Friday 22 April 2016

Landed property and car with $6K per month household income

Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it.

Hold on to this thought as I share with you this story about my colleague. I think their story can be a good counterbalance to financial bloggers and readers who think (and plan) too much.

Husband and wife in their early 30s.

Combined household income around $6K per month.

One is a technician, the other in retail sales like me.

Both non-graduates. Nope. Not even A' levels or Poly.

They are now living in a landed property, and have a car.

No, they never invested, start a business, or embarked on any financial freedom journey.

So how did they do it?

Both got married early.

Bought their HDB 4 room flat before prices went ballistic.

Rented out the whole flat.

With the rental income in Sing dollars, they in turn rent their landed property in JB near the 2nd link with Ringgit dollars. That area is fast becoming Little Singapore.

Not those huge Bukit Timah or Katong houses mind you.

More like those quaint SIT/HDB landed terrace houses that lined Commonwealth Avenue, or similar to those 70s private landed houses that lined the Macpherson road area.

But still, they have small garden in front and a yard at the back, plus space for 1 car driveway/garage.

Got left over from their Sing dollar Ringgit arbitrage that they can afford a Singapore car.


Earning power in Singapore, cost of living expenses in JB. Power!

Of course there's no free lunch.

They have to sacrifice extra 2-3 hours each day braving customs.

Before you argue back, when was the last time you are able to leave work on the dot when you have a high power career? No 60 hours work week to justify your high salary? You lucky basxxxd!


  1. Okay. I shall go farther up North beyond JB central more often to average down my living expenses. LOL!

    1. CW,

      Yup, even big daddy has hinted that if we can't afford nursing homes in Singapore, go to JB!

      Especially for sandwiched Singaporeans - not rich enough and not poor enough for subsidies - it may work out fine if we just adjust our perspective ;)

      Not just go North. We also have the go South to Bataam option!

      Another Singaporean retail manager colleague has bough a 2 storey villa at Bataam as a 2nd vacation home for now. Once he retired, it will be his retirement home ;)

    2. Batam not cheap leh. Ferry + seaport ax = $43/pax :-(

      $43 can go to JB eat few rounds of seafood beehoon

    3. CW,

      I think those who travel to Bataam would prefer the "ayam" there; not your seafood makan...


  2. The couple, they are Malaysian but Singapore PR?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      They are Singaporeans ;)

    2. SMK,

      Singaporeans have it good.

      When I was in Shanghai, the locals who can't afford the crazy property prices in Shanghai have opted to stay in Kunshan.

      That's the equivalent of staying in JB and working in Singapore. ;)

  3. temperament,

    Entrepreneurs in young start-ups have also been known to work 12 hours days.

    Reminds me of during our Basic Training days... We hardly had anything more than 6 hours of sleep!


    Now I cannot "tong" anymore. Need my beauty sleep :)

  4. Hi SMOL

    Totally possible. Good post.

    Must also equip with ipman yong chun to fight off robbers and drug addict.

    1. Ya. JB needs Batman to fight crime. LOL!

    2. Frugal Daddy and CW,

      That's why I started my post with:

      Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it ;)

      Better crush the dreams of those who believed in "it only takes 5 minutes a day"; or those who fly budget airlines but expect "service" like in SQ.

      You want stable? You want safe? Then pay up and stop going to Hong Lim Park ;)

  5. Hi SMOL,
    Nice post.
    There is an old saying in India which literally translates to you do not get anything before its due & not more than what is Written.
    Still discipline is the key, Many people do get a lot but they squander it away. Some keep persevering till they reach where they want.

    1. GP blogger,


      Although I'm agnostic, I sometimes feel I have more in common with the faithful ones who trust HE will provide.

      Those who engage in excessive planning are saying with their actions otherwise...

  6. Rich is how we choose to define and create it. :)

    1. Rainbow lady,

      Apply your wisdom to love and beauty, how can one not be happy?



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