Jared,

    Like in real life you find all kinds of characters in cyperspace. Why do you want to get so excited about their different behaviours (unless you do see that as a form of entertainment, of course)?

    My doors are always open for you. Step right in. Eh, that applies to my website, not my house, ok?

    1. Andy,

      I'm a people watcher.

      Just doing my David Attenborough commentary on the interesting behaviours of bloggers at our cyber savannah ;)

      Your website got no free coffee.

      Don't want!

      Wait. Since I'll do anything for a drink, how about one comment one drink?

      You don't bargain! I already cheaper than Desker Road!

    2. Show me the website that got free coffee. I have not found that one yet.

      No deal. Drinks are not the right mode of payment. Usually I do invite my friends for drinks without any hidden agenda.

      And how come you know the price levels at Desker Road?

    3. I now looking up and whistling...


      I never inhaled!

    4. Those websites that have free coffee upfront normally requires u pay even more later.

      If we r trueful to people or even need to give them free coffee or free lunch, I believe one day the returns back to us will be even more!

    5. Rolf,

      Ha ha!

      Andy not in sales. Can't see the hook, line, and sinker.

      So many websites offer free "coffee".

      I got participated in making free coffee; but I don't offer them ;)

      I not a bleeding heart.

      I not interested to teach the world "how" to sing, grow apple tress, honey bees, and snow white turtle doves...

  8. coconut,


    You jealous what!?

    I not sharing who's who from my harem of wives and concubines

    You don't become "woman" on me ;)

    I already said it's fellow journey companions from my DEBUT 5 years ago.


    You stumbled here MID-WAY in my blogging journey and instantly made yourself at home.

    I think I can speak for everyone who have read your comments - you are by far the MOST interesting and weirdest commenter out there.

    Never before has anyone encountered a person with NO SCREWS in his head!? And I thought I am the cryptic one!

    Lucky I know a bit of astro-physics and cosmology. If not I would let let you smoke me until I go to Holland (must pronounce in the hokkien way)!

  9. temperament,

    This kind of "woman" cannot spoil.

    Sayang once then next time no day no night keep asking, "Do you love me?"


  10. thats how i can tell a person out for sincerelity. usually only people who are that kind can take this kind of nonsense.

  11. i don't put ego in front of me, its just a joke or a poke, at most i get fire by you, so be it no hard feeling.

  12. coconut,

    It takes time to know a person.

    I'm not comfortable when people are too "politically correct" or "extremely polite" when interacting with me. That means they are "projecting" or doing their "Hollywood" thing.

    With you, I can talk openly and say anything that comes to my mind without mental "censorship".

    Very relaxing!

    You make the best coffee shop "talk male-chicken" buddy!

    Thanks to you, I'm able to verify my own level of competence when it comes to trading craftsmanship.

    You are a good sparring partner - you challenge, provoke, incite, and instigate me to question the "truths" I thought I knew but ain't so...

    You're a good man ;)

  13. temperament,

    How about being invited by "friend" to a free talk/seminar/forum?

    And it turned out to be those MLM or cultish recruitment drive...

    I was sitting there fuming then I beamed with a smile.

    Looking at the bright side, that was a cheap way to discover who is NOT a friend :)

    My "friend" have no clue why I was smiling at him.


  14. temperament,

    Since its so hard to read people, that's why I prefer to be my own shepherd ;)

    Eh, ALL men have the same idea like you lah!

    A girl just smiles at us and we ALL think she's "interested" in us!?

    She could be just being friendly, or smiling at the rice on your face ;)

    We think too much!

    If a girl is interested or flirting with us, look at her hands. She'll run her hair behind her ear with her hand. That's the signal ;)

  15. temperament,


    You have an interesting encounter!

    You are strong.


    Show a bit of cleavage and thigh, and I'll go, "My life for you!"

    I don't think any girls need to seduce me though... Why would anyone want to seduce a toad?


  16. 金童玉女

    You the man!

    Not easy to maintain a blissful marriage.

    Respect and envy.

    Linda Ronstadt's "When will I be loved" is playing in my head.

    Excuse me while I hug my bolster...

  17. i know you woun't take it hard! unfortunately, this is what i call relaxing conversation, my style haha.

    when words like "idiots" or stupid or sometime even worst flying around, its actually a very warm feeling and atmosphere, thats the way it is for me and you are the only one here have this honour haha.

  18. and in fact this is exactly how we converse amoung my close friends, all kind of nasty words you can immagin! we feel close!

  19. coconut,

    Come, man hug time!

    That's why the first thing I greet you after you long time missing in action, "Eh? You still alive?"


  20. Hi SMOL, I have the opposite problem as you. Nobody bothers to comment on my blog lol. Must be too boring.

    1. Macroanalyst,


      I was so happy when I found you and your friend Ordinary Man.

      Traders working (or worked) inside the industry that blog are so hard to find!

      Then I fell asleep waiting for your next blog post... Zzzzzz...


