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Friday, 23 January 2015

There is more to Life than "success" or "financial freedom"

What good is success if there is no one to share your joy?

What's so great about wealth if there no one to share it with?


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    1. Hello Jimmy L,

      Welcome to my watering hole!

      Just to let you know, you are the current record holder for the shortest comment over here. LOL!

      Congratulations for being prepared and squeezing the trigger to buy your 2nd investment/rental property in 2009!

      If we have bought at a good entry price, the current property slow down won't faze you at all ;)

    2. Protest!


      Symbol like above not counted har.

    3. CW,

      A smiley symbol is a facial "expression"; its not a comment.

      Anyway, I am not Sillyinvestor. So even if record holder I won't be giving out any gold stars ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Thanks for the constant reminder of what's important to all of us. This is a great vid to remind ourselves.

    1. LP,

      I'm a Lifestyle blogger ;)

      Some people may not realise they are already "free".

      No debts, expenses below earnings, love their jobs, have a happy family life, good and loyal friends, in the pink of health, etc.

      Financial literacy is just one part of Life's collective wisdom.

      Even if we excel in investing or trading, but we fxxxed up the other parts of our lives, we ain't going to find peace and happiness.

  3. From Singapore many of us will know him:

    "I got all my priorities wrong," says prolific criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan, now 66 and looking gaunt, at his Leonie Hill home.

    "I spent too much time in my life chasing after fame and recognition," he told My Paper, his piercing gaze trained somewhere in the distance.

    And as regrets go, he has one that goes decades back - the excessive drinks, the cigarettes, and all the stress that resulted in his dire state of health.

    He called his son, Sujesh, then 18, and told him to listen to his mother, and always to be with her.

    Next, he called his wife, Vimala. He told her: "I see your face in every rose. I see your smile in every cloud."

    Read more? Confession of a lawyer who went from hero to speed zero

    1. CW,

      Yes. Sometimes we shouldn't work so hard.

      Financial freedom need not come from X amounts in Y years.

      It can come from a lifestyle change or choice.

      Turning down a promotion.

      Switching to a less stressful job with lower pay, but less over-time so we can be with our families for dinners.

      Downgrade from private condo to HDB.

      Ditch the car for public transport.

      Exchange Country Club membership to Spiritual organisation.

      And so on by using Life's wisdom to see what we really want.

      If its fame, recognition, and riches we want, go for them!

      Just don't look back with regrets....

  4. Hi SMOL,

    Fact of life - When you have wealth, there'll be many sweet young things more than happy to share your wealth with you. No?

    But I get what you mean lah. *grin*

    1. S-Reit System Investor,

      That's when we face our true test!

      Saying no when we have the means is never easy ;)

  5. Hi SMOL,

    "Life is not about winning the race but finishing the race." - could not agree more.

    By the way, who is this wrestle?

    1. Rolf,

      I've no clue who this wrestler is?

      I don't think he belongs to the Wrestlemania franchise...

      Found this video clip in my Facebook :)


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