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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Busy Doing Nothing

What bliss!

You know what?

I've been busy the whole past week doing lots of fun things! 

Nothing serious, or done with a purpose, or any management by objective.

Come to think about it, I've been busy busy doing nothing!?

I just had this epiphany after eating my moon cake and tea. 

Isn't it great?

Have you had this similar experience before? Busy doing nothing?

Or have you experienced "a flow" or "in the zone" kind of feeling?

The past week was like it:

I heard the pool was calling me; I swam.

I had a food craving; I ate.

I wanted to visit this place; I went.

I saw a contra trading opportunity; I executed - made a quick 500 cups worth of coffee :) 

I felt like taking profit on a 3 weeks swing trade; I sold - my trip to Shanghai next month is paid for :)

Now why can't every week be like this week? LOL!


  1. are you telling us you were busy trading?

    but hey, thats pretty neat profit there. well done!

    1. coconut,

      Trading was one of the many activities I did last week.

      I had fun doing things that were non-trading related :)

      Saw your conversation with Fat. Very interesting sharing on position size and volume.

      Considering I swing trade infrequently, I think I have to slowly get comfortable with a bigger position size when the opportunity appears.

      Or should I increase the volume instead by trading more frequently? Go for those 3-5% quickies?

      Part of the fun is sticking with my tried and tested comfort zone method, yet exploring and testing new trading tactics.

    2. oh no smol, just stay at your current comfort zone! i'm glade you are making some nice profit.

      but to go further into active trading, one need to commit, and it is not just money alone. if you can "don't trade actively", don't do it. don't let making money spin off your head.

      you should know by now, i assume, that when you start making money, its a dangerous period, i don't mean to throw cold water.

      you can try to be a little more agrassive but always remember active trading means walking on thin ice.

    3. and please don't misunderstood that position size means trading bigger size! there are a lot of risk management involve and the art of trading.

    4. coconut,

      Thanks for the advice and timely reminder :)

      I appreciate it!

      Yup, I tend to self-destruct after a string of pure dumb luck!? LOL!

      Yes, I have full respect for active traders like you and Fat. And reading your conversations, if it's "tough" for professionals, it's even harder for retail like me.

      I am just keeping an open mind on new possibilities.

      In the past, I would not have gone for contra trades since it's just kopi money. Now I wouldn't mind ;)

      But my main focus is still on managing my nest egg to ensure they don't go from profit to loss.

      A negative balance will seriously disrupt the compounding effect :)

    5. yap, and don't be discourage by the problem you face, like self-destruction, we the active traders also face it, non is immuse. is just that we are more aware of it before it actually happen.

  2. Feels good doesn't it? If only every day was like this! Ha ha!


    1. Blackjack,

      Yup, the irony of life.

      When busy working; I longed for days of leisure.

      Now got days of leisure; I discovered the joy of activity!

  3. Congrats! Take care as we are in dangerous times.

    Enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thanks anon 12:51!

      I hope you had fun reading :)

  4. ha..ha I have a new name - anon 12:51 - Like it.

    Must remember to sign off as that when I am here.

    anon 12:15


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