Thursday 3 November 2011

I am a Diverger (li kong simi?)

After my previous “What’s your learning style?” post, I think it would be a good opportunity for another “peeling the onion” moment.

According to Kolb’s Learning styles, I am a Diverger. In plain England, I feel and watch. (Is that why my hands always wander whenever I watch movies with my ex…slap!)

That perhaps also explain why I tend to give “off topic” comments in my blog and at other people’s blog…

People talk about serious serious business, I go and say things like:

“Eh? You also like tarts?”  (Not the Orchard Towers kind lah!)

“Your daughter so very cute!” (Oi! I not paedophile leh…)

“Your drawing so nice! I also want!” (OK, I admit. I copycat!)

I have the need to get to know you better. I am a people person.

I always envy those guys who can meet a girl for the first time and dare to ask the girl whether she is interested to visit his place to look at his “stamp collection”.

I cannot. I have to do lots of small talk like:

“Wah! Your baju very pretty! Where you get huh? Is it designed by Poly and Esther?” (Poly + Esther = ?) Slap again! LOL!

I need time to warm up to people. So if I meet someone new, I can be very “tao” or “shy” (my friends always laugh to the floor when I say I shy… I wonder why?) But once I get to know you better, I can get “no big no small” with you!

Yup, I am not the bing, bang, roll-over, and sleep kind of guy. I need lots of foreplay. I am the man with the slow hands.

Hey! Am I a bit “ku niang”!?

Lucky the consultant who did the test with me says I am normal. Phew! It’s just that I am in touch with my feminine side. Whatever that means!

Is that why I can also talk a lot? Or write a lot? (OK, female readers who got my double meaning can slap me again! And again!)

And in the rare moment I quiet down to listen, that means I am enraptured by what you have to say. I am your no.1 fan!

OK, some of you may want to get SMOL repellant spray now…


  1. haha

    But I am sure SMOL has his way to lure and smitten girls in other ways!

  2. Hee hee,

    Well, at least I am make them laugh ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Let me try being a diverger :)

    "Eh, your baju fake one lah! Real one is by Poly and Ester, your fake one made in China by Poly Esther!"

  4. Good one LP!

    You spotted it! Opps! I've seen my share of Dunbill, LU, Rolax and many other fun "luxury" goods in China!!!

    Recently, my England spelling failing me after I wrote "My England not Powderful" post.

    Not intended, but at that post, I wrote I "live" it to you instead of "leave". LOL! I have since corrected my England spelling.

    But this Esther I will leave it like it is. I like this blemish.

    I have an ex-colleague Esther... Hmm... Perhaps I was thinking of her unconsciously? Cannot! She married with children already!

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Is she esthetically pleasing? ;)

  6. Hi MOL,

    Thanks for dropping my blog! Blogging is so boring if not for the warm support you give.

    All the best wishes in your endeavors!


  7. Thanks sm@llfry for your well wishes in my endeavour to flirt with the mei mei, jie jie, aunties, and ah mahs!

    I am a equal opportunity guy!


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