Tuesday 29 November 2011

Sea turtles and minority retail investors

The life of a sea turtle is hard.

Even before it’s hatched, most of the hundred of eggs that were laid will be eaten by opportunistic seagulls…

After it’s hatched, the young sea turtle hatchlings instinctively do a reverse Normandy invasion – make a mad rush to the waters!

Along the way, many more will fall prey to the crabs, lizards, dogs, foxes, more shorebirds, you name it!

This is the most dangerous phase of a sea turtle’s life.

The few that finally got into the ocean will have to face more under water predators like small marine mammals...

It’s said that less than 10% of the eggs that were laid will survive their first year.

As the young sea turtle feeds and grow in size, the less natural predators it will face. A fully grown sea turtle can only be threatened by the bigger sharks - like the tiger sharks. You need strong teeth to chew through the shell!

Only by braving and surviving all these dangers that an adult sea turtle will earn the “right” to mate and lay new eggs for the next generation of hatchlings.

A sea turtle never have the luxury of feeling “safe”.

But that’s about wild sea turtles.

Imagine some bleeding hearts animal lovers bring the turtle eggs home, incubate them, hatch them, feed them, treated them like pets…  

After several generations, can these “domesticated” sea turtles ever return to the wild?

(By the way, you may have to watch that some of these bleeding hearts are not operating a sea turtle farm in disguise!)

Which kind of minority retail investor do you prefer to be?


  1. There is safety in large number and chance of survival is higher so we must diversify.

  2. That's why we have herding behaviour CW :)

    Mother nature is wise. To compensate with the losses and attrition, she gave the sea turtles the gift of many eggs.

    But some will say this guru that guru discourage diversification...

    Of course boleh to focus and concentrate! Provided you are at the top of the food chain and can invest like the guru - never made investing mistakes!? 100 shots; 100 hits!


  3. When you are sharks or tigers, no issue with number. LOL

  4. Real life example of a portfolio that is safety in large number and won't be wipe out saftey in number portfolio

  5. Hi SMOL,

    I have watched Discovery Channel and National Geographic and I remember watching some programs on sea turtles. However, to ruminate on the subject with an investment slant is cheem. You are the man! ;)

    By the way, turtles don't have hard shells. Tortoises have hard shells. I remember that much from the documentaries. ;p

  6. AK!

    Ha ha! I got you! I got do homework one; but you right also!

    You must be thinking of the leather back sea turtles :)

    A few species of sea turtles can pull their tail and their legs into their shell when threatened. There is only one species of sea turtles that does not have a hard shell and this is the leatherback turtle. These sea turtles have a puzzle of bony plates that are located under a very leathery skin, which is how the leatherback sea turtles got their name.


  7. CW,

    Is he the the famous uncle chua?

    I thought he only invested in blue-chips? Looking at his "unlisted" share portfolio, I guess he got some "feedback" from the market by straying from his strategy...

    I see Jurong Tech - a painful lesson for me too. Hey! We both survived that encounter! And that's more important than "blaming" the management owners - they lost big time too..

    Wow, even in unit trusts uncle chua also diversify so much!?

    I am not so extreme; but different folks for different folks! He bigger or-yi-or than me.

    I am just a bard.

  8. Ouch! Good poke CW!

    Forget my own lesson - never believe everything you read in the media... Internet info can be misleading too ;)

    I think it's safe to say some turtles have hard shells, some soft shells. Soft shell turtles lagi must be more careful! LOL!

    Oh! Not uncle chua...

  9. being in captivity is worst than being eaten alive in the wild. my choice is clear.

  10. thats why i don't own pets. i used to have a dog, but it came in his own wish.

    after having lots of free lunch, he disappear and make me a sucker.

  11. Hi Coocnut,

    You so very de funny!

    A jilted dog lover...


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