Thursday, 29 July 2021

Gold Medal Bonuses


Now that's cool!

Instant millionaire in Sing dollars if we win an Olympic gold medal.

It's nice to know besides minister salaries, we are also one of the best when it comes to "incentives" for sports men and women.

Singapore good, better, best!


  1. When talent pool is small (winning chance is small), prize must be BIG ma.

    (Wait. Why does this sound like toto?)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      When it comes to writing, speaking on stage, or asking questions in an audience, most would shy away or feel they are not good enough...

      But when it comes to investing/trading, everyone believes they are Olympic level world class!

      Except those CPF voluntary contributors of course ;)

  2. There are plenty of investing/trading courses to attend so that we can reach Olympic level world class!

    OK! We have Sport school! :-)

    1. CW,

      Sport school has entry requirements - no anyone and everyone can "suka suka" walk in and attend ;)

      Those accepted must put in the 10,000 hours grind. Not just attend some weekend Master class and just like that. we are ready for the Olympics!

      You and I have both put in the grind. Even so, just because you've paid your dues in blood, sweat, and tears for local local Koala/Panda STI, it does not automatically "qualify" us when we venture off our beaten path...

      I dare not poke you on your Lion China Tech adventure... Now that you are happy with your Keppel unexpected extra dividends, only now would I dare bring it up!

  3. Smol,

    Unfortunately an athlete needs to win 2 gold medals (or at least 1 gold, 1 silver) to be instant medal millionaire, lol.

    Coz got 20% "tax" by SSC and then IRAS tax on the remaining. Cue the age-old chicken & drumstick joke.

    Somemore need years of training, years of waking up before sunrise (yucks), natural born talent, a whole lot of luck, and a head screwed on real tight.

    No thanks. I prefer Toto. Toto tax free. And can sleep like a pig. Just need ridiculous amount of luck.

    Speaking of (probably painful) adventure, have *started* to take some profits from US & India ETFs and rotate into China & Smelly Oil (the anti-Keppel and anti-Sembcorp trade LOL).

    For China, it's mainly A shares and Star Market ETFs. These will be longish 2-5 year trades though.

    Fingers crossed that I won't need to chop fingers lol.

    1. Spur,


      Forgot about the SCC 20% tax!

      Yup, young men fight wars so that old men can split the spoils of war...

      This one I don't get it. Winnings from Singapore Pools tax free; winnings from sport medals not tax free???

      Talk about priorities in dangling the carrot incentives!

      Legalised gambling in Singapore is easily accessible and tax free if we win.

      Then you encourage "influencers" to spin the benefits of CPF voluntary contributions.

      Reminds me of the Hokkien saying, "Human is you, ghost also you!"

      Rebalancing between US equities and bonds is a mockery now that both markets are in a bull market!?

      China equities comparatively speaking, is a lot less richly priced by the markets.

      If we don't want to be in cash and need to be fully invested, but we want to hedge against a bear market, I guess doing what you do makes sense.

      For a STI only Koala/Panda, its a bit like taking partial profits from our Growth stock positions and channel the funds to defensive counters ;)


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