Friday 10 October 2014

My Virgin Speaking at this Personal Financial Investment Seminar

First things first.

Date: 17 Jan 2015, Saturday

Place: NTUC Auditorium (Walking distance from Raffles Place MRT)

Time: 12 - 5:30 pm  (See programme)

Remember to enter at the coupon code: MLFRIEND
This way, you'll only pay $8 per person if you register before end Nov 2014

Heard got some free packet food and drinks provided during the break.

(Hello! Don't come for the food only OK? It's not an AGM!)

Free that day? Do come with your significant other or with friends on the same financial journey as you.

Want to learn more?

Alvin from BIGfatpurse has done a good write-up on the background and the purpose of this event:

The Inaugural Singapore Financial Bloggers Seminar

Back to me

OK, now I've got the Aladdin magic lamp spin out of the way, I can revert to my normal talk.

Look, I'm no bleeding heart, and I've already said I hunt alone. So I am definitely not doing this for "World Peace".

But I do want to contribute my small part for our warm and cosy financial blogging community.  

To this end, I'll contribute by doing what I do best - having fun!

I'll be the warm up act for the other main speakers. I do foreplay.

Just come with an open mind and I'll tell an interactive story where you - the poor captive audience (I'll tell them to lock the doors) - will participate with me.

It's an old Jedi mind exercise I used during my old snake-oil salesman days. (Let's see whether kung fu will depreciate when not in use)

Speak to me 

Please hor, don't come and ogle me like I am Kai Kai or Jia Jia.

But come with your pokes and questions for me during our Q&A session at the end. I'll love to hear from you.

Just don't ask me anything about money. I'm just a pretty face you know!?


For the purpose of transparency, I am not getting paid for doing this speech.

And I don't get a single cent if you register and enter the discount coupon code: MLFRIEND

Don't believe feel free to go to Alvin's or CW's blogs and register using their discount codes.

My plan is to rush out during the break and grab the free packet food and drink.

This way, I don't go home empty handed.

So give way to hungry bald man OK?

Life is hard.

I'll do anything to get a free meal!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I go support you! Form an SMOL cheerleading team with pong pong and big banner? LOL~

    1. Thanks Endrene!

      Bring your jie-meis; I'll be elated!!!

      If nothing else, if I end up with a date after my song and dance, it's all worth it :)


    2. Oh, sorry to disappoint. I lone ranger and super giam kana one. Bought 1 ticket only. :P

      But if you got other SMOL club members going, you can introduce to me lah. I'm can lead in the cheerleading. LOL~

    3. Endrene,

      You have been spending too much time with that No.1 giam kana in Singapore! Some say in JB and Batam too!

      Then I hope you get "lucky" that day!

      A girl got to have some fun mah.

      Shhh.... We don't tell your hubby ;)

  2. Yo SMOL,

    I support u, but will only decide closer to the the date. Néed stamp of approval from my wife.

    Was about to say your friends at your water house value time over money, as no comments so far, until I saw EY. Super fan. LOL.

    Uncle CW more supporters ... Poke poke....

    Who ask to talk about wine wind flowers grasshoppers and not record A and record B?

    1. Thanks Sillyinvestor :)

      Pay $8 more won't die one especially when time is more precious than money.

      You good! Men who listen to wives have good careers one!

      I am glad CW got more supporters who voted with ACTION ;)

      We need more bloggers like CW to help spread the message. (Hinting at you)

      I'm just a niche blogger with limited reach.

      What can I say about CW when we have been poking at each other for years now...

      Is he a gentleman or what?

      It goes to show that "friends" don't have to agree all the time one ;)

      Eh, if you come, please pay attention to the Words I not spoken :)

      Well, who will believe me if I start talking about record A and record B?

      You trust people who talk one way and suddenly behave another way?


  3. Ah SMOL,

    Ask that oatmeal guy who recently celebrate his 6 million page views to spread the message, definitely more effective than my silly blog LOL.

    The Maggie mee and oatmeal with soft spot for ice cream man might has receive invitation but turn it down, I super ego one, no invitation no free advertisement LOL, anyway our community so small, those readers from mine would have heard it from u or CW.

    But seriously, I rather bloggers not know each other in person. LOL. I thought it change the chemistry...

    Think too much ... Maybe

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      It must be karma.

      My blog always have problem with Feedburner. My posts normally only get posted on other blogger's blogrolls after half-day has gone by...

      This time? After more than a day, for bloggers using Blogger, it still shows my last post as "The Words not Spoken".

      That means Singapore Investment Bloggers is not showing my current post :(

      Guess what? The other financial blogs aggregator has also not published this post... (Derek, some support here please)

      Is it a conspiracy or what? LOL!

      Thankfully my Feedburner works with blogs using Wordpress - 15HWW blogroll looks fine :)

      But no harm no foul.

      I see quite a few other bloggers have also helped in promoting this seminar.

      Life has a way of balancing stuffs.

      Its all good in the end :)

  4. You are a Virgin? Sorry Virgin talk.... I will support $8. Come or not we shall see... $8 to reward your effort of blogging... U certainty deserve it..

    1. Friend,

      It's my virgin speaking OK? Even if I am a 47 years young virgin, I won't go round telling everyone about it, would I? LOL!


      $8 to see me fumble and make a fool of myself is not really too ex.

      Imagine the amount of ammunition to poke fun at me after the seminar!

  5. temperament,

    Your kind words are much appreciated.

    You know I only cross swords with people who matters. How else to sharpen my saw? Certainly by not going against tofu ;)

    Then there are times I will tell people what they say or have done is not cool. I may be a man-whore, but I am no prostitute.

    Someone has to speak out.

    If readers are comfortable to reveal themselves and say hello to me in person, I welcome it very much! I am not a rock or an island.

    While others who prefer to maintain a cyber-relationship in anonymity, I am perfectly fine with that too.

    Different strokes for different folks :)

  6. Unlikely, anyone will recognize the rest of us (few bloggers here) in the crowd.

    The event organizer is not going to annouce the arrival of .....

    All attention will be on ex snake oil man working his magic without aid to warm up the event

    Just Words!

    SMOL is Old Virgin Oil like olive oil. LOL!

    1. CW,

      Yes, olive oil is the secret to longevity in the Mediterranean ;)

      Not just words, with my body language too!

  7. Hi SMOL,

    LOL, putting you as the warm up guy is a great idea :) I hope whoever comes after you practise his speech a little more ;)

    It's a great thing that Roland started. It'll be even greater as a carnival sort of thing, instead of everyone so formal listening to talks and Q&A lol! We're weird enough to blog about financial stuff, so let's welcome more people by putting less numbers and talking more about stories :)

    1. LP,

      I grabbed that spot while others were not looking ;)

      That's exactly why I said yes for I knew more powderful bloggers would be hesitant - someone has to be the guinea pig to show it's non-fatal to do a song and dance in public.

      Hope next year (if there's a next year), the fisherman, oat meal guy, butterfly, and other weird characters will step up for diversity!

      Then I can sit in the audience and ask the person next to me: "He talking what huh?"


      P.S. Love your carnival input! Roland, you listening?

  8. Heard it is sold out, now want to support also cannot...

    Support virtually!!

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You can register for the waiting list. No harm what.

      Airlines and hotels practice over bookings as there will be always customers who will cancel at the last minute ;)


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