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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Which kind of shepherds do you prefer?

In my previous post on My England not Powderful, I briefly alluded to the
below 3 kinds of shepherds:

  1. Wolves in sheepskins

  1. Fellow sheep shepherds

  1. Human shepherds

Wolves in sheepskins – now that’s simple enough! These are crooks out to eat us alive. The trick is to identify them – despite their camouflage.

My method would be to look at their feet (or shoes to be precise). It’s hard to explain, but women readers will know it instinctively. You may have to develop your own method of spotting wolves in sheepskins. I can't help you here...

As retail salesman, I can spot who “dress” rich and who “is” rich by looking at the shoes or feet (if wearing sandals).

On a side note, I would die for a pair of Jimmy Choo! No, I don’t wear them silly, but I like ladies wearing them ;) I have shoes fetish?

Fellow sheep shepherds – Hello! You have what I have. I have what you have. So why the hell am I following you!?

If I am a bitch and you are the Alpha male, that’s another story…

When I meet such “peers” talking down to me, I will do as follow:

They stand, I stand on my toes.

They sit, I stand up.

They talk from high podium; I go to the toilet and don’t come back.

Human shepherds – Now these are the most common kind. They are mostly ever so nice. They feed us, house us, and take good care of us when we are sick. We are practically part of the family! It’s a nice feeling to know we are part of their “assets” – the more sheep they own; the wealthier these humans appear to their peers.

That is until I realize there is no “free lunch”! Human shepherds are so nice to us because they can shave, milk, and slaughter us sheep to satisfy their human needs!

OK, I may have to get back to you on milking sheep… I’ve seen humans milking goats, but not sheep... Anyone been to New Zealand sheep farms that can help me out?

Cutting the umbilical cord

We were all sheep once upon a time… And we have been handled by Human shepherds – all of us with no exception. Human shepherds can be our parents, our teachers, our bosses, our political or religious leaders, etc.

Of the 3 kinds of shepherds above, I would of course prefer the Human shepherds! Bless their bleeding hearts!

But I will never lose track of the “why” they so nice to me. The trick is to cut the umbilical cord before the “harvest” time ;)

Bye mom! I need my own space!

Bye boss! I am working for myself now!

Oi! Isn’t it time you step down now? (Sometime its about you replacing the Alpha male. Shh…)

Disclosure: I will be living with mummy dearest when I return to Singapore in 8 weeks' time. I will never cut this umbilical cord. Never. 


  1. Hi SMOL

    Wow, you will be back in SG soon.

    Must catch up with you face-to-face when you are back in SG...hahah..

    Be well and prosper.

  2. Yes Panzer!

    I am mood now like ROD during NS times!!! Homeward bound!

    I've never had a "graduation" ceremony before, so ROD is the closest thing that comes to mind ;)

    I'll fly from Athens on 30th Dec 2011 Friday - just in time to reach Singapore for the New Year! Yippee!

  3. Hey smol, wats the first thing you gonna do when you reach home? :)

  4. Hello sm@ll.fry,

    Drink mom's home-made coffee ;)

    It's our little ritual each time I come back for my home leave.

    I took my family for granted until I went overseas 7 years ago...

    Each time I return, I realise her hair is whiter, her movements slower, and she looks older...

    The last time I was back, she mentioned she would like to visit Changi airport - she has never been there...

    I would like to bring her around Singapore more, listen to her stories, and how things are during her childhood. In short, get to know my mom as a friend.

  5. Hi SMOL, thank you for sharing so much about yourself and being so honest. There's a saying "zi yu yang er qin bu zhai" ( hope I got the pinying correct). Something for us all to ponder ya?


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