Thursday 31 March 2022

The Majority Are Still Wearing Masks Outdoors!?


I've been wearing my mask under my chin outdoors ever since the new Wuhan virus rules took effect this Tuesday. 

Its easier this way. Whenever I pop into a supermarket, hawker centre, or taking public transport, I just pull my mask up.

I've lost count how many times I've walked into the Toto booth or supermarket near my place, completely forgetting to put on my masks during the past 2 years!!! 

So embarrassing! 

Yup. After 2 years of "social conditioning", putting my mask on whenever I step out of the house still does not come naturally to me. And thank goodness for that!

Over the past 2 days, I'm pleasantly surprised that the majority of people still prefer to put on masks even when there are outdoors!?

You know what?

That in essence perfectly illustrates how we old fogeys veterans operate in the markets. And why we often underperform youths during a bull market.

Veterans who survived a harrowing -50% bear market often have the tendency to prepare for the next one.

The joke is we have predicted 13 of the past 4 recessions... Lol!

Hence you'll notice most veterans who survived at least 1 bull/bear cycle hardly get flustered whenever we have a sudden pull back in the markets.

Especially those who are strolling down the mountain. 

However, there are some extreme ones who still prefer to put on masks outdoors even when we don't have to...

And that's where I'm different from them. What would I do if I have no reason to get up in the mornings?

I prefer to join Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jim Rogers, etc.

No, I'm not under any illusion I can copy their performances.

Ever wonder with their wealth and at their advanced age, why don't they just park their money into US TIPS (inflation protected bonds) and call it a day?

Evidently, investing/trading has never been a "job" for them. 

I suspect some hate investing/trading like their day jobs. So the first opportunity they can, they would FIRE and switch to the SAVE MORE path... The more PASSIVE, the better!

I don't know.

I'm just glad I can walk around these 2 days with my mask under my chin. Its so nice to be able to breathe freely again outdoors!!!


  1. Smol,

    Lol, reminds me of those times I left the home for 5-10 mins before realising oops no mask. Plus the one occasion last Nov I was happily shopping in a supermarket for 20 mins without a mask. Only realised when the cashier remarked where's your mask. Haha. Best part? Nobody batted an eyelid when I walked past them sans mask.

    There's a route thru a park to the nearest NTUC, so for the past 1+ yr if I wanted to stroll maskless, I'll take that slightly longer route. Pushing the boundary for "exercising outdoors".

    Glad that in Singapore we don't have disgruntled people taking out guns to shoot store employees who tell them to mask up.

    On the other hand, maybe that's the price to pay for innovation & creativity?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Spur,

      I'm so glad you brought up innovation and creativity!!!

      Well, at least one person understood what writing me ;)


      P.S. On the plus side, at least big daddy big-hearted enough to admit some of the mistakes they've made.

      Let's hope Singapore can become a little messier and a little bit more disorganised ;)

  2. Er.... SmOl,

    Dun quite get the analogy between mask wearing outdoors and investing.

    I am still wearing it, all the times.

    I am not frustrated when I see those without it. I guess I Kia Si.

    Scare to pass to the little kids, scare to pass to the old ones, scare to be a transmitter to my team who trained their guts out with me every morning and recess and will miss matches because of C+

    Go ahead and laugh ...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      The way you have structured your portfolio, its not surprising you are behaving the way you are ;)

      It would be more concerning if your right hand do one thing, left hand do another thing!

      Being in harmony with yourself triumphs everything else :)

      Don't be too apologetic. Remember, you are with the majority.

      I not so stupid to poke the majority in plain language ;)

  3. Still many are wearing mask while walking towards indoor. Avoiding touching mask unnecessary by pulling up and down?

    1. CW,

      Sure. That would explain it!

      Provided you also frequently clean your hands with sanitizers each time you enter and exit an eating place, retail shop, or office; etc.

      If not, whole day hands touch all kinds of surfaces others have touched, yet we only worry hands should avoid touching our own masks?


  4. Well, I can see that SG won't ever become as innovative as Israel or the US or many other countries for that matter.
    Many folks just aren't able to think for themselves using scientific facts and statistics.

    1. ERSG,

      Woah! Slow down.

      I wouldn't go that far...

      I am not so pessimistic; I'm in fact quite sanguine with the 2 pronged measures made by big daddy.

      1) The multi-decades of education reform is slowly bearing fruit. We have gone from cookie-cutter labelling like Express/Normal, Arts/Science streams, precision in grades to grey grey banding; etc.

      I see more youths yeaning to strike it out on their own, albeit still a minority. But definitely more than their older cousins!

      Even when working for others, youths today are more outspoken and willing to have a "debate" with the STOP sign!? LOL!

      2) While we wait for old fogeys to make way for today's youths, big daddy is able to "buy" talent like how we "bought" our table tennis medals...

      Indonesia got Gojek, Malaysia got Grab. We? Our big daddy linked company caught completely flat-footed... No worries! Today, the Grab founder is Singaporean. Its all good ;)

      We don't have Alibaba or Tencent... Wait! But we got SEA! The two founders are top 10 billionaires in Singapore!

      Another Singaporean top 10 billionaire made it with a chain of hotpot restaurants? Eh? Old school economy also can? Power or what!?

      As for the more sexy technology and medical sectors which we tend to associate innovation with, we also got Singaporean top 10 billionaires making us proud!

      Now who says Singaporeans are not innovative and entrepreneurial?



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