Thursday 7 April 2022

Faith Based Investing


All of us started out with Faith Based Investing.

Yes, you heard me right.

It could be a book, something a friend told us, or maybe from those so called "Free" seminars or workshops... 

I mean no personal track record, no "crash got sound" hindsight, we just jumped into investing like any another "bei kambings"...

Armed with only what others have said (or sold to us)... 

If this isn't "faith", what is?

Of course. with the passage of time, we knew better.

Some remain devout apostles - never bother to explore other "faiths" - and fervently swear by their chosen path, even if its just a stroke of "co-incidence" that's the first and only path they happen to come across...

Some hop from one "religion" to another. Always seeking to find the holy grail...

Some become disillusioned. Move from agnostic to atheist (conversion to Save More path). 

Some found the right shoes to fit their feet after walking long distances themselves.

Some carnivorous ones had their own epiphanies! Its so much better to start their own "Prosperity Cults" to fleece and milk their own flock! 

Investing is hard.

Teaching investing to others is easy!

What say you old fogeys (and youths who have become veterans)?

Are you still with the same "faith" as when you first started out?




  1. I am still with the same "faith' since 2000; but with revised commandments along the way to achieve investing Niravana in the next decade or sooner.

    1. CW,

      Ah! Same faith but spinoff into new denominations ;)

  2. Some found the right shoes to fit their feet after walking long distances themselves

    Haha, well said, i belong to this faith. For this Wuhan opportunity, i bought STI 3 banks and 2 property dev. 😊

    But, in the physical shoes reality, after the long walk and discover the right shoes, only to find out the shoes model has stopped production. Has to start all over again.

    1. Unknown,


      That meant you no longer can be "suckered" into the spin by snake oils,

      "Don't wait for a correction to get vested!"

      In real life, we try to avoid paying full retail prices whenever we can. Hence the preoccupation with free miles/points, discounts, promotions, cash back; etc.

      Extreme ones are ever so savvy to buy online at disgustingly cheaper prices than brick-and-mortar stores!

      Yet when it comes to investing... (Been there, done it!)

      I've stopped counting how many times I've started all over again...

      It can be frustrating.

      Then again, life can be exceedingly boring if its just 1st year experience times 80 years!?

  3. Smol,

    After 3 official global bear markets, I'm still 75% orthodox fama-french-markowitz buy-hold-rebalance religion.

    But 25% contaminated by infidel & cultist rituals of trend following, tactical asset allocation, warchest, yield/ cash cushion, sentiment based, bad-to-less-bad investing, harvesting, asymmetrical speculative bets.

    Some aspects of these are kinda embedded in orthodoxy e.g. warchest (treasury bonds portion), sentiment / harvesting (rebalancing).

    But as a jobless bugger, I can be a bit more active & discretionary lol.

    1. Spur,

      Ah! Got study Business Finance one!

      I can't help but snigger when Warren and Charlie eviscerated the Modern Portfolio Theory high priests... Shh...

      Good, good. Got some animal spirits in you yet!

      You are the "youngest" amongst the Tarzans at this watering hole. The older old fogeys I can understand due to lower testosterone levels. I'll poke you till the end of days otherwise!


      You and me got one problem. Although I better than you since at least I got work 16 hours per week ;)

      Imagine how "awkward" it would be for us both if we tell people we are passive, passive; Buy-and-Hold; do nothing "investors"!?


      Its like a Buy-and-Hold professional money manager trying to convince potential investors to invest with them...

      Customers who can think will ask, "What's the point of me paying you to do what I can do myself?"

      Even passive index funds/ETFs have to do SELLING from time to time!

  4. Hi SmOl,

    I guess within a fath, there are different religions and the within a religion, different sects, and within a sect different school of thoughts.

    I think I started with value investing without knowing what really that is, and I still dun know, but walking around the various sects in different regions does sort of allow me to modify it refine my practices here and there.

    However, the sadness is although I have been constantly practising my faith, the more I practise, the more I know, the more certain I knew I could not achieve nirvana. Although the oath and path is still worth it

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      The "truth" is no one knows whether there's nirvana, heaven, or hell...

      Its all based on "faith" - someone sold it to me, or I swallowed hook, line, and sinker...

      Similarly, when the embarked on the path of Earn More, no one can predict the end game. The only thing we know for sure is whether we enjoy the journey or not.

      Even don't make money, the path of self-discovery is reward enough by itself!

      For some, the path of Earn More is too painful and exhausting...

      No problem!

      The plan B path of Save More is always there waiting for us ;)

      If still cannot make it...

      There's always Toto or marry rich!


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