Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Intermittent Slowness? Remember Ponding?


You smart; others not stupid.

The problem is you "think" you smart...

Look, there is a time for euphemisms, and there's a time for telling it like it is.

Land owners and alpha shepherds have no need to hide behind sugar-coated words. 

The wise ones often encourage straight talking from their underlings. 

If we punish messengers of bad news, then no one will tell us the truth!

Until its too late...

You can see how communist China behaved during the first SARs outbreak and this Wuhan virus pandemic.


I don't think Singapore is anywhere near that bad.

Unfortunately, it seems the lessons from the "ponding" incident have been forgotten...

Service recovery anyone?

Any old fogeys here remember the big fumble by Coca Cola during 1985?

Management replaced Coke with "New Coke"; the public revolted.

The red-faced management was forced to bring back the original formula back within months.

Paradoxically, this quick about-face actually helped boost Coke's credibility!?

Accountability really helps when you own up to it!

The recovery was so "brilliant" that some even "suspect" Coke engineered the whole thing to increase sales!!!

I hope when big daddy looked into this incident, they would "encourage" their own vested interest to tell it like it is.

Like how they "encouraged" and "educated" their civil servants many years back.

"If its a flood, say its a flood. What's with the ponding? Who's kidding who?"

I'm not vested in DBS.

But I'm very vested as a Singaporean citizen and consumer.

We can do better.


  1. Reminds me of the time in hospital when a doctor remarked that a patient was experiencing intermittent ischemic episodes, when the fellow was having heart attack.

    At least they still have the obsolete physical branches & the IBM mainframe-era ATMs.

    Imagine if they had fully embraced the future & gone completely virtual lol.

    1. Spur,

      These kinds of "crash got sound" episodes can be good reminders for us to use "common sense".

      The joy of switching to a super low cost "virtual" broker can be very "expensive" when their platform is down just when we needed to act fast...

      What? No human backup as in remisiers or dealers to place our urgent trades!?

      For this particular episode, its not a problem if tech savvy customers simply have another bank as backup (don't always blame; take some responsibility)?

      As for IT dinosaurs like me, what "intermittent slowness"???

      Especially when I'm still clinging on to cash, credit card, or Nets.


  2. They just need one or few customers to login successfully; it is intermittent hor!

    Any different from snake oils showing a few testimonials of investing to become millionaires? Hear of anyone pointing out that is intermittent investing? :-)

    1. CW,

      LOL! You are right!

      This is not new to those who are competent with statistics or probabilities.

      In every class, there will be those 5% at one end who made money like no business (has nothing to do with guru or Method actually).

      Then there's the other 5% end who lost money until drop pants :(

      What's left behind are those 90% who are like that lor...

      Sometimes make money; sometime lose money.

      But these 90% are great "customers" for adult financial education snake oils since they are most likely to jump around from workshops to workshops, always seeking the holy grail...

    2. Smol & Uncle8888,

      That's why the famous disclaimer:

      Past performance no guarantee of future performance. ;)

      Some are more direct:

      Results shown, while genuine, are not the norm & in no way indicative of what you may achieve.

      Best of all:

      You don't have the millionaire mindset.

    3. Spur,

      That "millionaire mindset" they stole with pride from religion,

      "Your "faith" not strong enough!!!"

      Imagine "blaming" their students for not making money!?

  3. I used a virtual bank before. It's really convenient. Can hold multi currency, can do trades, can issue virtual credit card and physical credit card. Can cancel the virtual credit card and ownself issue new number so no need scared fraud.

    But, I will never use it again.
    Or maybe only use as a float account with a few hundred dollars.

    The thing is, when got problem, really need to jump thru hoops to fix. No one to scold or shout at, can't go shop to bang table. Hard to call or talk to anyone to fix the issue.

    If things never go wrong, it's a great service. But when things go wrong, and things always go wrong eventually, and someone has 10k stuck in limbo. Good luck.

    1. ERSG,

      That's why I turned down 2 virtual brokers when they approached me for advertorials ;)

      Its like the wholesale electricity "mistake" by those who look at "low price" only... Forgetting its "low price" for a reason!

      I've lost count of how many customers (in their 40s to 50s) who bought online from low cost competitors but come to our showrooms to ask for help!?

      We gently refer them back to their online retailers. They have to learn themselves buying online is not for everyone and anyone ;)


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