Friday, 2 July 2021

Chasing Rainbows


I don't know about you, but I always prefer reading stories about chasing rainbows. (In case you forgot, Lao Lee endorses it!)

I'm not an entrepreneur by any stretch of the imagination, but my ancestors were landowners...

So I guess there's some cultural DNA in me that makes me see things from a landowner perspective ever since I was in school. 

Which maybe explains why I was quite blase about leaving school at 16, when I can go on to pre-U to do my A' levels. 

I mean school is meant to produce shepherds and sheep for landowners. 

A bit like the Army. Officers are shepherds, while the fighting men are the sheep (or cannon fodder).

Schools don't produce landowners. 

Its the other way. Landowners setup schools to... (Shh,,,)

You know what's better than being a crypto wannebe millionaire? 

Or seeking FIRE for that matter?

Secretlab founder buys $51 million Penthouse and Good Class Bungalow

I was definitely not a good student

Have you ever driven pass our ITE schools where they displayed, in big banners. their successful graduates who became business owners?

Cool right?

Everyone is different. 

Its different strokes for different folks.

Not trolling anyone. 

But I'm just not turned on by stories about how we can gain an extra 1-2% if we bank with this bank; spend at least X amount with that credit card; gain some extra miles here and there; save 0.X% switching to that discount broker; or try to squeeze some extra blood from the CPF stone... 

I mean I do enjoy making dogs perform tricks and jumping through hoops in my former life as a snake oil, but ask me to do so myself?

No thanks. I pass.



  1. Smol,

    Alamak, I'm a dullard & I cannot dream 😂

    Prefer stories that are middle ground, not too bland nor spicy, that majority can consume. But these cannot generate eyeballs & ad revenue. ;)

    True to my dull self, I'm thinking how many % of ITE grads become successful biz-people. Versus how many % of NUS/NTU/SMU grads are at least millionaires by 40.

    If I'm writing stories for a living, I'll go the true & tried route of writing about people who've found gold at the end of rainbows, as well as those who ended up really jialat jialat ones. Cater to the perverse nature of humans! 😉

    1. Spur,

      You do you!

      We all have a role to play in society ;)

      When forming a team for my project group, I can't have everyone as dreamers!

      I need some workhorses who'll do the actual dirty work! One to do the analytical thinking and modelling, one who can capture all the minute details, and a very important time keeper!

      I do the fun bits. Selling our ideas to our overlords, and cheerleading when everyone gets discouraged by setbacks ;)

      That's the reason why all civilizations throughout time seek solace in myths and legends.

      Reality is just an endless grind, and before we knew it, we are no more...

      And yet! We are quick to poo poo others when they take the plunge to chase rainbows...

      But when snake oils come peddling rainbows to us, we are quick to pay up to learn how to dream!?

      Whatever happened to how many % of ITE/NUS graduates can be landowners?

      Don't be silly! Its investing! Anyone and everyone can do it!

      If the guru can do it, so can us!!!

  2. It is easier to chase after Rainbow in the market or ToTo. Let start chasing! See you at the end of Rainbow with either a pot of Gold or a dream!

    1. CW,

      Too many have become too fixated with the end result...

      Can't blame as we are constantly brainwashed by all the KPIs and goal setting yokes placed on us by shepherds and landowners.

      Rainbow chasers don't carry yokes on their shoulders. They do first and ask for forgiveness later ;)

      Its the process. The journey.

      We both have EMBARKED on the journey, even though our paths differ.

      Some never.

      They stayed home.

      Like the dog who sat on the nail. Die, die will never move.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I thought why out of the blue you wanna chase me haha.

    Jokes aside...

    I think the biggest deterrent to people chasing rainbow is the real risk of failure. We all know survivorship bias. There's not many, in the local setting, who can successfully execute their dreams and meet all the right 天时地利人和 to be like Ian Ang.

    The tolerance level for failure risk also differ based on individual's profile. Those who are young, single and have well-to-do parents for 'backing' definitely have higher tolerance for taking on risks.

    There will always be those who are satisfied with being the simple 'sheep'. They enjoy being with the herd.

    1. Rainbow girl!

      You naughty girl!!!

      Agree. I guess those with no paper qualifications and/or come from humble homes do have an advantage - what's there to lose???

      That's why I am super impressed with those that have everything to lose - lawyers, doctors, top shepherds with big daddy or private sector - take the plunge to start their own businesses ;)

      Of course everyone is different. Entrepreneurship is definitely no for everyone and anyone!

      Its self interest.

      We can see some formerly "rock solid" big daddy companies being "disrupted" by the competition from overseas and new technology.

      Big daddy's top down approach to intrapreneurship is via tapping on the talent pool of scholars and ex-army generals.

      Helicopter to top posts good, better, best! (Hey mom, having good grades works!)

      This has served us well in the past.

      Going forward?

      Those who are vested in SPH, ComfortDelgro, SingPost have a front row seat ;)

      I just find joy seeing more of our youths follow their hearts to chase rainbows from the bottom up.

      Having a second wing to groom future Singapore corporate titans can't hurt... Can it?

      Creative showed what's possible. Now we have Razor and Secretlab.

      As an old fogey gamer, I am damn PROUD :)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      "I just find joy seeing more of our youths follow their hearts to chase rainbows from the bottom up." I can't agree more on this. :)

      They are the inspirations for us sheep and shepherd.

      Entrepreneurship got no textbook to follow.

    3. Rainbow,

      Yup. If one is already a sheep, what's the point of listening to other sheep for "inspiration"?

      Let's not pretend doing something anyone and everyone can do is a "mind flip" moment...

      What's the worst if we fail in entrepreneurship? Work for others? That's what we already do!

      What's the worst if we lost it all in our investments? Eh... Chop fingers and switch to save more? Its not as if banks or CPF will disappear on us anytime soon ;)


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