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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Some people just sucks at science...

Yup, it's another case of "stealing with pride" from Patty's facebook again!

I can't stop laughing.

Some years back, got "friends" tell me not to drink Coke. They tell me how Coke can remove rust from rusty nails so imagine the damage to my intestines and stomach!!!

And these are graduate "friends"!? Can score in exams but...

By the way, Coke is the secret trick to wash pig intestines by our "kway chup" hawkers. Wink.


  1. Using coke to wash pig intestines are high cost. Zuan bo.

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Removes the smell and all those yucky stuffs. Imagine what coke can do to rust and you'll get pristine pig intestines ;)

      Of course its real! 比珍珠还要真!


    2. Hi Jared,

      In the past, I am so health conscious and read lot of health articles about organic food. I believe so much in science and medical history after my sickness.

      After all these years, I am sort of almost entirely recovered. I find that you are the best doctor of yourself and not your private doctor. Doctor only know what they know in textbook and science. Frankly they cannot tell you everything about your body.

      They know so little in fact, because human beings is so complex and we do not even know our origins, how can the science tell us everything?

      As long as it is not poisonous food, and everything in moderation, please eat and drink anything that makes you happy. Spiritual health is important too.

      My aunt leads an unhealthy life all these while, eat oily, smoke, play mahjong and sleep late. She is 85 now still smoking since 10 yrs old, but always positive about life and so energetic and so caring for her family n relatives.

      She is still strong now and travel by herself to Taiwan.

    3. Rolf,

      Woah... That's not what my post is intended. Slow down now. LOL!

      But I do agree with you on the moderation bit ;)

  2. Without occasional crispy fried chicken, I think my mental health will be affected first :-)

    1. Yaruzi,

      I didn't know crispy fried chicken has an effect on the mind? LOL!

      I only know it makes our triglycerides count go off the charts.

      If your annual medical review year after year is boring... Try eating fried chicken the night before your blood tests and see how your doctor reacts ;)

      The more experienced doctors will ask verifications on what you ate last night ;)

      The "sotong" ones will incorrectly "assume" you have a medical condition :(

      That's the purpose of this post.

      We breathe oxygen. How can oxygen be bad for our lungs!?

  3. The longer the expiry date of the foods or drinks, the lesser you consume the better, i think.
    Of course happy go lucky counts.

    1. temperament,

      Look at it another way.

      I've been eating so many food preservatives all my life that I think I will live up till 100!!!

      Eating and living healthy is like a religion or cult nowadays. Can be a bit "scary" when I encounter the "fanatics"...

  4. Have you seen how an egg cooked in brandy?
    Just imagine drinking brandy neat?
    lf you drink more than your body can take at one go, i am quite sure you will be landed in hospital.
    The hospital will then try to flush your stomach to neutralise the brandy effect.
    Don't believe?
    Try and drink a whole bottle of brandy within half an hour.
    Only don't put the blame on any body.

    1. temperament,

      Alcoholic drinks were important at a time gone by when most of the world's water quality was "suspect".

      (Don't ever take PUB for granted when in Shanghai and Athens, I can't drink straight from the tap)

      Hello! The Europeans will roll-eyes when they see how we Chinese drink brandy, cognac, or whiskey...

      People sip sip and enjoy their after dinner drinks, we? We "yum seng" and "challenge" each other to bottoms up!?

      For us to drink a bottle of brandy within half an hour, we must be very crass and rich (爆发户), or very heart broken...

  5. One man's meat is another man's poison...

    1. Welcome The Sun!

      Now that's what I call a nick!

      And so it is. To each his own ;)

      It would be a boring place if we don't have diversity around us!

  6. HI Jared,

    Got time to meet up for Bak Kut Teh, Cha Kuay Teow, or O-dua? Wink wink.

    1. Sanye,

      Sure! Market a bit boring recently... Bored to death!

      Can you scroll down to my pic below?

      Click "View my complete profile" and you can see my email.

      Any day I'm free except weekends ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,

    I think oxygen does kill us, even though it sustains our life haha! A few things are like that:

    1. Radiotherapy - short term kills off cancer cells (and healthy cells), long term causes cancer
    2. Debt - short term shiok, long term pay interest until siao
    3. bear market - short term ouch, long term huat!

    Everything in moderation! All poisons in the right amount are medicines :)

    1. LP,


      There was a time a lot of good money was made in MLM peddling overpriced antioxidants to sheep who sucks at science. (We can get the same benefits by eating our vegetables and fruits)

      Of course its true oxygen will kill us eventually - its called the aging process ;)

      Immortality can be a curse rather than a blessing – as the mythical Trojan prince Tithonus learned to his cost...

      Yup, moderation is good.

      Ultra pure water will kill us ;)


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