Saturday 17 July 2021

Disappointments and Frustrations


I can fully empathise with big daddy's recent disappointments and frustrations.

I still remember cheering with my mom, the declining local cases of Wuhan virus transmission last week.

Its vested interests.

There was this Bukit Merah View cluster. OK, close, but not that close.

Then it moved to Henderson. Getting closer to Tanglin Halt...


So it was a sign of relive when these 2 clusters were contained.

Then the KTV cluster broke....


How would you feel if you were big daddy? 

To say you were disappointed and frustrated is an understatement....

This is not new to those who have embarked on the path of Earn More.

Some days it can be blue skies and sunny, some days it can rain so hard that you feel like drowning... 

Then you realised the "flood" is only knee high. Its not life threatening.

Don't be such a cry baby!

You pick up the pieces; write off those that have been washed away; and start anew when the sun comes out again.

We are like weeds.

We keep coming back. 

(Its never about the destination; its the journey.)



  1. New clusters can be anywhere liao! Sianz!

    1. CW,

      The next 1 to 2 weeks crucial.

      Hope there are no super spreaders infecting their family members and colleagues at work.

      If secondary clusters form, we may become like South Korea or Australia...

  2. Smol,

    I'm slightly surprised that big daddy walked back some of the re-opening de-strictions.

    Then again they must have gotten A LOT of feedback from grassroots. Generally most S'poreans are not like Americans, despite many Millies & Gen Z's thinking that they are.

    I think we'll soon (6-9 months) come to the point where clusters can develop & govt will say life goes on, no more restrictions.

    1. Spur,

      I'm a bit surprised when dining was relaxed to 5 persons, the hawker centres at ABC, Alexandra Village, and my place Tanglin halt were not crowded.

      I guess with the scare at Bukit Merah View close to home, people start to "crash got sound" protect themselves and their love ones.

      Most still opt to "Da Bao".

      I feel bad for big daddy and the agencies involved. Almost 2 years now...

      Battle fatigue may set in as there's no end in sight...

      Hope we don't overshoot in frustration and start to discriminate against those who choose not to vaccinate...

  3. It will always be a constant battle to manage the spread even after we reach critical vaccination level. One good learning from this is that more old and young people will survive as more attention is now given to virus that causes pneumonia will be similarly halted in their spread not just covid.

    1. Cory,

      The silver lining is we are achieving herd immunity through vaccinations.

      In some countries, it's so out of control that I guess herd immunity is achieved through actual infections...

      The mother nature's natural selection way.

      You survive, you survive!

      You die, you die...

  4. Replies
    1. Kiki,

      Glad you like it!

      Free do drop by this watering hole again ;)

  5. Smol,

    The perception is part and parcel of life.

    Move on and focus on solving the present issue. It's more practical.


    1. WTK,

      Sometimes we just have to take a moment and SCREAM our lungs out...

      Let off steam.

      Then we settle back down to the present.

      Life goes on.

      Unless we prefer to roll over and capitulate...

  6. Hi SMOL,

    On the continuum sits the 'die-die will follow' on one end at Point A and the 'die hard don't follow' on the other at Point B. Both groups no need to manage. One will always comply, so no need to manage while the other say whatever they will also oppose, so no point waste time on them. It is the in-betweens that create jobs for enforcement and who sometimes need to see coffin then drop tears. For this 'die some then follow' group, drama is needed to drive home the point. Like you said, the power of story telling though we now call them 'news'.

    Anyway, whatever meant to be will be. All of us have the same destiny. No one gets out of this life alive and we don't decide when. :)

    I definitely hope the 'when' is not too soon.

    1. Endrene,

      "No one gets out of life alive" - this is gold!

      I'll shamelessly steal with pride!!!

      Yes, its always "not my problem; not my area; won't happen to me" until it does!

      The best we can do is to take responsibility for ourselves and love ones, and hope we don't surround ourselves with idiots...


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