Thursday, 14 April 2016

Can Procrastinate Lah!

After reading the butterfly's latest post on procrastination, I went speechless...

Normally I can come up with some wisecracks and poke back when I disagreed. But this time I just felt uncomfortable - the kind where I can't pin-point where or why I am uncomfortable.

You ever had such a feeling?

Thankfully Patty came to the rescue with this link in his Facebook:

Ah! Idiot!

No wonder I felt something was not right...
The butterfly was masquerading as an ant! Almost got me for a moment!

A person that reads 50 books a year is definitely a procrastinator!

Who so "wu liao" (boring) as to want to put a tick on a box every week? Unless one is a procrastinator too?


If you don't see the humour in this, may I hazard a guess in that you are struggling with your investment/trading journey right now?

Yup, you are not procrastinating enough!



  1. Hi SMOL,

    HAHA! I take that as a win for me to be able to render you speechless :)

    Okay, in my defense, I don't really mean we should go tick one box every week. The essence of that article is to tell pple to live a meaningful life. If you find work meaningless, go do something more meaningful. Just no regrets at the end of the day :)

    1. What are ticking in our weekly box? More joy or more worry or more frustration, etc

      That is the purpose of ticking. To look back and to decide how many same type of ticked boxes are we preparing to do in the next 10, 20, 30 more boxes

    2. LP,

      Yes, I was really stumped :(


      Lucky Patty's link came to the rescue!

      I remembered facilitating a course where I told the participants that most of what we do in corporate life is to avoid making HARD decisions.

      Hence we "hollywood" or keep ourselves busy with meaningless tasks and activities that don't matter in the big scheme of things.

      I remember the stunned faces when I told them to not read their emails and do some REAL work for a change!

      Ah! It's all coming back to me now...


      Lucky you never procrastinated by getting a corporate job because that's what others are doing or due to parental pressure...

      Imagine if you only had the courage to do what you do in your 40s... You would have "wasted" 20 years?

      Now that's procrastination!!!

    3. CW,

      Sorry hor!

      Grasshopper where got so pedantic as to be interested in ticking off boxes?

      You have fun yourself :)

      That's where I was confused - a butterfly using the language of ants to describe procrastination?

      This post is to complement LP's post since I am in agreement with him.

      Ah! The difference is now I am using the language of grasshoppers to describe procrastination ;)

  2. end of the day is to easily know which are the boxes that need to tick or which boxes that can/need to procrastinate or which need not!

    Perhaps a bit more wisdom gives relevance, a bit more action gives accuracy, and a bit more haste gives timeliness. And all is done with ease and a smile in the face! Then procrastinate or not is no longer the main important box anymore?

    1. Rolf,

      Why stand when you can sit? And why sit when you can lie down? 醉生梦死

      The essence is not about checking boxes (I'm not a big fan of bucket lists), its about living life without looking at the clock ;)

  3. Hi SMOL

    The essence is to tell you there are only so much boxes there. Treasure it and make every box counts. Don't look back and ask why you didn't eat your favourite fried chicken after you are toothless

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Nope. That's the ant's way.

      The little boxes are like the calendar or clock.

      Grasshoppers won't want to let the clock tell us what to do:

      Hungry we eat; tired we rest.

      P.S. Just ponder do you let the clock tell you when to eat? Or does the calendar dictate when you should take vacation?

  4. Come on guys, you people in Singapore never procrastinate.
    Singapore is not a procrasti-nation.

    1. Andy,

      Yup, we so good at setting SMART goals and planning ahead for our retirements that we will only start living for ourselves when we have hit our X amounts in Y years ;)

      One day, I'll do this and that...

      Nope. We don't procrastinate!


    2. Set something for living for ourselves for every week and then tick each off successfully.

      The grasshopper was masquerading as an ant?

    3. CW,

      And I thought I was still poking at Ants who are always living in the future ;)

  5. Hi temperament,

    Like u, I have more cash than equity. It is always tempting to deploy, but I am sticking to me belief that it is certainly not the most appropriate time for me to unleash all.

    Still, I am investing each month with my monthly excess cash (monthly income minus expenses). In this way, I am still invested, but have a pile of backup cash to "hoot" when opportunity arises.

  6. temperament,

    Never! Things we like doing we don't procrastinate till tomorrow ;)

    You are not buying or selling because that's not the "ball".

    We don't sweat the small stuffs. We keep our focus on the "ball" ;)

    Like Toto, striking the first prize is quite meaningless if we had to share the winnings with a million other lucky winners :(

    The same logic goes for investing in the stock markets. If everyone and anyone can make money, there's not much meat left for everyone :(

    Many can parrot 3/4 of professional money managers under-perform the index, but few ever consider the 1/4 money managers that are able to beat the index - these are the ones with BIG alpha returns!

    Investing is a lonely and solitary affair.

    Good luck to those who like to hunt in a herd ;)


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