Thursday 14 April 2022

Keppel Club HDB BTO - Joy for Majority; Dismay for the Few


Let me first share with you one interesting story about my time in Shanghai.

There's this purchaser that was newly promoted to Business Development Manager. In her first year, she gave the senior purchaser in her team quite a big salary raise.

After the pay increase, the salary gap between this Business Development Manager and her purchaser has become quite negligible...

Guess what?

This Business Development Manager rightfully turned around and asked HR how come a Business Development Manager pay is no different from that of a purchaser?

Smart girl!

Not only did she "bought" the loyalty of the senior purchaser in her team, now this Business Development Manager has a strong hand when it came to her own salary negotiations!

I knew of this story because HR was poking me - this Business Development Manager was one one of my mentees in my Leadership course - what the hell have I been coaching them!


So with this story in mind, I am pleasantly surprised big daddy is allocating a huge chunk of the land at the Keppel Club for HDB BTOs!?

Of course I am pleased! 

Great! They are creating another Pinnacle. 

I thought it would be just some small "token" project to "wayang" we are inclusive and all...

HDB residents of Telok Blangah, and especially those who bought the BTOs there recently, no need to pray liao... Its confirmed!

For context, newer readers may want to read this previous post:

HDB Prime Location Public Housing Good For Pinnacle Flat Owners!

Of course happiness and joy for some can be dismay for others...

Especially if you can't stand HDB heartlanders, and deliberately avoided those condos that are smack right between HDB flats in suburbia...

Well, that's the price for not choosing areas like Claymore Hill, Cairnhill, or River Valley Road... These are tried and tested condo enclaves; all private.

Can't blame you.

Who would have thought such a prime waterfront location would be given to HDB heartlanders?

Even rental units!!!???




  1. Rare and special HDB BTO $4M Jackpot draw again!

    1. CW,

      This is life.

      In the spirit of "inclusiveness", big daddy is risking creating another Pinnacle for green-eyed monsters to "cry father cry mother" - especially if this project is not PHL - they didn't announce outright means got chance it won't!

      Then again, if the whole Keppel Club land is used for private housing, people "lagi" will KPKB its elitism and what not!?

      Since I'm a Toto buyer, and I've already hit my HDB jackpot, I am glad others got chance.

      I hate those dog in the manger types - own self unlucky didn't get, must insist others also don't get then happy...

      HDB BTO is like Toto. Balloting is just another word for lucky draw ;)

      Not happy, you prefer the COE method where homebuyers bid for the HDB ballot numbers during each BTO?


  2. Smol,

    Just sold my rental condo.

    Now as a true blue HDB uncle (LOL), maybe I can try the $10 toto ticket when HDB launches the Keppel Club BTO haha.

    Gut feel is that SG residential pty can do OK if the world transitions to a 4% inflation rate new normal. Although will be some growing pains over the next 12-18 mths as people acclimatise to higher mortgage rates as well.

    But at 27X annual rental, the offer was too good to pass up. Sold it with existing rental lease.

    Now will have headache with deluge into warchest. Probably will split into REITs, US stocks (incl. beaten down growth names), and CPF lol.

    Wifey will be looking at CPF (double lol), REITs, and her usual Permanent Portfolio (it's down -1% YTD in SGD).

    1. Spur,


      I subscribe to the rule of 15.

      When the price of property is 15 times over the annual rent, it's better to rent. Wink.

      When I bought my resale HDB 3 room flat for $125K, the monthly rent was $800 per month during 2003. I knew I bought cheap!

      I hope you explained to wifey the math of CPI 4% and CPF 4% interest! Lol!

      Unless wifey is making a speculative bet that inflation is "transitory"... The low interest environment will continue forever and ever! Calling the Fed's bluff to raise interest rates!?

      End of this year I'll be 55. Will take as much money out of CPF as legally possible by choosing BRS.

      It's not a deluge like yours, but having some cash in our pockets can be mighty handy in an inflationary environment.

      We both are looking at the same trade. Wink.

      It's counterintuitive for sure!



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