      1 blog post per month will help keep the passion and interest alive ;)

      You systematic; I discretionary. There should be lots of opportunities for me to sharpen my saw against your touchstone ;)

      P.S. Can you wake up your friend? He has gone AWOL for too long liao!

    2. I started my blog more for tracking the live performance of my systematic strategies and not so much for writing. I only write when inspiration strikes and that is as often as lightning strikes lol. My friend only started his blog at my prodding but as you can see, he is not really much of a blogger haha.

    3. As for sharpening your saw against my touchstone, not really fair when you can see my warts and all but I cannot see yours.

    4. Macroanalyst,


      OK, point taken. Just be yourselves. Own time; own target then :)

      I don't blog about my positions when they are still "live".

      That would ensure I don't inadvertently end up with a "flock" ;)

      But I do talk shop with fellow traders (coconut, jac, black, ladykiller, athena, jimmy, rainbow; etc) at the comments section when the deed is done.

      Having journey companions is more fun!

      Especially the coffee shop bravado and bullshit we dish out.

      Trading is like driving taxis.

      Most of the time its a lonely endeavour. The impromptu get together at this watering-hole between dragons and snakes makes the journey less lonesome :)

    5. I also dun like to talk about my positions whether they are dead or live since any single trade dun mean much. I have many many positions on at any one time. I was more referring to your equity curve ;p

    6. Macroanalyst,

      My investment side there's nothing much to say as I only get involved at cycle extremes ;)

      As for my trading account's equity curve, its 11 bagger for the past 3 years as of 1st Jan 2016.

      I'll update annually as its my favourite poke to those who like to count in percentages ;)

    7. 11 bagger for past 3 years is not equity curve leh, you only show point A and point B but not the journey from A to B lol.

    8. LOL!

      I don't do the monthly equity curve thingy like for hedge funds. I try not to count my money when I'm sitting at the table ;)

      I rather keep the focus on my entries and exits - what I can control - one good trade at the time.

      Money is just for keeping score.

      My Virgin 10 Bagger

    9. That's perfectly fine for personal account. I guess it's my occupational hazard as I need to care about the comfort of my passengers ride. No point getting them to their dream getaway when many of them might have bailed along the way due to a rough ride lol. So that is why I find it very hard to read most retail blogs as there is no way for me to "sharpen my saw against their touchstones"...

    10. You definitely in the wrong place if you intend to sharpen your saw here!

      But if want to relax, talk a bit of "male chicken", fart about our exploits during the day, you're more than welcomed!

      Thanks! You've answered the questioned I asked (outside money) and too lazy to private email you the first time I visited your blog :)

      You're real; I'm fake.

      I'm a nano-hedge fund manager with no clients :(

      Owner is me, manager is me, receptionist also me!

      The good thing I guess is no need to measure Beta, Sharpe Ratio, Volatility, etc...

      And no hand holding of cry babies!


    11. Real traders. Real money from the market. Real competitors.

      How to share it openly and freely in the cyber world?

      See who are sharing their trades openly and freely and yet so many people still don't understand the logic


    12. CW,

      Next time we meet, you PAY you PAY OK?

      If not, we ask B along ;)


    13. I guess we have all said our piece. I'll just end off by saying that there was a blogger I used to follow and he told me that there is no need for him to show his equity curve to prove himself to anyone. He was at the top of his game having made high double digit returns for 3-4 years in a row. After he said that, he then went on to blow his account. But I kudos to him for openly admitting that his account was blown...

  21. Hi SMOL,

    I am category no.1 (I think). I'm much more vocal behind the screen than in actual person:p

    I welcome any "poking" from you if you'll spare me the time😂

    1. PassivePeon,

      Ah! Youth, welcome to this watering-hole!

      That's refreshing!?

      Most of your peer "youth" bloggers won't like me to "poke" them least they are found to have merely pliagerized what others have said ;)

      I see you have been to Taiwan's 佛光山?

      OK, less sugar-coating when I comment at your blog. I hold fellow 道友 on a higher standard :)

      By the way, read a few of your posts. Lots to poke as you are horrible at goal setting, yet instead of chucking it away like most of us who are not academically inclined, you continue to use it over and over again???


    2. Hahaha. Hi SMOL.

      Ouch! That's terribly honest!

      Errr. To be honest. I just completed my exams recently and I think I wouldn't be able to hit the academic goals I set out earlier:/

      but I'll not repeat the goals already I swear! If I pass and get my paper, I wouldn't wanna study anymore cause I'm just not cut out for school:(

      But it's okay! Hahah. 来!anymore pokes from you?

      Hahah. I'm really okay with it. I know I have much to learn and improve on and I will be extremely grateful if u'll point out my shortcomings.


    3. Yup, if after working for 5 more years your career not going anywhere, and you blog you are taking a part-time MBA, I'll come give you a big kick!

      Study is good; don't get me wrong.

      I've seen too many condemn cases thinking they lack more paper qualifications when its their competence and attitude that's holding them back...

      Go and discover yourself!

      See if corporate career is suitable for you. You never know!

      Some of us are better suited working for ourselves or starting our own businesses ;)


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