Thursday 20 September 2012

The Truth About Dishonesty

It's good to be reminded of our little failings - especially when we think no one is watching.

I am ashamed to admit I've used office stationery for private use...

I've downloaded pirated songs and bought illegal DVDs during my time in Shanghai...

And no amount of "rationalisation" will whitewash what I've done... I guess that makes me part of the majority that "cheats a little bit"...

I too am a flawed tulip. Eager to look good on the outside when I present myself to the world; but deep down, I know there's a virus gnawing away at my soul.

But there's hope!

Although not religious, I like the part of the "turning to a new page" in this video.

I guess my reflections and meditations are sort of "confessions" to myself. A way of looking at myself from "outside looking in".

I can be a better person.

Less wayang; more honesty.


  1. Yes, we are all flawed. If not we can save our self and no need of any "saver of our souls, isn't it? We all battle these flaws of ours until we die. Some of may us lose these battles so seriously that we landed in "Changi FOC hotel'. The worse case we lose even our lives. Most of us just "scrap through" life. Nothing happens?
    And all these because we human beings can rationalize what ever we wish to do.
    "That's why we cannot hold a candle to the beast," says the Chinese.

    1. temperament,

      I sometimes fantasize how I would behave if there's a "day of judgement" when my number is up.

      Would I take the "accusations" of my sins like a man; or would I try to explain with lame excuses...

      Imagine me trying to "outsmart" or "challenge" the all knowing higher authority upstairs?

      Would the mere mention of "appeal" an act of blasphemy?

      How about "complain" of the sentencing afterwards?

      Can I claim "immunity" by playing the "I'm agnostic" card?

    2. "sentence you to 2 weeks in hell, after that you are free to go haven"


    3. don't look at me, i will probably get 2 years.

    4. coconut,

      I think I better make full use of this life here on earth.

      There's a possibility that heaven and hell is actually life on earth. And it's not a rehearsal for what comes next ;)

    5. ok, report to er, "Changi FOC hotel' immedaitely.

    6. don't wait for me, i serve mine already!

    7. oh by the way, mine is at tekong, 2 years!

    8. hell! but got durian to eat.

    9. ya by the way, if all you did was those little things you call sin, mine have to multiply many times that of yours.

      so much so that i keep question myself got such word as honesty in human? does honesty the right way to live.

    10. like for example you shave your head botak and so shining, but actually you got hair one, so does it quantify cheating?

      how about covering my scar on my face with thick make up? isn't that dishonest trying to hide?

      very messy subject.

    11. oh thats different, we need to look good to impress others for what ever reason.

      oh you mean misleading others about you? that's honesty?

      if we want to dick further, we don't have any bones left. so take it easy haha.

    12. haha, at least i didn't get smoke out of you.

      but by now you know that i only joke or be secastic when i feel comfortable surround by "comfortable" people. i don't do it else where. they get offended easily.

  2. Hi SMOL

    Ohh noooo, like you, I've used the stationery in my office for personal gains as well...:D


    1. B,

      I guess it's what we do next - after this realization - will be the key!!!

      It's like our investing/trading. We sometimes repeat the same mistake over and over again... Never underestimate the power of rationalisation ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Self-knowledge and acceptance. Very good! Denial is unhealthy.

    We are only human and have the failings of being human.

    I like this song:

    As my soul heals the shame
    I will grow through this pain
    Lord I'm doing all I can
    To be a better man

    1. AK,

      Ah! We both have a song in common!

      I was thinking of this song when I wrote I can be a better person :)

  4. Hi SMOL

    I attended training on investigative interviews and lying is very much part and parcel of the human condition :-)

    Be well and prosper.

    1. Hey Panzer,

      I guess its programmed in our genes?

      Oh dear... Now should I continue to strive to be a better man?

      Silly me!


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