Tuesday 15 November 2011

There's no bad weather; just bad clothes

My Scandinavian colleagues like to quote this saying:

There's no bad weather; just bad clothes

It's not clear whether its the Norwegians or Swedish who first coined this saying... Both countries claim credit to it. Just like Malaysians and Singaporeans debate whether Laksa is a Malaysian or Singaporean dish! LOL!

Just for a bit of trivial for those who are into languages, the words "weather" and "clothes" rhymes in both Norwegian and Swedish:

Swedish: Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder
Norwegian: Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær

Back to this saying.

I like it a lot as it helps me to see things from another angle.

So instead of "complaining" about the morning rush hour (can be the jam in the morning trains or if you drive, on the road) for eg, if I start work early at 7:00 am instead of the official 9:00 am, I can save time and lower my blood pressure at the same time! Alternatively, I may try negotiating with my boss to allow me to start work at 10:00 am instead? Flexi-time?

I know you are not interested in having a solution to the morning rush hour headaches you are facing. That will take out the fun you all have in "shooting the garmen". Wink wink.

How about I "adapt" the saying above into:

There's no bad service; just cheap customer

It's perfectly OK in today's internet age to engage in DIY trading/investing. Some even practice DIY selling/buying of properties themselves!

For me, the focus on transaction costs is normal and very human nature. I see discussions and postings on forums and blogs who is the "cheapest" broker, who provides "free" stuffs, and so on...

Eh... How about which broker/agent helps you the most to make money?

I remember when I was in working in Retail, I have a list of "best" customers whom I  contact when there's "promotion" or new stock arrivals - customers who have bought from me before and we both know will continue to buy from me. I don't do it for free. I do it for the commissions. Good service my foot! (I can talk like that since I am taking off my mask)

No money; no honey!

Sometimes I wonder why we don't "tap" the services of our remisiers/dealers and property agents more.

Of course if I am a small account, I can't expect to be served by the top honcho. I'll probably settle for a "newbie". But that's OK, we both can learn from each other. The "newbie" will be very glad to have "real" customers to practice their theory on. And I can ask lots of "silly" questions!

Instead of paying $XXXX in group seminars/trainings, for those who prefer one to one human interactions, I am sure your remisier/dealer will be glad to show you the ropes over coffee? (Over dinner get permission from your wife first if your broker is a she!) Can be equities, futures, forex, charting, fundamental analysis, etc. If the remisier/dealer no good... Change?

And if my portfolio is not chicken-feed, hey! It's time I make myself heard! Where is the service? Of course I cannot ask "stupid" questions now... I am expected to be financially literate (or act like one). If not, I may be taken for a ride big time! (They will smell blood if you don't know how to protect yourself)

Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about getting marketing "spam". I am after opportunities (some call it tips) from people who will get rewarded if I make money. Win-win.

The trick is to get on the "best customer" list. And to stay on the list, we have to act on the opportunities that were presented to us some of the time. Nothing is free! No money; no honey! LOL!

Try having a different mindset? Instead of thinking how others are making money off you, try thinking who can help me make more money? If the broker/agent you are using is excellent, feed him or her!

That's how the rich gets richer. The rich surround themselves with an army of talented specialists who are eager to help the rich get richer - for a slice of the profits of course! 

Disclosure - I like to DIY myself (now don't get naughty on me); but I am never shy to take advice or counsel from others. I can't do it alone. I don't just leverage on OPM (other people's money); I like to leverage on OPT (other people's time) too!


  1. Good idea! Soon I will be getting more lunch appointment. LOL

  2. CW8888,

    Don't forget my "referral" fee hor!
    Coffee shop 90 cents coffee will do! LOL!

  3. Hi SMOL,
    What a waste of talent. i think you should "MYOB". Seriously you should be a an active business owner. If you do i am quite sure you will be successful.

  4. Temperament,

    For a moment I thought you were telling me politely to "mind my own business"... Almost cried... (OK, over drama! Ha ha!)

    In a way I am. I will be my own hedge fund manager, my own proprietary trader soon :)

    Actually I do well in an A-team of specialists; but I am not the natural leader. If I can meet my "Liu Bei", I don't mind joining to help him restore the Han dynasty. In return I get to be a Baron?

    Me and my spring/autumn dream! LOL!

  5. Hi SMOL

    Leveraging on OPT (Other people's time) is something I should do more often :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  6. Yes Panzer,

    OPT is also disguised in more "politically correct" words.

    I prefer to call a spade a spade.

    You scratch my back, I tickle your tummy. (Figure of speech only!)

  7. SMOL

    It's called "networking"...hahahah

    Be well and prosper.


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