Thursday 22 March 2018

Work could be THE solution

Those of you who got cable may recognise the interviewee as the ex-host of "Dirty Jobs".

And for those of you who have experience hiring people - be it as a land owner or shepherd - noticed "work" is not given its due respect by the candidates nowadays?

Before showing evidence they can help the company Earn More and/or Save More, the candidates were already asking for work/life balance or what benefits they'll get?

And this one the best!

What are the promotional prospects?


(If you are good, no need to worry. If you below average, what's the point of asking?)

Some of our youths (and not so young sheep) have been poisoned by all these talks about early retirement, financial freedom, passive income bullshit out there...

Just thought this video would be a good counterbalance to the siren songs of snake oils who peddle the "dream" that all your problems will be solved once you can invest/trade your way to "escape velocity"!

Yes, you don't need high IQ to do well in investments or trading; it does not mean low IQ is OK!

When you interview some of those people who do drugs, gamble at casinos, over spend on their credit cards, you often find they have "holes in their hearts".

They were either bored, aimless, lonely, career not doing well, having bad relationships, and so on... You get the picture.

We don't want to admit it, but we can spot a few in our community who are using investing/trading as their "opium" of choice to "escape" their meaningless daily existence.

And for men, the no. 1 is dissatisfaction is with our jobs. Or lack of having one.

Vested interests will never tell you sometimes the best route to happiness is having a job that you feel meaningful doing it.

Notice I never said follow your passion or do what you like? (You figure it out yourself)

Now for some cheerleading and positive sunshine!

Last night I had dinner at Ghim Moh food centre. Found a young couple in their late twenties or early thirties selling spaghetti. Tried it. Not bad. No wonder they were featured in the press.

I've also noticed there're more young bus drivers in their twenties driving our busses nowadays. OK, they're mostly Malaysians, but still... It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Those who hate their jobs because of office politics may want to explore or try jobs outside the office?

As supposed to only thinking about investing/trading to "escape"?

Just saying...


  1. Is office different from workplace? Or you mean not working with peers at fixed location? Free lance?

    1. CW,

      See lah! Focus on numbers so much until no sense of humour :(

      How to have office politics when there's no office?

      Its another way of saying 行行出状元。

      Its about expanding our RANGE when it comes to exploring MEANINGFUL jobs or work - its not always about being a doctor, lawyer, or manager.

      Everyone is different.

      Some excel better in a big horde, some do better in a smaller gang, and some prefer to work alone, some need a cloistered hierachy, some thrive in the flat open plains :)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I shudder to think about retiring early. With my itchy fingers, I am sure it would do more harm than good to my investment portfolio.

    Work keeps me entertained. Work keeps me psychologically occupied. The anxiety of an unoccupied mind could do a lot of harm. I'm learning but there's still room for improvement. It's a good thing I am still in the workforce. LOL!

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Maybe I'm dumb, but I see not much difference between SGX, Singapore Pools, Singapore Turf Club, and our Casinos...

      Maybe the dress code?

      Do they allow shorts, singlets, and slippers into our Casinos?

      I'm lucky in the sense I work for myself.

      But then, there's goes my excuse to bitch about my boss :(

  3. i’m back to this watering hole to didisiaosiao hehehehe..
    Don’t smack me!!

    Working COULD be the solutuon. See the difference? Perspective once again. Hehehe.

    To be honest, when I “invest”, I’m looking to have the choice to choose on if I want to work or what I want to work. Not plainly to shake leg at home everyday and tells people that i’m unemployed.

    I want to be engaged with many different stints too! I want to be lazy at times too when I camp in my house and hibernate for months. You know.. sleepydevil??

    1. sleepydevil,

      Now that's the kind of playful spirit we welcome at this watering hole!

      A difference in "emphasis" can change the meaning totally!

      Good job!

      Do it! Explore and engage in different stints while young!

      How else to know what you find meaningful and enjoy doing over and over agan?

      During my "lost years" trying different jobs in various industries, they weren't fun at that time.

      But that experience has tempered my expectations (no, I'm not god's gift to man), and it made me more aware of what I can or cannot do well.

      Flexibility has one advantage over those who cannot "let go" of their pride and ego...

  4. Hi all,

    I agree that it will be the best way to continue working even after achieving FI. There is no fear of retrenchment with the knowledge that there is a buffer to sustain the simple lifestyle.


    1. Ben,

      And "work" need not be work for others paid kind ;)

      Grandparents love the unpaid "work" in caring for their grandchildren.

      Stay-at-home moms or dads do "work" too ;)

      That's why I let mom do the housekeeping instead of fighting with her.

      We all need to feel needed; to feel we are contributing. If not, why get up in the mornings?

      When someone tells me they want financial freedom but can't answer me what they want to do afterwards, that's a dead ringer for someone using "financial freedom" as a "stop gap" measure.

      Once I've achieved X amount in Y years, then I'll figure it out!?


      Once we have a skill or competence that's in demand, we'll never go hungry.

    2. SMOL,

      I think that the idea of continuing work after FI is good. The feeling of not stressed, is marvelluous and intriguing.

      As for the idea of the X amount in Y years, my take is that it will never be enough as the bar keeps changing. I rather opt for the reasonable amount which can last me at least five years. Money can be earned. However, time cannot be earned. Do things which we like. If we haven't find it, it's no harm in continuing work. It will enable us to keep abreast of the latest update in the working world. We gain experience along the way.


    3. Ben,

      Tired rest, hungry eat.

      Life isn't that complicated once our basic needs have been met ;)

  5. Passion is not the same as meaningful. I experienced it myself so I can say so LOL. A marriage of the two might be ideal but such luck doesn't come easy.

    Does a hamster aspire to stop running in the wheel just because other hamsters are also not doing it?

    Does some hamsters run in it just for fun?

    Then again, wheels or not, do they realise they are trapped in a steel cage after all :D

    1. Kevin,

      The saddest sound a man makes is the sound of the man tied down to the ground...

      I don't know what to say to the man who hates his job but tells me he can't leave as it pays well...

      Gilded cage?

  6. This reminded me of a word you like - ikigai.

    Work, building a family, doing volunteer work, travelling the world... a person could derive his/her ikigai from doing any or all of these and more. However, achieving FI does not mean achieving ikigai. Perhaps we could think of FI as a booster to help us achieve ikigai - a fuel but not the vehicle. :)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      At 22 degrees, you are one cool babe ;)

      The same analogy is true if one seeks to marry rich to "escape".

      Yes, got money life is more "comfortable".

      But whether one has a "happy" marriage, that's anything altogether...


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