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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What stocks should I buy now?

I just read a very interesting summary of  the recent Shares Investment Conference from Martin Lee's blog here.

I would like to copy paste with pride a passage which I thought best illustrate my previous chicken rice post for those who don't like chicken lice (don't laugh at Singapore accent OK?):

"Do you have any stocks or ETFs to consider buying for China or Singapore? 

(Question to Jim Rogers)


I’m not here to do hot tips.
If I told you what to buy, you wouldn’t know what to do if the price goes up or down. Because you will not know why you bought it. You will not know it when I sell.
For you to listen to anyone about investments, you must be involved with them on a continual basis.
If you do not know what to do after what I have told you about where I think are the good areas to invest in, then you shouldn’t invest."

Isn't it wonderful this internet thing? Information is "freely" available (more like information overload to me).

I wonder how our "qian bei" investors traded and invested during the 70s and 80s!?

On the other hand, just as long we continue to have people asking what stocks to buy in seminars and conferences, I guess although the tools may have changed, human nature has remained pretty much the same...

Laziness, greed, fear, stupidity...

Talking about stupidity, looking at my trading journal, I sure look dumb dumb - like looking at old pictures of yourself in your yesteryear "gong-gong" hairstyle and most "orbid" fashion threads!

The only grace (or edge) is that at least I still can be honest with myself in the still of the night. 

If you can do reflections without a mirror, once tomorrow comes...

It's a brand new shinny day!  

(Tip: If what you do is no longer fun, why are you...)


  1. In 70s and 80s, it was asking your brokers or kakis

    1. CW8888,

      I thought so too!

      Remisiers must have worked their butts off for their "healthy" 1% commission then.

      I suspect part of the commission is to hire debt collectors to "persuade" clients who contra, and lost, and never pay up.

      I don!'t think there were so many "failed traders" offering "bao jiat" durians seminars then right?

      Your broker or remisier IS the guru. Why else would anyone pay 1% for?

      Now that's personal touch!

    2. Nowadays, broker or remisier become news and analyst reports aggregrators and hot rumor alerts. LOL!

  2. " yesteryear "gong-gong" hairstyle"

    wah you mean you look much attractive now than you are much younger? i think you are in a dream land haha.

    1. i like to see old photo, especially myself haha, wah so much different from what i am now! very sad.

    2. Hee hee.

      I think I look better now than 20 years ago.

      Less hair (no more bad hair days!), stomach bigger (got bulk better than "tek kor" I think?).

      LOL! I can dream! And I believe I can fly!

    3. can dream ofcos, but its time to wake up lao.

    4. "tek kor" or "ter kor"? wrong spelling right?

      haha, remember my HK friend? thats his nick name!

    5. oh, got to add "chow" in front, thats how nasty we were, and still are haha.

    6. Hello,

      I got bathe one, you know?

      I prefer to call it "fong liu". I think the cantonese pronunciation sounds better - "fong lau" ;)

      OK, no need you say it, I say it to myself - I "kenna sai!"



    7. sorry sorry, i meant my friend, really thats his nick name. and he got another one which is equally bad.

      he is a very funny guy, i guess so as the rest of our group.

      the funniest incident was, when we were all gambling in a friend house, one of us was sleeping only with his under wear on the bed.

      we then decided to take some sexy woman under cloths, put onto him, and take pictures with all kind of positions.

      the camera guy took more than 10 minutes to settle down before the shoot, we were all trying very hard not to laugh and make noise. very very funny!

    8. and believe me or not, that "poor" guy still keep those pictures with him, we all take jokes with good spirit.

    9. hahahaha, i remember one guy even complain that there wasn't any condoms in the house!

    10. have you ever heart that laugh can kill, we almost did haha.

    11. You guys sure had fun!

      I miss my NS days... We also did a lot of "bo liao" stuffs with each other ;)

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU615FaODCg

    1. Nah!

      I prefer my California Dreaming:


  4. "The only grace (or edge) is that at least I still can be honest with myself in the still of the night."

    i think what you said is a pre-requisite for all those who wants to be successful in the stock markets. Otherwise it's better to put your money in some other safer places.
    Ha! Ha!
    This is a very "good one"


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