Thursday, 4 March 2021

STI got backbone?


Now this is a sight we don't see everyday!

Major bourses in Asia and Europe drowning in a sea of red. 

US futures also crimson.


Its nice to be the odd one basking in green, isn't it?

STI power!


  1. Smol,

    That's the beauty of being bank-heavy and old school that does well as long-term rates go up LOL. As long as not too high into hyperinflation territory...

    High flying tech & SPACs are discovering that discounted sky high future valuations don't look so hot when the risk-free rate actually has a non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point. 🤣

    Wonder if Keppel & Sembcorp might hang on to their oily-related businesses for a while longer lol.

    1. Spur,

      STI underperformed on the way up when anything that's remotely associated with "tech" just shot up to the moon ;)

      So when tech got monkey hammered, its time for STI to shine ;)

      Look mom! We got no big tech names to drag us down!

      It wasn't that long ago when an ETF was introduced to hook capitulating STI stocks only pandas and koala bears into "laggard" HK tech plays...

      Nothing is sacred.

      Exxon Mobil is retrenching 300 in Singapore. Growing up, joining the oil industry was the envy of everyone. High pay with loads of benefits.

      It really is 30 years river east, 30 years river west...

  2. Smol,

    Not forgetting Shell's announcement last Nov to retrench 500 here.

    Have a relative with just O-levels who joined in the early-1980s & subsequently enjoyed 6-figure annual salary for many years (obviously before 2015 LOL). Those were the days when big oil MNCs gave ironclad job contracts & generous benefits.

    His kids who graduated into post-GFC with degrees are complaining they'll never be as financially secure as O-level daddy. They're looking like those aiming to "invest to escape". Told them that first they need to be able to invest to achieve. 😂

    Anyway I do believe that looking beyond this year, tech will still be the place to be for long-term gains.

    2021 though, is looking like a year for banks, oil, commodities, basic materials, food. 😛 STI and emerging markets may be the cool kids again, like in 2003.

    1. Spur,

      Big daddy was so enamoured with Shell that they "stole with pride" Shell's tool for identifying potential talent..

      I can empathise with youth.

      With social media, you see that top 5% of your peers and cohorts doing so much better. (Are they really?)

      Here you are, trying to save $100K before 30, others are already making a million before age 30!!! (Here's looking at you crypto millionaires)

      Snake oils seeing this holes-in-the-hearts opportunity will pander to their fear-of-missing-out! (For a not so small fee of course)

      Last night was ugly in US...

      Let's see whether STI will remain indifferent or will monkey see, monkey do!

      P.S. Its nice to know I not the only one making a distinction between "investing to escape" with "investing to achieve" ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Others no backbone but they overall still stand taller than STI. STI got backbone but still looked stunted when compared with the rest LOL

    Goes back to the same old question: do you want to get 10k but others get 100k, or do you want to lose 10k while others lose 100k? hahaha

    1. LP,


      You are totally right!!!

      Even if Bitcoin has a bear market correction of -20% from its peak around $50K, its still streets ahead of anyone who passive passive invested in STI over the past 2 years ;)

      Similarly, those who voluntarily contributed to CPF over the past 10 years are probably wishing for another market crash like in 2008.

      I mean if STI would zoom to 6000 in the next 10 years, they'll probably feel a bit moody...

      No risk, no fun.

      Fair what?

  4. Let's quickly enjoy while it lasts ...

    1. Andy,

      It turned out STI is an early indicator of what the US market (and rest of the world?) will be doing recently ;)

      The intraday Nasdaq turnaround last night is power!

      Whose afraid of a little rise in rates?

      STI doesn't!


  5. Let see the confirmation of STI got backbone or not on Monday!

    1. CW,

      The US indices all turnaround ferociously Friday night. As if STI has anticipated it... STI as leading indicator of global interest rate recovery?

      For STI to have backbone Monday, it would have to tank while all other Asian bourses turn green following the cue from US...


      My suspicion is STI got lots of yield hogs. See stocks with "CD" will salivate and join the buying queue like for Hello Kitty toys...

      Buy, buy, buy!



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