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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lai Liao? Zhun bo? 有影无?

Long time no speak Hokkien liao.

Ah! Refreshing!

I grew up in the 70s when Singapore was a Hokkien and Ang Moh world.

For those investors/traders who started their journeys after 2009, you may only know a higher high and higher low market.

Life is easy. Just buy the freaking dip and average down. Wait long enough you'll be made whole again!

That's why for the newbie, your strength lies in not knowing what cannot be done!

(By being all-in, you most probably have beaten most veterans in % terms.)

I still tak boleh tahan CW's many powerpoints (especially those on targets and goal settings), but this one I like: 

STI major data points

You know what they say - if you can't beat them, join them!

So to help those who started after 2009 get some perspective on a macro level, here's my complementary chart to CW's:

This chart is not to aid you in your buy or sell decisions.

It's more a gentle reminder to those with a day job, with housing mortgage, children to feed and educate, 2 sets of parents to take care, etc....

If you are a landowner, and you know one shepherd is busy doing "his own thing" on the side, and another shepherd is working diligently taking care of your flock, who would you retrench in a recession?

Bet you didn't see this coming. Did you?



  1. Especially true when you are using company's internet connection for side activities; you are already tracked.

    1. Company politics may be not so clear cut. With a powerful Godfather or good at licking boots, you may get away even with "murdering someone in the company too"

    2. yup i agree with Uncle Temperament.

      Other than black and white , there is another colour call grey .

  2. SMol, and Uncle temperament,

    U are right about that, the dark side. The other side is true too, I can be looking at stock price occasionally, surfing the Internet for time out but twice more effective than some who don't. Up to boss to fire me if all he wants is someone at the desk 24/7 staring at his projects ...

  3. Guys,

    I can't believe I am siding with CW... Puking like nobody business now...

    During the LIBOR scandal, even instant messaging records from years ago can also can be dug up.... Don't talk about emails or browser histories even at private settings....

    It's better to invest in your own 4G or 3G mobile broadband and your own iPad, notebook, or smart phone.

    Of course everyone does it, including the CEO. But when it comes to letting go people, why give the company the excuse on a platter to fire you without retrenchment benefits?

    Abusing company's time and company resources. Does it sound familiar?

    Yeah, got mountain to lean on feels untouchable; until the mountain himself got retrenched.... Live by the sword; die by the sword. Now they come after those who are on the mountain's side.... Jiang hu ah!

    1. In Japan, there's a known concept of lifetime employment. l wonder whether this protects you even though you abuse company's time and company resources.

      l have seen many such examples ... not because of mountain but rather die hard bad habit. As long as you churn out the desired results by certain time and date then nobody bothers you. As for me, l mind my own business as l am already up to my neck with my mountain work loads, to poke my nose into other's affair.

    2. Money Honey,

      Most of the time, it's one eye open, one eye shut. Especially when the company business is good and staff are hard to find.

      But when times are bad, all the little things add up and become magnified.

      I'm a veteran of retrenchments, relocation of Regional Head office from Singapore to Shanghai, and other "re-engineering" exercises.

      There is a reason why some survived and some were let go.

      Just put ourselves in the shoes of the business owner - do we want to retain those we know who are spending their energies to make or save money for your business, or do we want that staff we know is more interested in his own financial freedom?

      Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it.

      And some choose to sacrifice career for investing success...

  4. Replies
    1. Money Honey,

      Charts are like ink blots - we see what we want to see.

      Those who see the big triangles will conclude the current bull run is only at half-way point. There's still legs for the market to go higher.

      And then there are those that see the smaller triangles and say to themselves that maybe it's time to "bring in the laundry".

      The lai liao can mean whatever you fancy!


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