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Saturday, 10 January 2015

What I want... 我要的是。。。

For context and perspective, I would like to invite you to visit this post by Sillyinvestor.

I know there will be stubborn "iron-teeth" out there...

A quick summary is Sillyinvestor asked his primary school students to choose and write a short passage based on any of the below 12 headings:

智慧 = wisdom
运气 = luck
健康 = health
名气 = fame
钱财 = wealth
幸福 = bliss
美貌 = beauty
自信 = confidence
爱     = love
梦想 = dream 
自由 = freedom
尊重 = respect

Most of his students chose and wrote about Wealth.

Hello! Primary school students!!!

Makes you think where these students get their inputs from? Parents, here's looking at you.

And for those who like to clamour schools should teach more about Financial Literacy. Really?

Is that what you want?

What's the purpose of education again?

May I suggest you take a look at your school motto again.

You can stop reading now. 

Below is what I - a 47 years young student of life - would write if I am given the same task by Sillyinvestor:




孤身独我行, 幸福在人间。


  1. I just want 运气 = luck
    The rest will flow together nicely...;)

  2. Like new plans offered by telecom companies. They are sold as bundle. You can't buy this and doesn't want that.

    Same as wealth, freedom and luck. They come to us as bundle. Stop living in the old world.

    1. CW,

      We have a choice.

      Like my genie story when offered 1 choice to choose property or equities, we can either participate or choose not to ;)

      Like this exercise, I participated, put it down, and moved on.

      6 months later, 10 years later, if asked the same exercise again, I will write based on how I feel at that very moment.

      Well, if you look at the goal settings in blogosphere, do you see "bundles"?


  3. Hi SMOL,

    Actually I was eagerly awaiting my collation which is by not means representatitive of pupils at large. It is just a class of 24.

    There is a paradox here, if no one or very few choose wealth, I will wonder if the pupils are being honest.

    As for your entry, hey you cheat.
    You only answer what, you totally skip the why and touch only a bit of how!

    But I love it! Here is a little star with chocolate.

    Thank you

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I know the sample size is small but we are not doing an academic thesis ;)

      I was going to say the Chinese educated and English educated have a different concept of Education. But then I remember the English mission schools...

      Hence I said refer back to our school motto.

      Education wasn't meant to churn out drones to feed the insatiable need of industry or business growth... And we got the cheek to complain big daddy's obsession with GDP growth when all we care is.....

      I did not cheat.

      From the what - relationships - we can deduce the whys.

      Not everything have to be spelt out ;)

      One day my parents will leave me; and I may never have children of my own, and I probably woud not be married till my end of days.

      But that does not mean I cannot have happiness.

      There will always be seniors, there will continue to be juniors, and there will be women in my life - 大爱 ;)

    2. Jim Rogers have kid late 50s... Time is plenty... Just that Cupid fate letters deliver to wrong mailbox...have not come..

      Maybe u need to call post office ..

    3. Rolf,

      I have no paternal instincts.

      Maybe old I will get a cat? Or dog? Or fish? Or bird?


    4. Can get any kind of pets with their back facing the Sun.

      Don't wish to read in newspaper that one famous financial blogger was conned by his pet step daughter. :-(

    5. CW,


      Now why would I get a step daughter when I can follow in the footsteps of Chinese American Nobel laureate of physics - Chen Ning Yang - who at 82, married a 28 year old young wife?

      Let's see whether I am still interested in women at 80!

  4. Hi SMOL


    this song may reflects what you think.

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Thanks for the song!

      I am not asking for much, am I?


  5. Hi SMOL,

    Looking at the choice, I'd also choose 幸福。Then I realise 智慧 is also a choice.

    Wouldn't wisdom lead a person to the rest? If a man is wise, wouldn't he know what is bliss and be contented with what life gives him? Wouldn't he accept what he cannot change, and change the circumstances within his control?

    Sorry ah. Trying to maintain Zen with my two bickering toddlers on a Sunday.

    1. S-Reit System Investor,


      There is no Zen when there's 2 bickering toddlers...

      You are like a kid at the ice-cream store selling 12 flavours.

      "Uncle, I want Vanilla!"

      "Wait! Maybe I should choose Raspberry stripped instead? Got Raspberry AND Vanilla mah?"

      If like this, might as well order 12 scoops with EACH and EVERY flavours?

      You huh!

  6. Hi SMOL,

    Republish my comments here similar to Sillyinvestor.

    Choosing only one is always a difficult choice. Life is simple as it seems and starts, yet complex when u live on, and back to simple n empty when u leaves.

