Sunday, 21 November 2021

3 Stories; 3 Reflections


The other day we were talking about ikigai.

Found this video to be quite interesting to reflect on.

Why we do the things we do. 

What's it all for anyways?

I would like to draw your attention to the 2nd video - the little girl selling pineapple "ice-cream".

It seems from the comments in YouTube, most have missed the "essence" of what's it all about....

If you're an educator, of course you know. But its hard to execute in today's system. That's why the wise religious gurus only use this method for their more equal "inner chamber" students.

As for the rest of their anyone and everyone students, they do what you do today. Its just for KPIs only; since they don't really matter. 

For parents, it can be hard if you have not got to where you are today using the same method as in the 2nd video. 

So like the poverty trap, its back to doing the same thing over and over in the next generation but expecting a different result...

That's also a reason why I suspect so many in our community are either too eager to Indian Chief others what to do; or honestly believing others will help them reach their financial Nirvana without they themselves putting in any effort on their part!? 

And the most ironic of all, most have got it all backwards...

You create wealth through SELLING; not buying.





  1. Smol,

    The essence of these videos is to manipulate. :P

    And the people who uploaded these videos? To gain subscribers & increase advertising revenue. ;)

    Selling is to create current wealth; buying is to create potential wealth (well, maybe lol).

    1. Spur,

      Your literature teacher would be proud of you!

      One way to read a person is to discover his/her motivations.

      Then the rest would pretty much fall into place ;)

      "Buying" is like purchasing a lottery ticket; its to secure a little hope.

      No buy; zero chance.

      Even if Lady Luck wants to shower us with good fortune, there's little she can do if we so "passive" or "save more" until we don't even bother to buy a "lottery ticket"!

      "Lottery ticket" here is metaphor for having a vested position in whatever poison we may prefer ;)

  2. Selling is ending. Buying is hoping. Keep buying and selling and then endless of hopes.

    1. CW,

      You and I know it first hand ;)

      When we "sell" our time and competence to our employers, what we got in exchange were our monthly paychecks.

      When we stopped, the monthly cashflows dried up pretty fast!!!

      Those who found they can't "sell" themselves despite years of experience or having the "right" paper qualifications, may have the rude shock we are all "salespersons" after all in the corporate world...

      Same for under-educated men and over-educated women who find it so much harder to "sell" themselves as marriage potentials...

      No choice, have to look overseas...

      The sales spin?

      You choose me; I'll take care of you financially ;)

      Yes, we can't buy love, but we can definitely buy companionship!

  3. Hi smol

    Thanks for sharing. I like these video. Very 感动。
    I watched both cai fan aunty & Pineapple ice cream girl video from YouTube before.
    I like the cai fan aunty who looks fierce but have a very kind & generous soul in her.
    I also like the girl mum way of educate her girl. Her girl have good observation on things happen and think of a way to sell her product then finally invent Pineapple ice cream despite face failure at first.
    I would like to introduce u watch this video when u free
    also, also 感动, especially when i see the girl wearing school uniform.


    1. Sy,

      Welcome back!

      And thanks for the video link :)

      The Thais are masters when it comes to these kind of commercials ;)

      Its a good reminder to me that money is not everything...

      People first.

      Spirituality second.

      Then money.

  4. *the girl 1st try to sell but cannot then invent another way to sell her products

    1. Sy,

      The pineapple girl's mother, although not much education, is doing what we do when I was facilitating Leadership courses at my previous day job - its called Coaching.

      Coaching is the belief the individual has the answers to their own problems.

      Its to help others LEARN, not TEACH them what to do ;)

  5. Like 师父 & 徒弟 right? Now difficult to find this kind of 师父 liao... my work place promote this kind of coaching, but cmi

    1. Sy,

      Lucky I had some cultivation with Zen (I'm still an atheist).

      If not, this coaching thing would have flew over my head...

      I must admit the learning curve was steep when I first encountered coaching as part of my Train The Trainer workshop.

      A lot of companies will "promote" it as part of "flavour" of the decade thing... A lot of it is "wayang".

      It has to start from the top and ingrained into the company culture and values.

      When under stress, managers will revert back to "wah kali gong" or "why you didn't do what I told you to do?"

      Then everything is back to square 1.

      "Boss, tell us what to do?"

  6. 一体两面。。。
    At my work place have both 师父 & 徒弟 issue... thats why cos the coaching system cmi
    Btw, is atheist a free thinker?

    1. Sy,

      Ah! Word play time!

      We invent lots of words, essentially saying the same thing, but with slightly different shades of meaning...

      1. When we want to hedge or sit on the fence, we say we are agnostic.

      2. When we are confident, we say we are atheist.

      3. Some no-chill religious folks will may "triggered" when they hear agnostic or atheist. So in order not to cause offence, some will say they are free thinkers ;)


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