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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The willow and the oak tree in picture!

Ta da! I've drawn my own picture for my "The willow and the oak tree" post!

I used MSPaint (Windows XP) and the result is a simple stylised picure of what I see in my mind :)

The oak tree on the right is represented by the 2 rectangles. The brown rectangle symbolise  strength and uprightness, while the green rectangle symbolise the outreach arms of the branches - spreading themselves far and wide with abandonment. But somehow, I sensed the 2 rectangles may topple anytime soon!

On the left is the willow. I've not only drawn it to bend and bow to the wind, I've added the twist and turn effect - just to twist the dagger after I've plunged it to myself...

The blue background is of course the wind that is always around us all the time. Watching our every move...

Did you notice I've not drawn any ground? It does not matter whether we are the oak or willow - if we do not have an anchor point, we are pretty much blowing in the wind anyway...

I've been plagued with this question ever since I've moved overseas. How do I introduce myself to my overseas friends? Am I...

1.      A Singaporean?
2.      A Singaporean Chinese?
3.      A Chinese Singaporean?
4.      A Chinese?
5.      A citizen of the world?
6.      A local born Singaporean? 

Disclosure: The ranking and order is not random. I am struggling between my idealised version of me and the "ugly" side of me.


  1. I thought you are SMOL (Singapore Man of Leisure). Not meh?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, in touch with your artistic talents I see :) Well done! Very stylized indeed :)

    Actually that's an important question to ask, because it's how you identify yourself with. I wouldn't begin with being a Singaporean actually. Most likely I'll start with what I do for a living :)

  3. Hey MOL, what did you mean by m
    "moving overseas"? Did I miss something here?

  4. haha,

    just introduce yourself as SMOL?

    Sexy Man of Leisure :)

  5. 1) CW8888,

    I've not come out of the closet yet to my friends and colleagues that I have a blog and I am SMOL... Will announce in my facebook middle of this month. Sure some my "friends" will write I lie! And I so full of it! LOL!

    Let the wind blow!

    2) LP,

    No matter what they look like or where they came from, US citizens will call themselves Americians - they believe in the big melting pot.

    I noticed I don't introduce myself as Singaporean (my idealised version). I introduce myself as a Chinese Singaporean, which got me thinking why I think like that...


    I meant that after I've moved overseas for work 7.5 years ago, I started asking lots of funny questions - questions I would never ask if I had remained in Singapore...

    I've spent 5 months in Shekou (near Shenzhen), 4 years in Shanghai, and now coming to 3 years in Athens.

    Interesting the way you call me MOL. You treat me as "citizen of the world"? LOL! I very patriotic one. (Tip: Never believe anyone who calls himself patriotic!)

    4) OT83,

    Actually is more like Sexy Man of Lust ;)

    I lust for great food! I lust for loyal frienships! And I lust for the companion of the woman with the soft hands.

  6. Hi SMOL of Greece
    I am from Singapore of Chinese descent. A Chinese Singaporean. Does it really matter? You are a good story teller, just spin some web into your story and all your oversea friends will be mesmerised.Ha! Ha!

  7. Hello Temperament,

    I think my story telling seeds were planted during my childhood at the chinese barber shops - listening to the stories from Redifusion as the captive audience!?

    How many youths of today remember this medium. LOL!

    On a serious note, I was wondering why lao lee - being more a banana - is so adament in us not forgetting our anchors...

  8. but why do you have to pick one of the six anyway? identity is fluid and constantly in flux... you can be anything depending on the context can't you???

  9. Ah Jun!

    You are wise beyond your years!!!

    True, but there are times we need to know our "true" face - even though we can wear as many masks as we desire.

    Just like you find it amusing that once upon a time, you were a sperm and an egg...

  10. You think too much.
    I wonder what you write on your airport entry/exit slip when asked for your nationality.

  11. Yeah WJ!

    Come to think of it, I do "mind f" myself too much!? LOL!

    If we write "Singaporean" on the exit/entry slips regarding citizenship, pray tell why are some of us are treating naturalized Singaporeans as "different"?

    Bitching that they never serve NS and all... What has place of birth got to do with citizenship? Now I am more confused!


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