    Without Health, nothing is as important.
    Without Experiences (added), there can be no Wisdom.
    With Action (added), wisdom will just be words which everybody seems to have
    Without wisdom, what Confidence, Wealth or even Luck to speak of.
    Without Freedom, Dream will be confined.
    Without Dream, sustained Fame shall not be achieve, which ultimately brings wealth.
    Without Respect, Love will expire.
    Without love, life is just bland and never be complete.

    With all said above, Bliss surrounds us.
    With Bliss, everything will seem so Beautiful.

    It's BALANCE that matters!

    At different age/ stage of life, we choose / focus different things (if only can choose one).

    I will choose Bliss eventually!

    Just my two cents thought.

    1. In the new world, it comes as Bundle. We cannot choose Bliss only. In one particular Bundle, we will get more Bliss eventually.

      In our old age, we start collecting Ang Pow from our married children. Right?

    2. Rolf and CW,

      You both think too much! Very complicated leh!

      Re-read Sillyinvestor's SIMPLE and CLEAR instruction to his students and they were no different from my genie game ;)

      No one said if you choose ONE, you will forgo the other eleven!!!???

      So why front scared wolf, back scared tiger?

      When a girl ask you do you love her, don't EXPLAIN and JUSTIFY!!!

      If you love her, just grab her and give her a deep one!

      If you don't, let her go.

    3. SMOL, I re-read the choices many times but didnt see Happiness there. Maybe my chinese 不好?
      Anyway, I think if I take this test today, I will break the rules and write about Happiness anyhow.

      I want happiness,
      because if I am happy I can see the beauty of this world
      and it means my life is perfect the way it is.

      Thanks for the tips how to respond to my wife when she ask me the golden question next time... my past attempts always fall short, something like this:
      Wife: Do you love me?
      Me: Yes.
      Wife: Why?
      Me: because.... (this, that, those, them)
      Wife: Why?
      Me: (silence, out of answers)

    4. ckw-I99,

      First of all, Sillyinvestor's translation for 幸福 = Bliss is spot on!

      (Sillyinvestor must be feeling very smug now)


      Most laymen would equate 幸福 with Happiness.

      Common day usage we can chill a bit ;)

      But if we are engaging in serious philosophical or spiritual debates, there are shades of differences between joy, happiness, bliss just like we can tear our hairs out telling 欢乐, 喜悦, 幸福 apart!

      LOL! We must be men of action mah!

      I learnt this trick when she told me: "Oh shut up and come kiss me!"

  7. Agree that's y u read my earlier comments that all r connected. But hor.. Last time, I ask to choose on this platform, I choose a few n explain.. Then SMOL says cannot negotiate ... N say I snake oil... So now bo bian come out with best answer applicable if to choose only one

  8. Ur child will give u Ang pow if u teach them appropriately n let them grow up in the appropriate environment. And u give before to them, now they return with love.. Ang pow etc.. So no guarantee.

    Dun blame ur kids sometimes, emphasize sometimes, they grow up to be what they were influence n thought to be...

    1. Taught not thought .. Haha sorry

    2. Rolf,

      When I set up the genie game - my house, my rules - and you can see I ENFORCED them - no exceptions.

      This Chinese exercise was given my Sillyinvestor. His rules, you ask him!

      I technically did not meet ALL of Sillyinvestor's requirements, but he still gave me a star, with chocolate some more!!!

      I guess Sillyinvestor likes to play the encouraging good cop role ;)

      See? Told you I not a bleeding heart!


    3. U take star n chocolate. I can give u smiley face too. Haha!

      I prefer "small genie", so small yet "big" in size!

      When u r "someone" already, u set the rules, I still trying to improve each day to follow rules of the society.

      But sometimes I love to break the rules. Maybe go China too often!!!

    4. Rolf,

      Create your own game, riddle, or puzzle lor!

      Have a good night!

      Sweet dreams :)

  9. Be careful what you ask may not what you want hoh!

    1. temperament.



  10. Nah bad idea to get a dog just for companionship unless you are willing to spend lots of time trying to understand them, train them etc. They can't talk which can be a gd or bad thing but they will definitely be super loyal and happy to see you when you come back home. ACCICB thinks that having a dog is the best way to find a girl though as a guy changes when he has to take care of a living creature and becomes more caring and understanding etc.

    1. Googirl,

      On 2nd thought, I think I'll just go play with the neighbourhood stray cats.

      Or take up botany like mom.


      I have a better idea!

      I'll get myself a pet rock!

  11. Haha I like the pet rock idea! Just pick up one from the neighborhood park. Cheap and good!


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