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Sunday, 1 February 2015

An evening with AK's first chit-chat session

I just attended AK's first chit-chat session held at the International Plaza this evening.

Took 1/2 day off from work and went there early around 4:30 pm to reminisce and see how much of Anson I can remember. It's been more than 30 years now...

I spent 4 carefree years (1980-1983) at Gan Eng Seng School during my secondary school days when our campus was located at Anson - just next to International Plaza.

Now I see the old school campus has been replaced by Mapletree Anson and ICON Anson. What a gold mine our school was sitting on!

So much has changed! Thank goodness the Tanjong Pagar food centre is still around, albeit renovated and most of the old stalls are gone... Hello! It's been 30 years!!!

Very happy the City God temple is still around and untouched. That's where our back school gate was located and I still have fond memories of buying "black char-guay" from the push cart hawker uncle there - it was the chunky version where we can eat with tooth-picks. 

Opps! I think I have the same disease as AK -  we both can go off tangent when we talk... LOL!

I would recommend those of you who are regular readers of AK's blog to attend future sessions of his. 

But don't go if all you want is to find out what stocks AK is buying... You won't hear anything new that's not already written in his blog.

Go instead to find out more about AK as a person. To seek verification; or to kick the tyre so to speak. 

Is AK in person the same as he is when he blogs? Does he walk the talk? Use your 6th sense - are you comfortable meeting him in person? Trust your instincts.

OK, not so easy when AK is wearing his Ip Man and Blues Brothers cosplay outfit - without seeing his facial expressions and eyes, can be hard for me too!

Thankfully, AK is a "performer". Trust me, you won't get bored; you'll be entertained. AK is funny!   

The real test of this evening's encounter is - if you have a daughter or sister, and she brings AK home as her boyfriend, would you cringe or would you go "Hey, good catch!"

Why am I focusing on the personality aspect of meeting AK live in person? 

Go ask your mother or grandma why they like to poke the fish when they go to the supermarkets?


  1. wow ... you and AK blog about the chit-chat session around two minutes apart!

    great minds think alike; or just coincidentally scary. haha ...

    1. Money Honey,

      It just means we pretty much arrived home, took shower, freshen up around the same time.

      Wait. This is indeed scary....

      Let's hope we are not wearing identical pyjamas!

      Nah! I am not in the same league as AK. I play in the 3rd division; AK plays in the premier league ;)

      But we BOTH enjoy what we do! And that's cool :)

  2. Aiyoh tickets sold out in 2 hrs. Hope I have better luck next time to poke

    1. RetailTrader,

      Don't worry. AK enjoyed himself last night.

      So just as long AK is having fun doing what he likes, there will be more than enough opportunities in the future ;)

  3. Hi SMOL

    Is this an open q&a questions or are there topics that specifically catered to the chit chat. For example only stocks and personal finance no soccer or cereal talks.

    1. B,

      Excellent question!

      AK "restricted" the Q&A on personal finance topics only.

      So no fun for me as I was thinking of exchanging cosplay ideas with AK :(

  4. It was great meeting you in person last night at the AK session. I learned a bit from the session.

    1. wk,

      The feeling is mutual.

      It's always a pleasure to meet and pay my respects to "qian bei" class investors like you ;)

  5. SMOL,

    You still have the energy to blog but no time for drinks. :(

    Next time when we meet, must drink more ok?


    1. Derek,

      Sorli, sorli.

      I no longer spring chicken lah!

      Next time I treat you to coffee!

  6. Hi SMOL,

    Kamsiah you for doing this. I am aware that I tai ji it to you and Derek and you guys are such great sport. Saved me a lot of work. I am getting lazier by the day. ;p

    I really hope that everyone enjoyed the evening. (That is more important than learning anything useful, you know.) If they did, I must check with Hossan Leong how much he charges for his shows. I must mark to market liao. ;p

    1. AK,

      You're welcomed!

      Yes, do mark to market, Kwan Im Ma would be pleased too ;)

  7. AK, Hossan Leong is $35 per ticket. I'm on my way now to catch his performance

    1. Hi Derek,

      $35? Thanks for the intel. LOL.

  8. Aiyoh!
    Like Sim Wong Who? Olivia Lum Who? So are SMOL Who? & AK71 Who?-All not the marrying kind leh!
    No thanks if i have a daughter.
    Ho Kai Seow!
    Ha! Ha!

    1. temperament,

      Maybe someone should organise a "Singles Pride" week and we go celebrate at Hong Lim Park?

      It's just a lifestyle choice.

      I'm a big fan of 2 singles "staying in sin" together. We are still "singles" right?


  9. Hehe, all the fun people are doing Road shows ;) Hey SMOL, I think next time u do a road show too! Continue your zebra lion hippo safari story!

    1. LP,

      I think I'll go on the road this year to pay my respects to the harbours (拜码头)。

      Stay tuned.

  10. Hi SMOL,

    I m skew off as I focus on GESS. I m from old railway track there and always nostalgic when I drive pass or near there. Had wonderful 4 years there!

    Seems like market is not paying enough as more turn to seminars & books for extra income! Haha... Just kidding.. The price is really affordable n at a good cause.

    I reckon I m good at seeing beyond people having travelled widely n meet so many people of different kinds. But I must agree without seeing eyes n face, it's v difficult to judge. But guess the focus of the event is toshare n improve n not judge. So 'claps claps n salute' to all u guys!

    1. Rolf,

      We have quite a lot similarities in the art of snake-oil peddling ;)

      We can't fax a smile, and we definitely cannot teleconference a handshake!

      Business travel will never be superseded by technology.

  11. Oh so u are my super senior from gan eng seng haha...my time gess was at spottiswood park

    1. Thai Amulets,

      Now that's an interesting blog topic you have!

      I'm not a Buddhist, but I've been known to fiddle around with a bit of Zen and Tao ;)

      I believe we have our own way of cultivation - with or without labels.

      Ah! You are in the same campus as Rolf Suey, and I believe your time is co-ed.

      The Anson cohorts like us belong to the monastery all boys - only the Pre-U streams have co-ed.

      Now you know where my jie-jie complex came from - its either the female teachers or Pre-U girls ;)

  12. Haha...minenis just a sales blog for leisure...not much info.

    Alot who wear amulets don't behave in a "Buddhist Way" too...

    Well Buddhism is for everyone...can learn and practise it....no need to take it upon as a religion..its about human not gods :)

    Yea my time gess are with girls...white top very thin material lol!


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