Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to choose your HDB BTO unit

I'm normally not a bleeding heart.

Now that I've got what I wanted, I can do a bit of "giving".


It's like trading or investing. Only after I've bought or sold will I share what I've done. We are not stupid; it's human nature.

Never trust anyone who tells you otherwise. (Or those with no skin in the game)

There's 2 ways to go about choosing your HDB BTO unit during your queue selection:

1) Measure you own feet (use other people's yardsticks) way

2) Put your own feet into the shoe way

And then you pray hard those who are in front of you in the queue think differently from you!

Measure your own feet

Some people just don't trust grey grey, qualitative, I feel you feel, way of doing things. If it's not measurable, it can't be trusted.

You don't trust your own intuition or analysis. Just like for investing, you prefer to rely on sell-side analyst reports or analysis done by your favourite financial bloggers. They say jump, you jump!

There's an excellent blog to analyse new HDB BTO developments by a Senior Architect Associate (I've no clue what that means; is he qualified architect or not? Don't look at me!):

It's purely non-solicited, and I've no financial gain whatsoever if you like his free analysis so much that you want to pay for his paid versions.

Although if this blogger realise I've been sending him new readers, and would like to buy me a drink, it would be very much appreciated!

Put your own feet into the shoe

I went down to all the 5 SERS replacement sites.

In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and in the night. Yes. Physically. Not the same day of course! Spread out over several sessions.

And to experience how different floors and orientation may affect our unit selection, I made use of my past experiences - my own past dwellings and observations while visiting friends and relatives.

I also visited the nearby completed HDB developments to get first hand feel of the different areas. Checked out the top floors, middle floors, and low floors. No climbing of stairs lah! There's such a thing called - lifts.

Yup, I don't buy shoes online. Wink.


  1. It is our human nature to give back something when we are fulfilled. It is the nature of giving back that matters.

    Some are giving out freely without filling up their pocket; while others are giving out freely and cannot stop fulfilling themselves more even they are already quite full.

    Human nature!

    1. CW,

      If a person is not aware of being fleeced or milked, we have found our "bei kambing"!

      At least you got the presence of mind to ask: "Is your first million from investing or from your financial education business?"


  2. 3 things in essence: feng shui, common sense, recce! that's how I helped my parents choose bto. :) Lastly, whether the unit number sounds auspicious lol!

    1. Rainbow lady,

      You'll be surprised how many did not bother to do recce by kicking the tyres on the ground!?

      To me, property is "easier" than equities as even if we don't know feng shui or know nuts about financials, most of us would intuitively "know" what's a good or bad property location ;)

      Opps! My new unit number got no 6 or 8 in it :(

      Oh well! We can't have everything!



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