Monday, 8 March 2021

Yup, STI backbone still strong


A tale of two cities.

Hang Seng down -1.9%

STI up 1.9%

But we are not alone today.

With the exception of the FTSE, the rest of Europe are green like STI.

All these despite the US futures very solid in the red.

Most of us are used to taking our trading cues from the US markets.

So how?

Throw away top-down monkey see, monkey do - risk on; risk off?

Time to embrace bottom-up and trade the individual fundamentals of each and different market?


  1. Smol,

    The force is strong with the old school fuddy duddies...

    Lao Dow, ftse, dax, cac, sti...

    Now we just need hang seng to join in.

    1. Spur,

      I think those who trade the US markets maybe just as confused as me (maybe its just me):

      Dow up 0.97% (Yeah!)

      S&P down -0.54% (Eh?)

      Nasdaq down -2.41% (WTF???)

      Lucky Singapore only got STI index. (OK, got Simsci futures but most retail bei kambings don't touch that)

      Imagine if Singapore got 3 major indexes to choose from...

      Which one to chose if one wants to passive invest? Buy all 3???

      Nasdaq I can understand, but Dow and S&P diverge???

      I'll stop trading equity indexes if one day STI goes up while Simsci goes down!?


    2. Smol,

      Msci planning to include non-sgx "Singaporean" companies in its Singapore index.

      Like US-listed Sea & HK-listed Razor, which tend to be more growthy tech plays. And larger cap, especially those in US which can suck in billions of capital.

      So yeah, if it happens, Simsci may diverge from STI lol.

    3. Spur,

      I know.

      STI was the major underperformer during 2020 due to our lack of "tech".

      That's why you see Tech ETFs and funds being launched locally during 2020 to target the laggards and the FOMO crowd.

      It just makes life harder for traders. I mean its OK if they include HK listed stocks since during the day trading session, we still can get live market prices from HK - same time zone.

      But its after market prices for US listed stocks during our day session.

      And during our after market session in the night, the US-listed Sea will skew the MSCI index since the rest of the STI stocks are not trading...

      Let's see when its launched and implemented.

      Worst comes to worst, I can switch to trading S&P futures ;)

  2. Hi SMOL

    STI may be up but dividends are still flowing in :-(

    I now belong to the segment of the population that enjoys reduced bus and MRT fares, gets letter early to register for vaccination, life-memberships to AA Singapore & NUSS Guild House. The AA Singapore life member does not need to pay any more subscription fee while the NUSS Guild House life member pays reduced subscription fee which are given back to us as F & B credits of the same amount for the next 10 years. So its their way of making us patronise their club houses.

    I have not checked what other "privileges" there are for "seniors". Maybe I should ask CW8888.

    But as a senior, the thing I look most forward to is dividends! And its not looking good this year as well. This even though I never stop buying shares every month.

    1. I meant dividends are still NOT flowing in as they used to.

    2. mysecretinvestment,

      I still got 6 years of "primary school" to go before I hit 60.

      The cashiers meant well, but each time they ask me got senior citizen card, my heart always sank a bit... I look so old meh? LOL!

      Don't forget senior citizen got discount on certain day of the week when you buy stuffs at supermarkets ;)

      Yes, do check with CW as you and him both graduates; similar social economic class.

      The only guild I belong to is the one I'm with in mobile gaming. I tell you, I'm getting younger and younger!

      If you have been dollar cost averaging every month, that would mean you would have been buying all the way up from March 2020 (STI 2200) till now.

      Lesser dividends; more capital gains?


      You're a yield hog!

      Jokes aside, we must count our blessings.

      Got health, can walk here walk there, don't really have to worry about money matters.

      Less dividends is streets ahead of no job; no health ;)

    3. SMOL,

      If it is any consolation, I also get asked the same question from Sheng Siong staff. I'm only in "kindergarten" school. Still younger than you. My heart should be broken. Lol.

      Next time Sheng Siong staff "hurts" you, check whether that day is Tuesday or Wednesday. On these week-days, "non-graduates" can use the senior citizen card from the "graduates" at home and get discount. Sheng Siong staff is really giving good service and helping us save money, not "hurting" us.

    4. hyom,


      I know the Sheng Siong cashiers meant well to help us save money :)

      From the "uniformity", I can deduce they were "trained" to do so ;)

      Most management for retail on the selling floor england not powderful or have much paper qualifications...

      I would simply tell the cashiers to add - "from your parents" or "love ones" - for customers who are clearly not above age 60 when asking for senior citizen cards ;)

      Hey! I call ladies in their 70s to 80s "jie-jie" during my weekend gig!

      You should see the smiles from their children or themselves :)

      Retail is about little touches.

      I'm a born shopkeeper ;)

  3. Oh yes, the discounts on groceries at supermarkets. Thanks SMOL for the reminder.

    But on the flip side our CPF contribution drops to 16.5%! Have to do voluntary contributions if want to match the contributions of non-seniors.

    Last year, I did pick up some deeply discounted bank stocks. But their dividend payout constrained by MAS. And as a yield hog, I am not as excited to see capital gains as seeing big dividend income.

    1. Yalor!

      I had to poke when old fogeys say they are "voluntarily" contributing to CPF; often its not.

      Its merely matching what they used to contribute before getting a "pay-cut" mandated by big daddy ;)

      Typical big daddy - take away some, then give you back some.

      The funniest is some only see the extra 1% to 2% extra, don't see the bigger % cut!

      And I thought the 4 bananas in the morning and 3 bananas in the night story is for monkeys!

      Eh... Don't be so greedy for the dividend golden eggs that you kill the golden goose hor!

      Run when companies borrow to pay out dividends to yield hogs!!!


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