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Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Asset Allocation


  1. Hi SMOL,


    I see a man, smiling, slightly hunched, holding some green paper in front of a woman who is seemingly smiling smugly to herself and with two hands on the hips in a power position. From their body posture, it seems that the guy is giving money, not unhappily, to the woman, who should be his wife since they are about the same age, and not older (so can't be the mum).

    Literally, you should be the man. So you're saying your asset portfolio consist of just your wife. Some man do that and I totally understand that. Just work, less stress and let the wife (Home CEO) handle the rest. Easy.

    Or do you mean figuratively? You're the woman and you have a man-servant (can be anything...stocks, trading, reits) that happily give s you money while you sit yaya on a sofa because that man-servant is your happy bitch?


  2. Your Mei Mei?

    I told you so.

    A boat is sailing towards you.

    Wow!. So fast, the boat has arrived.

    No need to go overseas this CNY.


  3. LOL!


    It's meant to be a poke lah!

    Others show their asset allocations on "things".

    I show my allocation on relationships that matter :)

    The woman is just "symbolic" like LP has pointed out - someone we happy to give money to; and someone happy to receive money from us.

    The woman can be our mom, our wife, or our daughter.

    We can have the "right financial asset allocations" all we want; but if our relationships with parents, spouses, and children are not in harmony, how do we have the right frame of mind to invest?

    1. having good relationship is like riding the winner. having bad relationship is like hanging on to loser (trades)!

      well said.

    2. coconut,

      At least you know what's good for you ;)

      If the little lady wants to have a vacation, you jolly well go!

      Wait everyday give you black face you where got mood to trade?


    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Psst. If you want climax, huffing and puffing that sort of posts, go visit LP's blog.

      They do it in the open with full view of the pubic one!

      My post of course anti-climax, I not RA rated OK?

    4. Felt cheated....
      Thought you found a girl, or you gave all your money to your mother!! Almost want to kiss your feet (After washing it for you) for being such a senstitive new age guy liao...

      CHEY... Again, I think your picture and words very literally one ok LOL

    5. Haha SMOL, you have transcended all the concepts of personal finance liao ;)

    6. RetailTrader,


      That's what happens when you unleash a grasshopper into the world of personal finance ;)

      Hope you are feeling better. I see you have a bit of red for the first month of 2015, but hey! CNY coming! Red is heng, heng!

      Eh? You have a lady lawyer in the house?

      Ah! Better hand the money over; can't win one.

      Love your hilarious post on lawyers ;)

  4. also think your reply is anti climax. For a moment has the same wavelength of CW.
    Nevertheless you are absolutely right, we must remind ourself now and then- "kan chai yu wei le Sui"?
    Therefore proper human relationship is a very important part of Asset Allocation in financial investment too.

    1. temperament,


      Did that in Shanghai already lah!

      My ex cheekily told me that staying with me for 2 years have helped her saved a lot of money.

      Together with her parent's support and her savings (eat me live me), she bought a small public apartment in Shanghai before I left.

      Guys, if you want to save 70% of your salary, find a "jie jie" who will pay lodging and food and you're set!

      And girls, if you are in your fabulous 40s, I'm sure you have kakis in your group where they don't have to work or invest one - they just do spas and high tea.

      Ah! The divorce and re-marry specialists!

  5. Hi SMOL,

    That is in Japan. Heard years back because many jap women are housewives n no job experiences, husband pay will auto go to housewife account. Wife will then allocate a portion of salary to husband. This is to protect the women in case the husband ditch them n they left with no job skills to survive.

    Maybe in the picture the woman is "mistress"! LOL

    1. Rolf,

      That is also practiced by Shanghai women too ;)

      They're smart.

      They knew that when a man got money in his pocket, he can get into "mischief".

      Give him a daily allowance, what "naughtiness" can we get into?



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