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Monday, 11 April 2016

Get married early to enjoy early bite of the HDB cherry?

Those of you who are in your later 30s or early 40s would have noticed this interesting anecdotal realisation:

Your peers who got married 5 or 10 years earlier than you are either having a housing mortgage that's 100 to 200K lighter than you; or living in condo land while you are still "stuck" in the HDB heartlands...

Yes, there's such a thing called 2 bites of the HDB cherry and springboard to the next realm of private properties.

Even if your peers had stayed in the same HDB flat all this time, you are envious their housing mortgage is a fraction of yours, and can be debt free by 55 or earlier; while you continue to have this housing loan albatross hanging around your neck till 65...

That's where you also see married graduates in their 30s buying resale HDB 5 room flats in mature estates to be neighbours with despatch riders or bus captains.

You study while others got married in their early 20s. You bought resale while others bought direct from HDB 10 years ago.

Those of us with less formal education will flash our wry smile to those "educated types" who try to "tell" us to marry late... Sorry hor! We can think for ourselves! Thank you very much!

P.S.  I would like to share this piece by a new blogger who gives an interesting viewpoint from a younger person perspective:

Yes! Don't you dare "propose" to a girl with, "Want to apply for HDB BTO together?" 

If I'm the girl I'll probably kick you where it hurts the most and show my longest finger to your face, "Neh!"

Girls, let's sing together now, "If you want it, put a ring on it!"



  1. Er.. SMOL,

    This one is Heng suay one la.

    One want to get married get married, aiyo basket la, get married also want to time the market.

    I got my flat at 2007. I am 28. That is about the bottom. Just 2 years later the price goes up 50%, the onset of bull. 30
    Years old also young what ...

    Guys, screw the money calculation la, girls not like men evergreen lei, love her give 名分啦。

    1. LOL!


      You true to your namesake, has stumbled to the core of my real poke!!!


      Sometimes we need to send Financial bloggers to either literature or music boot camp!

      Everything also must calculate financially!?

      1) The first part of the post is a poke to those who like to plan this plan that. Then discover those who wants to get married just get married are as just as good if not better off!? LOL!

      2) The 2nd part is sharing your sentiments. Nothing is more cold than realising the reason someone is with you because you are his/her "leverage".

      But then, if marry well can save 10 years off hard work... Why not?

      Oh dear... I'm back to my whoring ways :)

      I'm a man slut!


  2. Hi SMOL

    This is true: Millionaires bus captains and dispatchers -married graduates in their 30s buying resale HDB 5 room flats in mature estates to be neighbours with despatch riders or bus captains...for hdb, I have a lot of comments but I will reserve it. To begin with, I hate the part that ppl want to get marry but need to wait 3 or 4 years to cool down for the completion of flat. How to have more baby? Hdb cashflow more important or baby more important or citizen more important? Can talk all year on this. Lol

    1. Luckily, more financial and investment bloggers and their commenters/suppoters are role models when come having family and taking care of their financials.


    2. Frugal Daddy,

      I hear you.

      I guess they were scarred by the past when they practiced "central planning" and embarrassingly got it wrong with lots of unsold units...

      Some smart alec must have sold them the "crash got sound" solution by BTO. This way, you'll never end up with surplus inventory...

      Yes, "crash got sound" is not a cure all even though I am partial to it over "central planning" our personal lives...

    3. CW,

      It's easy to spot who are boring people - no hobbies.

      OK, maybe their hobby is hoarding money... Still boring mah!

      What so big deal about hobbies?

      When they "retire" then they know ;)

  3. SMOL,

    when i first saw this blog title, i thought you were applying BTO coz getting married!!haha..

    singles like us are getting disadvantaged ... sian...

    1. foolish chameleon,

      It has gotten better for us. Must give chance to our married cousins mah!

      My time can only buy resale HDB 3 room or smaller.

      Now singles can buy resale up till 5 room and more importantly, can buy direct from HDB for BTO 2 room if money not enough.

      No, we are not disadvantaged ;)

      We don't have to suffer nagging from wife:

      Shower first before coming to bed!

      Change your underwear!

      What do you mean you cannot? I want!



  4. ok to get married early if it does not end up divorce.

    I rem so many cases of Frds applying flats with gfs, and then break up after that.

    In the end, lose the initial payment.

    Love/feelings and money should never mix too closely together.

    1. Rolf,

      Yup, I've seen my share of marriage annulments just after getting a BTO flat...

      At least they were "lucky".

      Better this than a divorce; especially for Catholics.

  5. foolish chameleon,


    I like to delete comments where the commenter has deleted a comment themselves - ugly blanks.

    Didn't check that your 2nd comment was a reply to your own deleted comment.

    Once I deleted the mother comment, your follow-up comment got deleted too :(


  6. I bought my 5rm HDB in 2003. It was called Walked-in-selection and not BTO because HDB overbuild. I was 23 yrs old then and I just said to my gf "lets get a hdb , true love no need ring"!LOL...

    1. WolfT,


      I bought my HDB 3 room resale in the same year too. Only difference I 35 years young ;)

      Most of your peers haven't graduated you already got a HDB 5 room. Now that's early bird!

      We lucky or what? The prices we paid we no need go Hong Lim Park KPKB.

      Psst, don't bluff its true love. Shotgun right?

      With the hundreds of thousands she has helped you saved, you better buy her a big big diamond ring!!!


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